How Do Google Ads Differ from Other Types of Advertising?

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Google Ads is a very special form of advertising – the search engine giant’s own advertising platform works quite differently from other forms of advertising and when used properly, the efficiency of the technique is also different. Here are some important and interesting things to know about Google Ads and about what makes Google Ads so special:

  • The ultimate pay per click model – with Google Ads, the marketer has to pay only when their add gets clicked on by an internet user. The first step in using Google Ads is to bid on targeted keywords – when internet users enter those keywords and the marketer’s ad comes up and the user clicks on the ad, the marketer is charged the previously established fee, the price of the keyword targeted;
  • A variety of campaign types available – Google Ads differentiates among and offers various campaign types, such as video campaigns, app campaigns, shopping campaigns and others, thus allowing marketers to launch diverse ad campaigns;
  • Efficient, accurate and easy to use metrics available – the marketer can continuously monitor the success of their Google Ads campaign through the accurate metrics provided by the search engine, a feature that gives the marketer complete control over their spending and over the efficiency of their campaign.

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How Google My Business Optimization Can Get You Faster Results

Google My Business is a complex, but very simple to use and very efficient tool provided by the search engine giant for free. Google My Business practically consists of a profile completed for businesses that are looking for an efficient way to reach out to their local audiences. The profile includes relevant business related information, such as opening hours, exact location and other contact details and it also provides businesses the opportunity to share images that showed our business in the best light.

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Google My Business is essentially a tool that improves the efficiency of a company’s local marketing efforts. When Internet users search for the type of products or services provided by the company, the results pages will include more than just the company’s URL – in a separate section of the page, the user will be able to see the companies profile information displayed along with other similar services in the same geographical area. The tool does not only display contact information and images – it also allows the user to review the companies location on a map, to get directions and to launch a phone call to the company with a single click. The information displayed buy Google My Business will appear correctly not only on desktop computers, but on mobile devices as well, thus making it easier for the company to reach out to those who are sitting by their computers as well as to those browsing products or services using their phones. For more information on how GMB can improve the efficiency of your local marketing efforts, visit

How Web Design Has Changed Over the Past Few Years

Web design is evolved at incredible speed, with methods that have been considered cutting edge just a short time ago being deemed outdated today. Change affects all aspects of web design, from the information displayed on websites to the appearance of the pages, from the way graphics and other visual elements are used to technical aspects, such as loading speeds. Here are a few things to know about those changes:

  • The early 90’s – the decade saw the first websites appear and that is when online searching as a method to obtain information was introduced. It took only a couple of years for marketers to discover the advertising potential of the worldwide web, with the first online ads being launched in 1994;
  • The second half of the 90’s – 1995 is another landmark – that is when JavaScript, the web programming language was introduced. The second half of the decade was also when websites started looking the way we know them today, after the Flash was developed to allow for embedding animation, video and audio materials into websites;
  • The early 2000’s – the period saw changes in terms of the quality and the quantity of the texts used on web pages;
  • The period from the 2010’s onwards – the widespread availability of the internet on mobile devices has brought about lots of changes in terms of web design, with fluid, adaptive designs being the standard these days.

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How Can You Do Keyword Optimization and Research for Your Own Blog?

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Any content, including the content used on your blog, can benefit from keyword optimization, one of the most important strategies to use being to use keywords to structure your contents and to make them more relevant for your audience. The SEO experts at GFF offer these tips on how to research keywords and how to optimize your contents around those keywords:

  • Figure out the topics you want to write about in your blog – the first thing to do is to identify the topics that you can and want to write about in your blog posts. Collect about 5-10 major topics that you consider relevant for your business and for your blog;
  • Figure out the keyword that work best for your topics – brainstorm the most important terms related to each of your topics and prepare a list with those key terms. Consider technical terms and jargon words as well;
  • Figure out search volumes – this phase will be quite tedious: you will need to check the keywords on your list to figure out which ones are the most frequently used in queries relevant for your blog;
  • Structure your content around the most popular keywords – the last phase is the creation of informative, interesting, unique content around the keywords.

Web Design Done Right for Better SEO Results

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Web design has a noticeable impact on how successful a website is in achieving the desired ranking on search engine results pages, therefore developing the right design is crucial for SEO success. Here are some things that you should know about good web design:

  • Understand the importance of good web design – the principal goal of web browsers is to provide internet users the most relevant results for their searches. Get Found Fast professionals affirm, a good search experience means more users and more users attracted to website ultimately translates into more revenue;
  • The elements of web design – web design practically consists of content wrapped in form, which means that good web design consists of text, images or video materials that provide relevant information for particular searches and it also consists of the form and the technical aspects related to the way that content is displayed;
  • What makes good web design – the contents used on your website and outside of it to attract more visitors should be informative and original, earning the appreciation of internet users through relevance. Your quality content also needs to be supported with tech solutions that promote access and easy navigation, such as proper indexing of your principal keywords, fluid web page design to get your contents displayed properly on all platforms and very short page loading times.

How Original Content Impacts Your Results with SEO

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Search engines such as Google use multiple criteria to evaluate websites and to determine their rankings, one of those criteria being related to the originality of the content published.

When search engines evaluate internet contents, they look not only at texts – they also consider video and audio materials as well as images and graphics, then they determine how relevant they are based on many aspects, one of the most important qualities being originality. The most important criteria used by Google to evaluate the quality of contents include usefulness, informativity, originality and the content’s capability to initiate engagement. Out of all the requirements perhaps originality is the feature that has the highest potential in distinguishing websites, it is what makes a website truly unique.

According to Get Found Fast digital marketing and SEO experts (, unique, original content is highly valued by search engines, and such content is instantly rewarded with higher rankings. Original materials also enable your website to achieve an authoritative position in your niche and to become a credible and reliable source of information. An authoritative website that is at the top of the results for relevant searches will attract more traffic to your website, which is the ultimate goal of any search engine optimization effort and strategy.

How To Buy Pay Per Click Efficiently

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Pay per click is one of the most efficient digital advertising methods used by marketers. The technique involves the publishing of ads and paying for them whenever they get clicked on and only when they get clicked on by internet users. The process of publishing a PPC ad is simple – here is how to use it efficiently:

  • Determine the budget – take your time to calculate how much you can afford to spend on your ads, then figure the keywords that you want to structure your ads on. Be prepared that not all keywords cost the same, but you can find help with your calculations via online tools that will give you ideas about how to select efficient keywords;
  • Determine your audience – Get Found Fast PPC strategy managers say that creating an accurate buyer persona to target with your ads is very important. Take the time to figure out the time of the day when your target audience is online and determine their age group and geographical locations as well – you can do the profiling with the help of online analytical tools;
  • Keep an eye on your campaign all the time – a hands-on attitude is very important for ensuring the success of your PPC campaign. Fortunately, you can find assistance with this aspect as well, in the form of online analytics tools available either for free or for a small monthly fee.

How to Bring Back the Fun to E-commerce in 2021

While e-commerce is a continuously growing segment, with most people preferring online shopping to buying what they need in a physical store, very few of these digital shoppers think that it is fun to make online purchases. Most e-commerce websites consider convenience to be their number one priority, which also means that adding fun to the process can be a great way for any e-shop to stand out, to create a closer, more personal relationship with their customers.

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Here are some tips from Get Found Fast to make your site not only easy to use, but entertaining as well:

  • Varied content – most websites already use text and images on their pages, but adding videos of various length about varied topics related to the website’s principal profile is a great way to capture and to maintain customer attention;
  • Make it interactive – augmented reality solutions are nowadays easy to incorporate and they are great for giving your customers more confidence in your products and services. AR can be used for any product and service, being suitable for a store that sells shoes as well for event planners and everything in between;
  • Mobile friendly pages – creating pages that work seamlessly across all platforms is essential for any e-commerce website.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Co-Working Space for Your Digital Marketing Agency

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The success of your digital marketing agency depends on many factors, one of them being the space that you and your teams are working from. Co-working spaces are great alternatives to remote work as well as to permanent office leases, so using such a space can be exactly what you need. Here are some things to consider with your shared office:

  • The location of the facility – shared office facilities can be found all over cities and towns, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Select a location that is easy to access for your team members as well as for your clients and other visitors, that way you can reduce commute time for everyone;
  • Culture – co-working spaces encourage the communication between like-minded people. Choose a facility the culture of which matches your business culture and that organizes events, look here for examples , to promote the exchange of ideas;
  • The office configuration – the office layout is an important factor that will determine productivity and focus. If you and your teams need silence to be able to concentrate, choose an office separated into multiple smaller places; if you are stimulated by a busy environment, choose a large open office;
  • Amenities – the type of furniture and the services included into the price are also essential. The minimum service level should include ergonomic furniture, reliable, high-speed internet connection and 24/7 access.

Content Refreshing: How to Get More Traffic by Updating Old Content

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Creating and publishing new, original content is certainly the best way to maintain and to improve the ranking of your website or of your blog on search engines, but it is certainly a method that requires time, energy and creativity that is not always readily available. Fortunately, refreshing old content is also a great way to attract more traffic toward your website – here are some tips from local SEO marketing experts at Get Found Fast:

  • Add an intriguing title – rephrase the title of your articles to make them more intriguing, by adding a little mystery or by providing a clue to your readers about an important piece of information that they are going to find out if they read on. Keep it short, though – ideally, your titles should be around 10 words long;
  • Correct grammar and spelling – if you read your own old content, you will surely notice a couple of typos, grammar mistakes or clumsy phrasing. Correct them to improve the reading experience;
  • Tell the search engine that your content is new – make sure that you refresh not only your content, but the date of the publication as well. This simple change will boost your search traffic almost instantly.