How to Bring Back the Fun to E-commerce in 2021

While e-commerce is a continuously growing segment, with most people preferring online shopping to buying what they need in a physical store, very few of these digital shoppers think that it is fun to make online purchases. Most e-commerce websites consider convenience to be their number one priority, which also means that adding fun to the process can be a great way for any e-shop to stand out, to create a closer, more personal relationship with their customers.

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Here are some tips from Get Found Fast to make your site not only easy to use, but entertaining as well:

  • Varied content – most websites already use text and images on their pages, but adding videos of various length about varied topics related to the website’s principal profile is a great way to capture and to maintain customer attention;
  • Make it interactive – augmented reality solutions are nowadays easy to incorporate and they are great for giving your customers more confidence in your products and services. AR can be used for any product and service, being suitable for a store that sells shoes as well for event planners and everything in between;
  • Mobile friendly pages – creating pages that work seamlessly across all platforms is essential for any e-commerce website.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Co-Working Space for Your Digital Marketing Agency

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The success of your digital marketing agency depends on many factors, one of them being the space that you and your teams are working from. Co-working spaces are great alternatives to remote work as well as to permanent office leases, so using such a space can be exactly what you need. Here are some things to consider with your shared office:

  • The location of the facility – shared office facilities can be found all over cities and towns, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Select a location that is easy to access for your team members as well as for your clients and other visitors, that way you can reduce commute time for everyone;
  • Culture – co-working spaces encourage the communication between like-minded people. Choose a facility the culture of which matches your business culture and that organizes events, look here for examples , to promote the exchange of ideas;
  • The office configuration – the office layout is an important factor that will determine productivity and focus. If you and your teams need silence to be able to concentrate, choose an office separated into multiple smaller places; if you are stimulated by a busy environment, choose a large open office;
  • Amenities – the type of furniture and the services included into the price are also essential. The minimum service level should include ergonomic furniture, reliable, high-speed internet connection and 24/7 access.

Content Refreshing: How to Get More Traffic by Updating Old Content

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Creating and publishing new, original content is certainly the best way to maintain and to improve the ranking of your website or of your blog on search engines, but it is certainly a method that requires time, energy and creativity that is not always readily available. Fortunately, refreshing old content is also a great way to attract more traffic toward your website – here are some tips from local SEO marketing experts at Get Found Fast:

  • Add an intriguing title – rephrase the title of your articles to make them more intriguing, by adding a little mystery or by providing a clue to your readers about an important piece of information that they are going to find out if they read on. Keep it short, though – ideally, your titles should be around 10 words long;
  • Correct grammar and spelling – if you read your own old content, you will surely notice a couple of typos, grammar mistakes or clumsy phrasing. Correct them to improve the reading experience;
  • Tell the search engine that your content is new – make sure that you refresh not only your content, but the date of the publication as well. This simple change will boost your search traffic almost instantly.

Top 4 Industries Most Affected by Online Reviews

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Most people and companies looking for services and products online take the time to check as many online reviews as they can before picking their provider or supplier, therefore online reputation management has never been so important. However, not all industries are equally affected by online reviews – here are some in which companies must make it a priority to manage the online reviews they get:

  • The hospitality industry and restaurants – when people choose the restaurant to spend the evening in or the hotel for their next vacation, they want value for their money and they want to be sure they get what they want, especially if they are also willing to travel extensively to reach their destination. According to the statistics, almost half of the customers would not choose a restaurant or a hotel that does not have any reviews and a single bad review can cause the loss of up to 30 reservations;
  • Healthcare – another industry in which people are looking for specialists that they can trust and rely extensively on online reviews;
  • E-commerce – almost 90% of the people looking for a product to buy online will check online reviews and will rely on the opinions of others before they make a purchase;
  • Services – real estate services, beauty salons, home repair services and consulting services are also niches that are very sensitive to online reviews.
  • If your business is in need of expert digital marketing strategies, contact the best at

7 Must Have Elements of Every Small Business Website

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When you build your business website, beyond the design and buttons, it is necessary to have certain pages containing mandatory information. These are required by current legislation, and, on the other hand, it is good to keep your customers close and informed at all times.

So, in short, website designers from Get Found Fast encourage you to make sure your website has the following elements:

  1. Company identification data – name, registration numbers, including share capital, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address.
  2. Delivery methods – own or external couriers, post office etc. and payment methods – online, through a specific electronic payment processor, cash on delivery etc.
  3. Information about the legal warranty and, optionally, about the commercial warranty (the one you offer in addition to the legal warranty), returning options, after-sales services etc.
  4. Privacy policy – those who visit your website have the right to know what personal data you will use, for how long and who will also receive that data (your business partners).
  5. An SSL certificate – the security certificate is absolutely mandatory for sites that process online payments or collect customer information.
  6. A mobile version of the website, to meet the needs of users who surf using their mobile phones.
  7. Google Analytics – has everything you need to measure the customers` behavior and traffic on your website.


Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas That Will Help You Win the Heart of Your Audience

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Today’s customers have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day – some of them love the idea of dedicating a day of the year to romantic feelings, others are tired of all the red hearts and fluffy, pink decorations that are everywhere during the period surrounding the middle of February. If you are a marketer, here are some ideas that can appeal even to customers who don’t like Valentine’s Day:

  • SEO experts at Get Found Fast suggest that you use the social media profiles of your business in a tactful way – launch a social media campaign in which you ask your audience to post vintage photos that show their parents or grandparents in love and to tell old stories (not necessarily love stories) that they consider beautiful. That way, you can build a cohesive community without overemphasizing the commercial aspect;
  • Offer promotions – you can launch two-for-the-price-of-one promotions or prepare packages with items that are popular among the members of your target group; Talk to GFF,, digital marketing specialists for some great ideas.
  • Be prepared to help out last minute shoppers – many people wait until the last minute to start shopping. Prepare gift-wrapped packages for these people – with a little effort, you can transform a last-minute, first-time buyer into a loyal customer;
  • Collect money for a local charity – Valentine’s Day does not necessarily have to be about romantic love, it can also be about helping others. Pick a charity and launch a Valentine’s Day donations campaign.

What is SERP?

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SERP or Search Engine Results Page is the page where the results of a search engine appear, depending on the keywords or phrases used. If the results extend over several pages, this acronym becomes SERPS.

It is known that over 80% of those who use Google or other engines to search for products and services do not look further than the first page. This makes SERP a very popular term among Get Found Fast web designers who always aim to get the best position in the top searches.

The SERP position of a website is influenced by several Google algorithms. The parameters of these algorithms are influenced by the SEO optimization of a website, both on page and off page.

It is good to know that even if your site is positioned in the organic results on the first page, your potential buyer has the choice to access your site or the sites of your competitors. In principle, the SERP offers the same advantages to all sites, but not all take full advantage of them.

We are used to seeing in the SERP a title, a description and possibly, in exchange for a simple link, maybe also breadcrumbs, but few people use the markup. Using markup, the fragment you occupy in Google will be much richer and you will be much more visible in the results. This way you will have a higher CTR (Click through Rate).

Talk to Get Found Fast professionals for the best way to meet your SEO objectives and improve your business exposure.

How Positive Online Reviews Can Boost Your Business

When customers want to buy a product and read the reviews posted by other people, they are guided by 2 things: quantity and quality. The number of reviews posted is directly proportional with the number of people who bought that product and designates the popularity of the product; the rating given by the customers designates the quality of the product.

Almost 65% of customers are more likely to make a purchase that has good reviews published by other customers. Thus, in addition to the price, brand or other details related to the product, the opinion of other customers becomes a factor that influences the decision to buy that product.

The number of reviews published by customers helps to increase the conversion rate. 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rate.

The reviews published by customers can produce an average increase of 18% in sales:

  • Increased conversion by 11%;
  • Increased average order by 2%;
  • Increased rate of return of visitors to the site by 5%

Products that contain customer reviews have a conversion rate 12.5% ​​higher than products that do not contain reviews.Get Found Fast

In addition to the benefits listed above, reviews play an important role when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), because they generate unique content on the page. Talk to the SEO GFF experts at for more ways to improve your market presence.


Tips That Can Lift Your SEO

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Search engine optimization does not stop when you launch your website and Get Found Fast SEO campaigns do not end when you have reached the desired boost in sales – to achieve lasting success, your website ranking needs to be monitored permanently and you need to keep an eye on changing search engine algorithms as well. Here are some tips to lift your SEO:

  • Check your ranking whenever a new update is released – your website ranking is instantly influenced by new updates. If your site ranked on the top of the results page for certain keywords just the other day, but now it occupies a place on the second results page for the same keywords, the reason is probably a change in the assessment system;
  • Use metrics – there are lots of online tools that you can use to identify the source of the problem and to be able to address it as quickly as possible. These tools can tell you exactly how many visitors you have had on your website lately, how many of those visitors have been converted to customers, how efficient your keywords are and you can use them to find out many other important metrics as well;
  • Make your website mobile-friendly – another important factor used by search engines to rank websites is fluid design. If your website is currently designed only for desktop computers, make it suitable for mobile devices as well.

White Hat SEO – What is it?

Get Found Fast, Denver based SEO experts, let us know that search engines continuously evaluate websites based on many criteria, including the tactics used for improving their rankings on results pages. White hat SEO is the term used for SEO tactics that are in line with the terms and conditions and the major guidelines imposed by search engines.

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The guidelines and terms that inform white hat SEO practices have been developed to promote quality. The criteria based on which the contents published by marketers are evaluated include aspects related to the relevance of the content as well as technical aspects, such as page loading times, easy website navigation and mobile friendliness. Website content is also evaluated based on how it uses metadata, so adding meta descriptions to your pages is an important white hat SEO technique.

Today, implementing white hat SEO techniques and tactics and backing that all up with great products is the only way to make your website rank high on the search engine and maintain that high ranking, too. Failing to offer relevant content and to back up that relevant content with high-quality products or services will inevitably lead to loosing good ranking, while employing techniques considered by search engines to be black hat can easily lead to getting the concerned website blocked completely.