How Web Design Has Changed Over the Past Few Years

Nov 8, 2021Website Design0 comments

Web design is evolved at incredible speed, with methods that have been considered cutting edge just a short time ago being deemed outdated today. Change affects all aspects of web design, from the information displayed on websites to the appearance of the pages, from the way graphics and other visual elements are used to technical aspects, such as loading speeds. Here are a few things to know about those changes:

  • The early 90’s – the decade saw the first websites appear and that is when online searching as a method to obtain information was introduced. It took only a couple of years for marketers to discover the advertising potential of the worldwide web, with the first online ads being launched in 1994;
  • The second half of the 90’s – 1995 is another landmark – that is when JavaScript, the web programming language was introduced. The second half of the decade was also when websites started looking the way we know them today, after the Flash was developed to allow for embedding animation, video and audio materials into websites;
  • The early 2000’s – the period saw changes in terms of the quality and the quantity of the texts used on web pages;
  • The period from the 2010’s onwards – the widespread availability of the internet on mobile devices has brought about lots of changes in terms of web design, with fluid, adaptive designs being the standard these days.

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