How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing in 2021?

Content marketing and web design go hand in hand – neither of the two can be successful without the other. While content marketing is the process of creating and offering the targeted audience relevant, useful and unique content with the purpose of attracting that audience to the marketer’s website and convincing them to become loyal customers, web design is the process of providing the visitors and users of the website an attractive interface.

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Here is how web design continues to influence the success of content marketing:

  • Creating that positive first impression – the design of your landing page is the first thing that your visitor notices, before even taking the time to read the introductory sentence in your text, therefore a harmonious, intriguing design is essential for keeping visitors on your site;
  • Loading times – internet users are usually impatient, if the URL they click on does not load in a fraction of a second, they move on. With proper web design, Denver SEO expert website designers affirm that your contents will be displayed lighting fast;
  • Fluid design – most people today use their mobile devices to look for content online. With the right design, you can ensure that your pages are displayed correctly over mobile devices, too.

What is a Landing Page and How Can it Benefit Your Business

The landing page is an essential component of any website, the page on which visitors are taken when they click on the URL in a marketing message sent via email or as text message or on the link displayed on search engine result pages. The standalone page is designed specifically for the purposes of advertising and they usually contain a strong call to action to encourage the visitor to browse the website’s offer, to make a purchase on the website or to order the services available on the website.

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The landing page is the first page that your visitors see, so content and appearance will determine your visitor’s first impression about your website as well as about your company. Denver SEO agency website builders confirm that a good landing page can boost the success of your website by increasing your conversion rates, therefore getting the design of the page right is essential. Ideally, your landing page should feature a clean design, free from distractions and it should focus on encouraging the visitor to take action, either by making a subscription to your services or by making a purchase. It should also be in harmony with your ad copies and it should feature a simple to use button that takes the visitor to actual product pages.

Why the Majority of Websites Fail

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Many websites fail within a few years of launch. These are sites that do not contribute to the company’s portfolio, do not generate new customers and are slowly heading towards stagnation. This is how we end up wondering… Why do they fail? There may be different reasons, but the main ones are the following:

  1. Content is not updated regularly. Browsing through websites, you will find many that have, in their “Blog” or “News” sections, articles posted years ago. This does nothing but drive the visitors off the website. Rather than having a section for articles that you never update, it is better to limit yourself to a presentation website.
  2. Bad photos. The size and placement of the images matters to the visitor. A website created 4-5 years ago is prone to the risk that browsers will not display anymore the correct position of its photos. Who likes to browse a disorganized website, with code errors? – Nobody.
  3. Bad product presentation. You may not sell the best products, but you need to detail each product so that the potential customer knows what he/ she is buying. If you do not do this, your website will not be successful.
  4. Poor web design. The aspect of the site is also important. An unaesthetic and disorganized website will certainly not make visitors come back. Take your business to the next level by talking to a locally recognized Denver SEO company for excellent website development, digital marketing, and SEO advice support.

7 Must Have Elements of Every Small Business Website

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When you build your business website, beyond the design and buttons, it is necessary to have certain pages containing mandatory information. These are required by current legislation, and, on the other hand, it is good to keep your customers close and informed at all times.

So, in short, website designers from Get Found Fast encourage you to make sure your website has the following elements:

  1. Company identification data – name, registration numbers, including share capital, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address.
  2. Delivery methods – own or external couriers, post office etc. and payment methods – online, through a specific electronic payment processor, cash on delivery etc.
  3. Information about the legal warranty and, optionally, about the commercial warranty (the one you offer in addition to the legal warranty), returning options, after-sales services etc.
  4. Privacy policy – those who visit your website have the right to know what personal data you will use, for how long and who will also receive that data (your business partners).
  5. An SSL certificate – the security certificate is absolutely mandatory for sites that process online payments or collect customer information.
  6. A mobile version of the website, to meet the needs of users who surf using their mobile phones.
  7. Google Analytics – has everything you need to measure the customers` behavior and traffic on your website.


Features to Look for to Find the Best Web Hosting Services

If you are currently in the process of launching a new website, one of the most important decisions to make is to choose your best hosting service. A practiced Denver SEO expert will advise you to to look for these features while you are browsing hosts:

  • Strong reputation – if a web host provides great services, you will find it out from review websites and forums. The same goes for subpar services, too, so checking what other users think about the service that you are planning to use is essential;
  • At least 99% uptime – your web host provides the physical part of your website through servers that need to run all the time, so make sure to go with a host that promises maximum 1% of downtime;
  • A wide range of plans and scalability – take a look at the plans provided by various established web hosting services. If your website is small, choose a suitably small plan for it, but your goal is probably to grow, so find out whether your host will be able to accommodate growth by providing flexibility and scalability as well;
  • 24/7 customer service – this feature is also essential for ensuring smooth, problem-free operation for your website and prompt help whatever technical difficulties you encounter.

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5 Signs You Need a New Website

People who have not heard of your business may want to know more information using your website. Therefore, it needs to have a flawless graphic form and content. But if the website looks mediocre, and conversions are reduced, you will have to think about rebuilding it, to attract customers.

Here are 5 signs that your business may need a new website:

  1. Your current website looks outdated

Even if you post quality content, if the design of the website does not take into account current technologies or the impression of professionalism, users will prefer navigating toward other sites.

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  1. The desired results do not show up

Do you have a high bounce-back even though the number of users who come to your site is high? This is clearly a cause for concern, as it indicates that your website is not fully functional. SEO Denver website pros can help you improve website functionality.

  1. There is a change in your content goals

Changes in content objectives may require a new website to ensure the necessary SEO optimizations.

  1. The reason you use the website has changed

If you initially wanted to establish a relationship with customers through the website, but now the goal has changed, it is time to change the website too.

  1. Your website is not in tune with your brand

Your brand, products and mission could evolve over time and should always be perfectly reflected and described through your website. Naturally, your website should evolve as well.


What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization represents a system which helps increase the percentage of website visitors who end up being customers. In other words, these visitors take a certain action, such as, for instance, filling out forms, buying products, and so on. If your website has a high conversion rate, it means it that your website is properly designed and quite appealing to the large audience.

No matter how innovative it may sound, the principle behind conversion rate optimization actually is quite old. Conversion could be considered just another word for successful selling. In digital marketing language, conversion happens when an online visitor performs the action that you most wanted him/her to do.

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And conversion rate is a means of evaluating the success of your marketing strategies in the online environment. However, optimizing a website for increasing its conversion rate is not an easy task.

Optimizing a website for all types of devices such as tablets, laptops or mobile phones is very important for increasing its conversion rate. The design of the website needs to be functional and appealing, whereas the page needs to load quickly and have a well-organized structure.

According to SEO Denver conversion rate optimization pros at GFF, you can optimize your conversion rate by buying more ads, doing targeted SEO, hiring more marketing employees, offering discounts, and so on.

10 Reasons Why Your Website is Tired and Needs a Revamp

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In order to keep your website on top of the game, it generally needs to be redesigned every 3 or 5 years. And here are 10 reasons suggested by SEO experts at on why you should consider revamping your website:

  1. Your competition has already made steps to freshen up their website.
  2. Your Google Analytics indicates a poor performance for your website. Your website might have low conversion rates. In general, customers should be able to find what they are actually looking for within 2 or 3 pages of your website.
  3. Your website has broken links or errors. You can fix this by replacing links that no longer work with new links that function well.
  4. Your website is not optimized for the up-to-date styles of metadata, social media, image tags, etc.
  5. You need to improve the experience of your users with the help of proper organization and navigation.
  6. Codes are outdated, which results in the increase of your customers’ waiting time.
  7. Your website’s security is rather critical. To prevent this, most websites have a SSL Certificate installed.
  8. The structure of your website is disorganized.
  9. The content on your website is outdated.
  10. Your website is not adapted for mobile users.


Advantages of a Well Designed Website

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A well-structured web design leads to a better visibility of the products and services to be promoted. A professional web design, created by a experienced Denver SEO web designer, ensures a user-adapted interface.

The impact of a site on the users is all the more powerful as they receive a fluent, easy-to-read web design, which can immediately help them identify the product, service or information they need. A logical structure, with intuitive interface, conditioned also by the capabilities of the targeted clients to use the internet, will lead to their desire to find the services/ products they need. Searching efficiently, among products arranged in categories, browsing through an easy-to-use menu are some of the aspects that provide users the certainty that they have found a great website that worth their attention. The text and information coherently rendered, in a language accessible to the intellectual level of the target audience will enhance an attractive web design.

The graphic elements and the page layout, along with what the site owner wants to promote, must adapt to the prospective clients. Descriptive images, video instructions that are tailored to the user’s intentions can sometimes be much more useful than an over-elaborated design dressed in many dynamic, glossy or colorful elements.

Benefits of Using a Personalized Domain Name

We live in a very fast world, where information is only a few clicks away. The plus value that your company brings to the customer can put you one step ahead your competition. And the presence in the virtual space is essential.

Choosing and buying a web domain is important for several reasons.

1) Impact

As some well practiced SEO Denver reps know, a custom domain name can increase significantly the impact of your online presence, allowing visitors and potential customers to easily remember you.

2) Professionalism

Which site would you prefer to visit?


Whether you want to have a personal or business website, a personalized domain is a proof of your serious intentions in the online space.

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3) Traffic and positioning

A personalized domain name helps you a lot in having a visible position in search engines. Many engines do not index web pages hosted on free pages, which is why choosing a custom domain name is a great options, which will also keep you away from free hosting offers that involve displaying advertisements or banners on your site.

4) Investment

Once you register a personalized domain name, it remains yours as long as you renew your registration. It is an investment in your online presence and in a virtual property that most often increases its value.