How Web Design Has Changed Over the Past Few Years

Web design is evolved at incredible speed, with methods that have been considered cutting edge just a short time ago being deemed outdated today. Change affects all aspects of web design, from the information displayed on websites to the appearance of the pages, from the way graphics and other visual elements are used to technical aspects, such as loading speeds. Here are a few things to know about those changes:

  • The early 90’s – the decade saw the first websites appear and that is when online searching as a method to obtain information was introduced. It took only a couple of years for marketers to discover the advertising potential of the worldwide web, with the first online ads being launched in 1994;
  • The second half of the 90’s – 1995 is another landmark – that is when JavaScript, the web programming language was introduced. The second half of the decade was also when websites started looking the way we know them today, after the Flash was developed to allow for embedding animation, video and audio materials into websites;
  • The early 2000’s – the period saw changes in terms of the quality and the quantity of the texts used on web pages;
  • The period from the 2010’s onwards – the widespread availability of the internet on mobile devices has brought about lots of changes in terms of web design, with fluid, adaptive designs being the standard these days.

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What Role Does Web Design Play in a Working SEO Strategy?

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The design of the website that is being optimized is essential for the success of the SEO strategy as a whole – here is how:

  • Keeping the visitors attracted – the off-page techniques chosen for your campaign are aimed at increasing the exposure of your website and at maximizing the number of the visitors attracted to the site. However, your visitors will only stay on your website if they like what they see on your landing page and they will become your loyal customers only if they are happy with the way your website looks and works. Ensuring the looks and the smooth operation of the website are two of the most important objectives of web design and integral parts of any good SEO Denver campaign;
  • Speed is of the essence, too – another aspect of the way your website works that is very important for the success of your SEO efforts is the loading speed of your pages. No matter how attractive and informative your pages are, your visitors are likely to leave soon if the pages they want to see take ages to load;
  • Cross-platform operation – most internet users today search for the information they need on their mobile devices, so any good SEO strategy incorporates fluid website design as well.

Web Design Done Right for Better SEO Results

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Web design has a noticeable impact on how successful a website is in achieving the desired ranking on search engine results pages, therefore developing the right design is crucial for SEO success. Here are some things that you should know about good web design:

  • Understand the importance of good web design – the principal goal of web browsers is to provide internet users the most relevant results for their searches. Get Found Fast professionals affirm, a good search experience means more users and more users attracted to website ultimately translates into more revenue;
  • The elements of web design – web design practically consists of content wrapped in form, which means that good web design consists of text, images or video materials that provide relevant information for particular searches and it also consists of the form and the technical aspects related to the way that content is displayed;
  • What makes good web design – the contents used on your website and outside of it to attract more visitors should be informative and original, earning the appreciation of internet users through relevance. Your quality content also needs to be supported with tech solutions that promote access and easy navigation, such as proper indexing of your principal keywords, fluid web page design to get your contents displayed properly on all platforms and very short page loading times.

3 Best Tools for Website Traffic Analysis

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Website traffic analysis tools are essential for determining the success rate of your online marketing efforts as well as for identifying the campaign elements that are not as efficient as you expected them. Fortunately, according to valued Denver SEO company services, there are many great tools that you can use – here are some:

  • Google Analytics – one of the best and most popular free traffic analysis tools is used by almost all websites. It provides complex metrics, from ranking your keywords in terms of their capability to bring visitors to your site to various reports that will help you find out more about your visitors, about the quality of your contents;
  • Clicky – another service used widely, Clicky is free when used on one website. The platform offers a simple, easy to use dashboard that allows you to view all your real-time metrics in one place;
  • Chartbeat – the service is free to use for a month, then you can choose from several plans, the cheapest subscription being available for only $9.95. The service provides constant analysis and accurate, real-time data about how successful your website is;
  • Mint – available for a monthly fee of $30 per website, the tool gives you lots of stats, including some that are unique to the platform.

Skills and Tools You Need for Efficient Web Design

Modern, efficient web design is a process that requires a strategy developed carefully based on knowledge of the dominant design trends and of the most efficient digital techniques available, insight into the current industry trends as well as an excellent sense of style. Here are the required tools and skills Denver SEO companies provide:

  • The skills needed – website design requires technical skills as well as an appreciation of harmony, elements of style and modern color schemes. To design a website that is able to achieve the expected success, the site also needs to follow general design trends as well as the particular trends that are dominant in the niche of the business that operates the website. Experience in working on small projects as well as on large ones is also very important;

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  • The tools needed – possessing the right skills is an essential prerequisite of successful web design, but the design specialist will also need tools to be able to actually create the design. The best of these tools are cloud-based platforms that offer the designer access to widgets, animations and effects, quick and easy prototyping options, previewing and sharing options as well as modules that facilitate the coding process.

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing in 2021?

Content marketing and web design go hand in hand – neither of the two can be successful without the other. While content marketing is the process of creating and offering the targeted audience relevant, useful and unique content with the purpose of attracting that audience to the marketer’s website and convincing them to become loyal customers, web design is the process of providing the visitors and users of the website an attractive interface.

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Here is how web design continues to influence the success of content marketing:

  • Creating that positive first impression – the design of your landing page is the first thing that your visitor notices, before even taking the time to read the introductory sentence in your text, therefore a harmonious, intriguing design is essential for keeping visitors on your site;
  • Loading times – internet users are usually impatient, if the URL they click on does not load in a fraction of a second, they move on. With proper web design, Denver SEO expert website designers affirm that your contents will be displayed lighting fast;
  • Fluid design – most people today use their mobile devices to look for content online. With the right design, you can ensure that your pages are displayed correctly over mobile devices, too.

What is a Landing Page and How Can it Benefit Your Business

The landing page is an essential component of any website, the page on which visitors are taken when they click on the URL in a marketing message sent via email or as text message or on the link displayed on search engine result pages. The standalone page is designed specifically for the purposes of advertising and they usually contain a strong call to action to encourage the visitor to browse the website’s offer, to make a purchase on the website or to order the services available on the website.

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The landing page is the first page that your visitors see, so content and appearance will determine your visitor’s first impression about your website as well as about your company. Denver SEO agency website builders confirm that a good landing page can boost the success of your website by increasing your conversion rates, therefore getting the design of the page right is essential. Ideally, your landing page should feature a clean design, free from distractions and it should focus on encouraging the visitor to take action, either by making a subscription to your services or by making a purchase. It should also be in harmony with your ad copies and it should feature a simple to use button that takes the visitor to actual product pages.

Why the Majority of Websites Fail

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Many websites fail within a few years of launch. These are sites that do not contribute to the company’s portfolio, do not generate new customers and are slowly heading towards stagnation. This is how we end up wondering… Why do they fail? There may be different reasons, but the main ones are the following:

  1. Content is not updated regularly. Browsing through websites, you will find many that have, in their “Blog” or “News” sections, articles posted years ago. This does nothing but drive the visitors off the website. Rather than having a section for articles that you never update, it is better to limit yourself to a presentation website.
  2. Bad photos. The size and placement of the images matters to the visitor. A website created 4-5 years ago is prone to the risk that browsers will not display anymore the correct position of its photos. Who likes to browse a disorganized website, with code errors? – Nobody.
  3. Bad product presentation. You may not sell the best products, but you need to detail each product so that the potential customer knows what he/ she is buying. If you do not do this, your website will not be successful.
  4. Poor web design. The aspect of the site is also important. An unaesthetic and disorganized website will certainly not make visitors come back. Take your business to the next level by talking to a locally recognized Denver SEO company for excellent website development, digital marketing, and SEO advice support.

7 Must Have Elements of Every Small Business Website

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When you build your business website, beyond the design and buttons, it is necessary to have certain pages containing mandatory information. These are required by current legislation, and, on the other hand, it is good to keep your customers close and informed at all times.

So, in short, website designers from Get Found Fast encourage you to make sure your website has the following elements:

  1. Company identification data – name, registration numbers, including share capital, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address.
  2. Delivery methods – own or external couriers, post office etc. and payment methods – online, through a specific electronic payment processor, cash on delivery etc.
  3. Information about the legal warranty and, optionally, about the commercial warranty (the one you offer in addition to the legal warranty), returning options, after-sales services etc.
  4. Privacy policy – those who visit your website have the right to know what personal data you will use, for how long and who will also receive that data (your business partners).
  5. An SSL certificate – the security certificate is absolutely mandatory for sites that process online payments or collect customer information.
  6. A mobile version of the website, to meet the needs of users who surf using their mobile phones.
  7. Google Analytics – has everything you need to measure the customers` behavior and traffic on your website.


Features to Look for to Find the Best Web Hosting Services

If you are currently in the process of launching a new website, one of the most important decisions to make is to choose your best hosting service. A practiced Denver SEO expert will advise you to to look for these features while you are browsing hosts:

  • Strong reputation – if a web host provides great services, you will find it out from review websites and forums. The same goes for subpar services, too, so checking what other users think about the service that you are planning to use is essential;
  • At least 99% uptime – your web host provides the physical part of your website through servers that need to run all the time, so make sure to go with a host that promises maximum 1% of downtime;
  • A wide range of plans and scalability – take a look at the plans provided by various established web hosting services. If your website is small, choose a suitably small plan for it, but your goal is probably to grow, so find out whether your host will be able to accommodate growth by providing flexibility and scalability as well;
  • 24/7 customer service – this feature is also essential for ensuring smooth, problem-free operation for your website and prompt help whatever technical difficulties you encounter.

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