5 SEO strategies You Should Use Right Now

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SEO can be a very difficult process for those who do not do this as daily work. The rules are constantly changing, and this causes people to struggle to find the best “new” techniques.

Presented by the pros at Get Found Fast (https://www.getfoundfast.com/), here are strategies to use right now.

1.Usability – a priority

Your visitors are attracted by clear, clean and focused presentations, so make sure your site is user-friendly, to keep people interested for a longer period of time. When creating a site, you must include as many elements as possible that have the potential to improve the main purpose of your business.

  1. Different types of keywords

Most people know nowadays that keywords define what a site content is about. You must identify the right keywords to target a certain audience. You can choose from keywords that define your site, GEO targeting keywords or product keywords.


Google promotes user safety, and HTTPS URLs provide a much more secure experience for site visitors compared to regular HTTP.

  1. Schema.org

You can opt for adding Schema.org to your site, because it will help you improve the snippets used in the SERP. It will also tell search engines about the location of your reviews, videos and more.

  1. Create relevant and quality content

Content plays a huge role in SEO. It must be original, constant and based on the relevant keywords.

3 Reasons Why Increased Online Sales Are Tied to Your Google My Business Listing

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Google My Business has been created to help businesses to connect to their local audiences and to help people find the local businesses that they need. The tool is free for everyone to use and it is certainly among the most powerful instruments that you can use to increase your online sales. Get Found Fast experts confirm why GMB is a great SEO tool.

  • You don’t need any special knowledge to put your business on the map – the process of registering your business on the tool is very easy. All you need to do is to log into your company’s Google account and to click Start Now – the tool will walk you through the process with easy to understand instructions;
  • Visibility on one of the world’s largest search engines – GMB is among the best SEO tools, the businesses registered on Google My Business have priority on search engine results pages, allowing you to reach out to more people and to increase your sales;
  • The option to add images that speak volumes – a great picture can do a much better job in attracting new customers than any clever text. On GMB, you can easily attach the right picture to your profile, convincing potential customers to choose your business in a second.

How To Take Your Blogs To The Next Level

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Publishing high-quality content is essential for having a successful blog, but it is not the only factor that will influence the success of your website. Here are some tips from the pros at Get Found Fast (https://www.getfoundfast.com/) that can help you achieve more success by taking your blog to the next level:

  • Adopt a strategic approach to growing the number of your subscribers – figure out the best method to keep the attention of your audience engaged. You can use Call to action sections and a blog subscription landing page;
  • Use your own older content to increase the efficiency of your SEO – your older content might be just as interesting for your audience as your most recent post, but the older the content, the more difficult it is to find. Make sure to update the older contents that you consider to be of high quality to reach out to more fans and followers;
  • Use social media – the easiest way is to add a social sharing button to each of your posts;
  • Use your own content – if you have an e-book, you can publish it on your blog in chapters or use excerpts from your book as teasers to encourage your readers to buy your e-book or your other products.

10 Reasons Why Your Website is Tired and Needs a Revamp

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In order to keep your website on top of the game, it generally needs to be redesigned every 3 or 5 years. And here are 10 reasons suggested by SEO experts at https://www.getfoundfast.com/ on why you should consider revamping your website:

  1. Your competition has already made steps to freshen up their website.
  2. Your Google Analytics indicates a poor performance for your website. Your website might have low conversion rates. In general, customers should be able to find what they are actually looking for within 2 or 3 pages of your website.
  3. Your website has broken links or errors. You can fix this by replacing links that no longer work with new links that function well.
  4. Your website is not optimized for the up-to-date styles of metadata, social media, image tags, etc.
  5. You need to improve the experience of your users with the help of proper organization and navigation.
  6. Codes are outdated, which results in the increase of your customers’ waiting time.
  7. Your website’s security is rather critical. To prevent this, most websites have a SSL Certificate installed.
  8. The structure of your website is disorganized.
  9. The content on your website is outdated.
  10. Your website is not adapted for mobile users.


How to Create a Better Blog Post

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The professionals at Get Found Fast know that blog posts are great for attracting readers as well as for establishing your business as a helpful one, willing to share useful information, thoughts and experience. These posts are usually short, concisely formulated entries that should ideally follow specific rules – here are some:

  • Know your audience and message that you want to transmit – create a profile of your target persona and figure out the topics and the style that they resonate with, then use your finding for creating the right content;
  • Straight to the point – blog posts are not for useless verbosity, so try to use short, informative sentences and avoid fillers and other unnecessary words. In the beginning, you will probably find it hard to create such direct content, that’s why it is a good idea to take your time to edit and re-edit your writing;
  • Create headlines that contain multiple keywords – research the keywords relevant for your topic and include as many of them as you can into your headlines. The method is great for optimizing your posts and to help them rank higher on search engine results pages;
  • Take your time to write a powerful first sentence – the first sentence is what will convince your reader to read on, so it is the most essential part of your entire post.

What is Paid, Earned, and Owned Media?

Paid, earned, and owned media – learn to make the difference between them.

There are various media platforms and channels in the digital world, and understanding the differences between these three can help you identify what is best for you and which type of content you should create. All three media types require time and development, and Get Found Fast professionals can help you combine them to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy with extended scale and reach that works to the strengths of each channel.

Paid media

This concept represents anything that is paid to drive traffic to owned media properties; in other words, you pay to boost your exposure through the channel. Paid media includes:

  • Print ads
  • TV ads
  • Display ads
  • Paid search
  • Promoted posts on face book
  • Sponsored tweets

Owned media

Any communication platform or channel that you have creates and have control over, because it belongs to your brand.

  • Your website/ mobile site
  • Main audience
  • Retail stores (online and offline)
  • Blogs
  • Social media channels
  • Apps
  • Magazines/ brochures

Get Found Fast professionals can help you develop seo strategies to improve your business reputation

Earned media

In short, this is free publicity generated by fans, people who speak about your product/ brand in response to content you have shared or via voluntary mentions.

  • Retweets/ likes
  • Bloggers writing about your product
  • Youtube comments shares
  • Online reviews
  • Word of mouth



Services Offered by Successful SEO Firms

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Many companies that invest in business development in the online environment are aware of the benefits offered by the optimization services. However, SEO is still treated by many entrepreneurs as an optional investment.

SEO has changed radically in the last period and is one of the online marketing channels that undergo frequent and sudden changes, often unofficially announced, forcing SEO agencies or companies to constantly change their strategies, even more than any other online marketing channel.

Changing the periodic algorithms of Google’s main search engine has made site optimization a real challenge, even for the oldest and most experienced SEO experts. Nowadays, a company that offers SEO services can no longer rely on the old practices of optimizing a site, based only on the technical aspects, but must also know many marketing elements, as well as successfully combine the online promotion techniques, but also campaigns conducted outside the virtual environment, to generate the results expected by their customers.

That’s why services offered by successful SEO firms like Get Found Fast – see https://www.getfoundfast.com/ – are very important and they include efficient optimization strategies that take into account technical improvement, site structure, crawling budget prioritization, indexing problems, quality written content display, increased visibility, building credibility and generating a higher return on investment than other online marketing channels.

Why Online Reviews are Important

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When internet users search for products, services and information, most of them don’t stop at the first website on the results page – they check out multiple providers of the products and services that they need and they evaluate them based on many factors, including what other people say in online reviews. Online reviews are among the most powerful points of reference for internet users today – if a company’s products and services are great and reliable, the reviews will provide evidence of that and if there are points of improvement, the reviews will also reveal what those cons are.

The ratings given to companies are used not only by potential customers – they are also used by search engines to determine the ranking of the company’s website on results pages. This means that, beside the fact that most internet users would turn only to companies that have very high star ratings, a company that gets lots of favourable reviews will have more chance to win new customers and o increase its revenue through sales.

Online reviews reveal a lot about the expectations of customers toward a specific company, therefore the reviews are valuable for the company because they can also be used by the company reviewed for identifying points for improvement.

Let Get Found Fast make sure your company receives the positive recognition and ranking status it deserves.

The Main Benefits of Having a Working Company Website

While much of the work that your employees do might not have much to do with informing the public and providing a lot of intellectual wisdom regarding your trade, it’s still important to have a working company website, in order to increase your popularity and get your company noticed by a larger number of potential clients.

These days, it’s all about creating a strong image on the internet. While the work you do might provide exceptional quality, it won’t be worth too much if people don’t know about it. A lot of companies in your niche are literally shouting for attention right now, promoting aggressive marketing strategies and using them to their advantage to convince people that their products and services are the best – even if they’re a far cry from the level of quality you might offer.

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A Get Found Fast SEO-optimized website is precisely what you need in order to correct that. With Get Found Fast support, you can promote your company, your brand and your mission, so people will know what you’re all about. You can also post information about being licensed and insured, having completed projects that left your customers satisfied, and even providing customer reviews, so people will know that you’re legitimate and “real.”

Additionally, with a powerful SEO and social media marketing strategy, you can reach customers from your area and have your ads as well as their search results optimized, so they’ll know exactly why they should contact you to buy your products or services, instead of visiting your competitors’ websites.

What Are the Best Digital Marketing Strategies That Beginners Can Use?

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Digital marketing can be a surefire way to get your business noticed and find interested leads without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive advertising. Even with minimal capital, using Get Found Fast online marketing techniques, you can promote your website and business, and gain a huge following as well as customers who will want to come back over and over again to buy your products.

As a beginning entrepreneur, you will of course have to start small. Investing in a large website and writing thousands of pages of content will just leave you feeling tired and drain you of your resources early on. Instead, a good first-time practice is to explore your main niches and find ways to exploit them using minimal expenses and simple practices, combined with unique and original ideas for presenting your business.

Start by working on your social media following and setting up a small website with a single well-written landing page. Also, make sure you set up a submission form, so that people can subscribe to your mailing list. An auto-responder is a good idea to use along with this technique, since it will provide you with an easy and straightforward way to make your audience feel like they’re getting something worth subscribing to.

If you’re not too good at writing your own content, you can also consider hiring a content writing service for your emails, social media posts and blog posts. That way you will be sure that your online presence can be enhanced by your beginning content marketing techniques.