What Are the Best Digital Marketing Strategies That Beginners Can Use?

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Digital marketing can be a surefire way to get your business noticed and find interested leads without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive advertising. Even with minimal capital, using Get Found Fast online marketing techniques, you can promote your website and business, and gain a huge following as well as customers who will want to come back over and over again to buy your products.

As a beginning entrepreneur, you will of course have to start small. Investing in a large website and writing thousands of pages of content will just leave you feeling tired and drain you of your resources early on. Instead, a good first-time practice is to explore your main niches and find ways to exploit them using minimal expenses and simple practices, combined with unique and original ideas for presenting your business.

Start by working on your social media following and setting up a small website with a single well-written landing page. Also, make sure you set up a submission form, so that people can subscribe to your mailing list. An auto-responder is a good idea to use along with this technique, since it will provide you with an easy and straightforward way to make your audience feel like they’re getting something worth subscribing to.

If you’re not too good at writing your own content, you can also consider hiring a content writing service for your emails, social media posts and blog posts. That way you will be sure that your online presence can be enhanced by your beginning content marketing techniques.

Types of Digital Marketing to Consider Using for Your Business

Denver SEO firm digital marketing strategies “Digital marketing” is a somewhat loose term describing a plethora of different types of promotional methods and services that companies and individuals typically use in order to promote themselves and improve their digital footprint. If you use marketing to promote a home you’re selling, for instance, your techniques might look very different from those that a business selling groceries and sweets might use.

Video marketing is probably the biggest technique used by businesses and regular individuals these days. This form of digital marketing has taken off in the past few years with the technical advancements implemented by websites like Facebook and YouTube, and they basically provide a quick and cheap way of reaching millions of interested viewers and potential customers.

Blogging and other forms of written content creation still remain very popular these days. A lot of people tend to access blogs and articles either by looking up information on search engines or clicking through to shared posts on social media.

Finally, social media, forums and various other web platforms promoting online community interactions can also be used to enhance digital marketing techniques. According to trusted Denver SEO firm experts, social media marketing is often considered to be one of the main and most profitable types of digital marketing that certain businesses can use to promote themselves efficiently.

Best Practices for SEO Marketing

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SEO best practices are tasks that have proven efficient in numerous campaigns and are defined not only based on the efficiency of improving the website’s rankings on search engine results pages, but also based on ethical criteria. Here are some Denver SEO expert best practices:

  • Keyword usage – the first step in the process of creating properly structured contents is keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords for the products or services that the campaign advertises. When the keywords have been selected, they should be used strategically in the contents to be published. Ideally, main keywords should be mentioned in the title, then in the first sentence of the text and the density of the occurrences in the rest of the text should also be determined in line with the rules of in;
  • The importance of unique content – one of the most important best practices for SEO marketing is to use only unique content in your campaign. Duplicate content is instantly detected by search engines and the discovery hinders the ranking of website on which such content is published;
  • The importance of the loading speed – the speed with which your website loads when an internet user clicks on it is essential for providing a streamlined user experience and to increase the chance of transforming visitors into customers. Internet users today don’t wait too long for your pages to load – if the loading process takes too long, they simply leave your site and visit the next relevant website on the results page.

What is a Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the marketing approach to advertise products and services through creating and publishing content that is relevant, consistent, unique and valuable, content that delivers the marketer’s message to potential and existent clients and customers. The content is published in various media, including mostly, but not only digital platforms and websites.

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The contents included in SEO Denver marketing campaigns can be varied and not all of them are related strictly to the actual products and services of the marketer. In most cases, many of the marketer’s contents serve the purpose of sharing relevant information with potential or existing clients and customers, the purpose of building the image that the marketer wants to project and of attracting customer attention to the marketer’s standards of value and mission. Besides the contents published to actually advertise the products or services offered by the marketer, content marketing mixes can and should include lots of other types of contents, such as articles or posts that help customers solve a problem they are frequently faced with or contents that share other types of helpful information, such as market trend evaluations. The content shared can take many forms, from texts and images to videos, from newsletters to inform customers of promotions or important events to magazine articles, interviews and PR releases.

How Has Digital Marketing Changed Since Its First Days

Digital marketing has been around for over three decades. Since the first advertisers turned to the world wide web to present and to offer their products and services, the technique has become much more complex – desktop computers are no longer the only devices that digital marketing campaigns need to accommodate today and the huge growth in the number of internet users worldwide has also contributed to the transformations that have taken place at the level of digital marketing best practices.

The first computer software packages intended for marketing purposes were programs used for designing marketing materials to be printed. The advertising landscape changed in 1994, when the first mass-market browser named Netscape was released. The tool facilitated the availability of services and products over the internet and it also made e-mailing one of the most important methods of communication. During this initial period, marketers started experimenting with methods that are avoided today, such as keyword stuffing, the following stage of digital marketing being one of development in the field of streamlined and ethical industry best practices. The process was further aided by the rapid evolution of computers as well as of data technologies – the emergence of big data, the techniques and technologies used for accessing and using big data, the emergence of social networking has brought digital marketing closer to target groups and a process of communication with existing and potential customers, in the ways preferred by the customers addressed.

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The Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of advertising products or services with the help of the tools available through digital media, mainly the Internet. Denver SEO company digital marketing strategies

The marketing method has been around since the 1990’s and by today it has completely transformed the way that products and services are presented and offered to the public. The technique comes with many advantages over more traditional forms of advertising, such as ads in printed media or billboards. Knowledgeable Denver SEO company experts can provide you with these benefits:

  • A much wider reach – digital marketing makes it very easy to reach out to customers who are located very far away from the location of the advertiser;
  • More efficient targeting – digital techniques make it possible to create a very accurate profile of the advertiser’s ideal customer, which also means that digital campaigns can be finely tuned to deliver messages that the advertiser’s most important target groups resonate with;
  • Affordability – the costs of a well-developed, properly targeted digital marketing campaign are much lower than a campaign that uses more traditional methods and is intended to achieve the same results;
  • Measurability – the results of a digital marketing campaign are instantly measurable, providing the marketer instant feedback about the success of the tools chosen for the marketing mix and allowing for instant adjustments to increase efficiency.

What is Pay Per Click?

Denver SEO companies use Pay Per Click digital marketing strategies Pay-per-click is a model used in digital advertising that drives traffic towards the website that uses the model through ads placed on various other sites and payment made only when the ads are actually clicked on by internet users. The marketer’s ads are placed on websites called publishers that may be the search engine itself or sites and site networks providing such publishing services to search engines.

The pay-per-click process starts with the definition of the keywords that are relevant for the advertiser, followed by the bidding on those keywords. When internet users search for products and services online, they do so through entering keywords to find the relevant websites. The search engine used starts a complex, but very quick process of finding the websites relevant for the keyword entered by the user and returns a results page. The marketer’s ads will be displayed whenever a keyword that is relevant for the ad by the internet user and the marketer will be charged a pre-agreed fee each time the internet user clicks on the marketer’s ad.

Pay-per-click is a very efficient digital marketing tool used by Denver SEO companies, especially useful for informing internet users about promotional offers or new products and services that have just been introduced.

A Few Common Questions You Have to Ask About Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is really taking off these days. If you want to get the most out of your campaign, you need to know how to ask the right questions, before even starting:

1. How effective is digital marketing versus other promotional methods? The fact that digital marketing has taken off so much is the widespread popularity of modern technology – especially laptops and smartphones. Teens and college students, as well as young adults, love shopping online, and these days even the older generation is getting into it.
2. What will the success of your digital marketing SEO Denver campaign be based on? This is a tricky one, but a good marketers should be able to answer it. The gist of it is that digital marketing is based on demographics and being able to “know your audience.” You can’t typically sell a colorful pair of shoes to someone over the age of 50, but kids, teens and even young adults will likely love them.
3. How much money do you have to invest in a digital marketing campaign to make it successful? The amount you invest can actually be very flexible. The only difference is that the less you invest, the longer it will take and the more effort you’ll have to put into handling the tasks that you don’t delegate – such as manning your social media accounts and coming up with cool designs for your website.

What Are the Different Personalities of Online Social Media Platforms

When Facebook exploded on the web, there used to be only a handful of social media platforms available. Most of them had to do with online dating and actual socializing, although some were already geared towards marketing. However, that concept didn’t really catch on so much until Facebook decided to take it up themselves.

The main point is that each social media platform is unique, and now that there are so many of them, it’s important to choose the right ones, whether you want to meet friends or sell products.

The important thing to remember is to set a clear list of goals and stick to them. What do you need from your social media platform? By answering that question, you’ll have a head start during your search.

Denver seo agency social media business suggestions

The different personalities of social media platforms can differ depending on what their aim is. Platforms like OkCupid focus on matching people up romantically, but they’re also fun if you just want to take a quiz. Facebook and Twitter focus more on getting people to talk to each other like in an interactive forum, but with intelligent posts, quotes, memes, animated gifs, videos and snappy comebacks. Pinterest on the other hand focuses more on images, media and visual stimuli. It’s a great place to set up shop and expect people to buy from you. Social media platforms can also support business branding and objectives. A local Denver SEO agency can help you make decisions to fit your business needs and budget.

Depending on what you need, you can explore all these social media platforms and many others, until you find the right one.

Terminology to Know About Digital Marketing

The world of marketing has been reshaped radically by the emergence of digital solutions, tools that have quickly become the strongest and most important devices used by marketers. If you are not yet familiar with how it is done and what it is, here are some of the most basic Denver SEO terms for you:

  • SEO – search engine optimization is the term used for the process of attracting visitors to your website and of converting them into actual customers, all this in a natural, organic way;
  • Buyer persona – the profile of your potential buyers, the characterization of your target group;
  • B2B and B2C – the type of customers that you want to interact with, business-to-business or business-to-consumer;
  • PPC – pay per click, a form of advertising when you place your ads online and pay for the space used by them only if interested internet users click on them;
  • Bounce rate – the percentage of internet users who visit your page without becoming customers;
  • CTR – the click-through rate shows how many times your ads have been clicked on;
  • KPI – key performance indicators are the factors that you measure in order to determine how successful your digital marketing campaign is.

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