Trends of Digital Marketing 2021

The future of Digital Marketing is certainly heavily influenced by technology. Big data, artificial intelligence automation and smart technologies are changing the way brands analyze customer data and interact with their audiences. Customers are also becoming more experienced and expect more and more personalized content.

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It seems that in order to keep up with the trends and increase conversions in the coming years, an excellent Denver SEO firm substantiates that brands will have to rely more and more on UGS, especially audio and video, in order to distribute it to the target audience.

  1. A/ B Split testing

SEO testing allows a targeted approach to content changes, as it is proven by statistics

  1. Artificial intelligence

AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, and use social media data and blog posts to help companies understand how customers search for products and services.

  1. Algorithmic advertising

Algorithmic advertising means using artificial intelligence to automate ad buying so that you can target an audience as specifically as possible.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots will continue to be an important part of digital marketing. This AI technology uses instant messaging to communicate in real time, day and night, with customers or site visitors. Surveys show that almost 65% of respondents prefer to exchange messages with chatbots to communicate with the brand. Also, by 2021, it is estimated that 85% of customer service will be provided by chatbots.

How to Launch a Successful PPC Campaign

Pay per click SEO Denver campaigns Pay per click SEO Denver campaigns are among the most efficient digital marketing strategies, options that can bring results rapidly, providing an almost instant traffic boost on your website. Like any digital marketing technique, PPC campaigns also need careful design and preparation – here are some tips to help you make the most of your investment into PPC:

  • Start with research – knowing what keywords are the most frequently used by your target audience to search for the type of products and services that you provide is essential for the success of your PPC campaign, so the first step should be keyword research. Fortunately, there are many efficient, online tools that can help you identify the right keywords;
  • Assign a budget – with a pay per click campaign, you will be required to pay each time your targeted keywords are clicked on by an internet user, so you need to keep an eye on your PPC costs all the time to avoid exceeding your budget;
  • Create attractive ads – great, professionally written ad copies are essential for any successful PPC campaign. The space at your disposal to captivate attention is very limited, so pay special attention to the headlines, the description lines as well as the display URL.

Terminology to Know About Digital Marketing

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The digital ecosystem is in continuous change, with new terminology being added to the already vast vocabulary all the time. Here are some important terms that local Get Found Fast SEO digital marketing experts at think you should know:

  • Behavioral targeting – the process of driving engagement by serving advertising content based on the internet user’s previous web browsing behavior;
  • Bounce rate – the percentage of internet users who visit a website, then leave it soon, without visiting the pages of the website, other than the landing page;
  • Churn rate – the percentage of website users who cancel or don’t renew their subscription on a website;
  • Conversion rate – the percentage of website visitors who have responded positively to the call to action, completing the requested activity, such as filling in a form, providing their e-mail address or purchasing a product or a service;
  • Geo targeting – the method used for increasing conversion rates by providing relevant content to internet users based on their geographical location;
  • Remarketing – the process of reconnecting with visitors who have not completed the action requested by the website, such as signing up to the company’s newsletter or purchasing a product or a service;
  • Viral content – content that becomes very popular very fast, such as videos that get hundreds of thousands of shares overnight.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on providing valuable content to a well-defined target audience with the goal of driving positive consumer action. Denver SEO company content marketing strategy comprises of various steps and is by no means limited to pitching products and services – as a matter of fact, the strategy is focused more on creating and distributing content that provides guidance and relevant information to internet users in order to help them solve the issues that they are faced with.

The content created for marketing purposes is different from the content intended to present products and services – content marketing can be successful only if the content involved is useful, indeed. Such content is appreciated not only by the marketer’s prospective and existing customers, but by search engines as well, rewarding the marketer’s website with better rankings and more visibility.

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The content created for marketing purposes also needs to be published on the right platforms. The platforms that have the greatest potential are social networking websites, therefore it is a great idea to include these sites into your mix. Blogging is another efficient way – whether your blog is part of your website or you operate it separately, blog posts are very important for the success of your content marketing strategy.

Terminology to Know About Digital Marketing

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If you are a newcomer in the world of digital marketing, you have surely encountered terms that need some explanation. Here are some important terms that are used all the time and their meaning:

  • Lead generation – this process is the sum of the tactics used for attracting potential new customers and for converting them into loyal customers;
  • Search engine optimization – the strategy used by competitive SEO Denver agencies for increasing your website’s visibility on search engines. It involves on-page optimization, meaning the creation of relevant content for your website that also observes certain rules imposed by search engine algorithms and off-page optimization that uses various techniques to drive traffic toward your website from other websites;
  • Search engine advertising – the method involves the usage of paid ads that appear in the top section of results pages for the keywords that you are targeting. The solution is great for launching promotions when you need to act fast and get sales fast as well;
  • Responsive design – most internet users today use their mobile devices to search for content. Responsive website design is the technique of creating a website that displays flawlessly on any device, therefore an excellent way to attract mobile users to your website.

How to Hire the Right Digital Marketing Company

An online marketing agency can brilliantly help you increase your visibility in the online environment, attract more prospects to your site, turn them into customers and, as a result, increase your company’s turnover. When looking to outsource your online business promotion services, it is important to find an online marketing agency that incorporates a number of different internet advertising services.

Make sure this company has positive reviews

First of all, a company like this must have good results. Get the company’s history. How long has it been on the market? What was the success rate? If the company you want to collaborate with cannot boast a few successful digital marketing campaigns, then it is not the right choice.

The more experience it has in your niche, the better

Although success is very important, it is also a great idea to work with a Denver SEO company that has at least a few years of experience on the market.

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What does their marketing look like?

Fortunately, there is a great way to determine how the digital marketing company you plan to hire will promote your brand – you can get valuable insight from the way the company promotes its own brand!

Understand the true value

If you are the administrator or manager of a small or medium company, you may be tempted to turn to the digital marketing company with the lowest rates. Resist this temptation. Why? – Because, in general, you get what you pay for.

How Digital Marketing Companies are Dealing with COVID

It could be said that digital marketing is the winner of this “COVID age”, because it adapted quite well to the pandemic situation and took advantage of the increased online presence of the public, during this period.

If you are wondering if it makes sense to try to sell anything but food and cleaning/ disinfection products, the answer is YES, unequivocally!

Online traffic, during this period, has grown exponentially. It has grown so much that experts are wondering if networks can cope. Of course, the main “culprits” are streaming services, although the demand increased generally, not just in their case.

But what can we do to ensure that our online marketing budgets are spent exactly as they should be – maximizing ROI?

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Here are some tips from Get Found Fast Denver SEO firm authorities:

  • Invest in maintaining your customer base

Your current customers, especially those who order from you frequently, already trust your business. Target them first, with email and social media campaigns.

  • Social distancing is not for brands

Stay active in the online community you have built so far. Communicate as much as you can and answer questions promptly.

  • Promotes products that have fast delivery

Everything seems to last longer these days, and people do not have patience. If some of your products cannot be delivered quickly, do not invest in promoting them. Instant gratification is what people want these days.

Should Your SEO Company Also Place Your Traditional Media?

Advertising in the local or national printed media, on television and radio and combining these ads and commercial spots with digital advertising is usually the ideal marketing mix. However, both traditional and digital advertising are complex processes that take knowledge and experience to do well. Each form of advertising and each type of media requires specific and specialized knowledge, which also means that a digital marketing specialist might know exactly how to design and implement an online advertising campaign company, but they might not know how to shoot a commercial spot and vice versa, a marketing specialist who has been running successful campaigns in traditional media might have no idea how to create a successful digital campaign.

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However, you can still have the best of both worlds – here are some tips from a talented Denver SEO expert :

  • Choose a large agency – many large marketing companies have separate departments with experts who specialize in various types of media. You will probably not have one account manager to handle your ads published in traditional outlets as well as your digital campaign, but two, one specialist for each;
  • Choose two agencies that collaborate – synchronization is key for the success of any marketing effort, so if you cannot find what you need from one company, hire two, but make sure they collaborate during the design as well as in the implementation phase.


How Often Should You Meet with Your SEO Company?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the changes Google is making all the time, we understand you perfectly. The large amount of information is not easy to process, but for this there are now Denver SEO agency specialists in high-performance digital marketing, which you can use at any time of the development of your brand, wherever you are. Your mission is to make sure that the business operates at full capacity; the responsibility of marketers is to power the digital “engine”.

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When you are looking for an agency to entrust such a mission to, you need to be sure that you choose a Denver SEO agency team whose work stands out for its quality.

No chemistry, no strategy!

Have you already set up a meeting with an agency that could take care of the image of your business? Now is the time to see if there is a promise of a good relationship between you. Check if the agency is willing to meet your needs, and is flexible enough to make your brand stronger, with the help of adapted and updated SEO tactics in the current dynamic context.

For reaching the desired results, you will have to meet with your SEO agency on a regular basis. The periodicity depends on your website. If you have a large business with new content every week, you should probably meet every trimester. On the other hand, if you have a small website, a meeting every 6 months will be perfect.


Why it’s Important to Get a Free Digital Evaluation

A digital SEO evaluation for your website can be compared to a routine visit to the doctor. Basically, it is an assessment of how your website is optimized for search engines. It is important to have Denver SEO companies complete analysis to ensure that your site is easy to read for both users and robots.Denver SEO companies

What is the contribution of a digital SEO evaluation in the marketing strategy?

SEO digital evaluations help you analyze the site`s performance. With their help, you find out what are the weaknesses in your strategy and, at the same time, you analyze the direct competitors of your business. A good design and a fast interface are not enough when it comes to a website. If the search engines can’t read it, it is very possible that your efforts are in vain.

Components of an SEO digital evaluation

  • Competition Research
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Accessibility
  • Link analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content evaluation
  • On page optimization
  • Site architecture and design

A SEO digital evaluation is not an exact science. There is no standard recipe for a successful audit. Therefore, it often happens that the sets of “good practices” are inconsistent. Search engines change their algorithms almost daily and there are few cases that announce why and to what extent. Thus, regular digital SEO evaluations are a must.