Why Keyword Optimization Is Crucial to a Successful Ad Campaign

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Digital marketing campaigns, whatever their goal and type, ultimately revolve around keywords – whether you choose to start an organic SEO process or you are looking for faster results through a targeted campaign, such as pay per click, keyword optimization needs to be part of the process. Here is why it is so important for success:

  • Help to provide effective content – selecting the keywords that are the most relevant for your niche is an essential task not only within your campaign, but also for the phase of content creation. Your selection of keywords should guide not only the creation of your text content, but also the creation of other types of contents, such as your images, graphics, charts and videos;
  • A deeper understanding of audience behavior – A talented Denver SEO firm can research the best keywords for you to reveal what your audience is interested in, as well as about the content type and style that appeals to them;
  • Metrics and measurements – keyword research can also help you gauge the size of your audience and will help you anticipate the amount of traffic that one keyword or another can attract to your website;
  • Help with your social media campaign – using the right keywords strategically in your social media profile can help you find and benefit from all marketing opportunities.

How Do Google Ads Differ from Other Types of Advertising?

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Google Ads is a very special form of advertising – the search engine giant’s own advertising platform works quite differently from other forms of advertising and when used properly, the efficiency of the technique is also different. Here are some important and interesting things to know about Google Ads and about what makes Google Ads so special:

  • The ultimate pay per click model – with Google Ads, the marketer has to pay only when their add gets clicked on by an internet user. The first step in using Google Ads is to bid on targeted keywords – when internet users enter those keywords and the marketer’s ad comes up and the user clicks on the ad, the marketer is charged the previously established fee, the price of the keyword targeted;
  • A variety of campaign types available – Google Ads differentiates among and offers various campaign types, such as video campaigns, app campaigns, shopping campaigns and others, thus allowing marketers to launch diverse ad campaigns;
  • Efficient, accurate and easy to use metrics available – the marketer can continuously monitor the success of their Google Ads campaign through the accurate metrics provided by the search engine, a feature that gives the marketer complete control over their spending and over the efficiency of their campaign.

Google Ads specialists at Get Found Fast can help you design an effective and profitable advertising campaign.

The Advantages of PPC in Gaining Fast and Well-Targeted Exposure Online

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Pay per click, usually referred to simply as PPC, is a paid, targeted digital marketing method, one the most effective online marketing tools used by SEO Denver specialists. it is a method that involves bidding on the keywords relevant for your campaign and payments made whenever an internet user clicks on your ad following a search based on the keyword you are targeting. The method comes with numerous benefits – here are some:

  • Almost instant results – unlike other, organic methods, PPC brings almost instant results. Your campaign starts attracting traffic to your website the minute you launch it, so you will not have to wait for weeks or for months to see an increase in your website traffic and in your sales figures;
  • Easy scalability and complete control – with pay per click, you can set the budget and you will also be able to stay on top of your spending. PPC also gives you accurate information about the number of leads that your campaign is bringing you;
  • PPC campaigns do not influence your website ranking – this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, but it is surely something that have to know about and that you need to factor in when launching your campaign.

How SEO and Email Marketing Can Be Used for a Powerful Marketing Strategy

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Search engine optimization, usually referred to simply as SEO, is the process of attracting more visitors to a website and a strategy that is today considered an essential part of any marketing strategy. Email marketing – the process of sending out promotional messages to people who have consented to receiving such messages – is one of the oldest SEO techniques and also a method that has never lost its efficiency. Here is how to include it into your marketing mix:

  • Don’t overdo it – figure out the ideal frequency of your promotional emails – messages should not be too far apart, but they should not be too frequent either, otherwise you risk that your addressee will unsubscribe to stop the flood of messages from you;
  • Formulate your messages with your goal in mind – your messages should be relevant and intriguing, offering information that is of interest to the reader and challenging the reader to take action, too. Pay attention to the form as well – email messages that are formatted correctly and that use images are more enjoyable and they raise interest more efficiently;
  • Send out thank you messages and greetings regularly – periodic thank you messages and greetings for birthdays and for holidays are great for increasing customer loyalty.

If you are looking for ways to add value to your company’s marketing plan, a skilled Denver SEO agency, Get Found Fast, can help. As a full service digital marketing agency, they can help manage all your online marketing.

Why Are Google Ads So Good for Getting Your Business Noticed?

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Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform that offers internet users brief ads, service offerings and other such information. The ads available are provided by advertisers and they are displayed to web users based on the user’s search history, which means that the selection of the ads is performed based on keywords, matching the ads that contain the search word being searched for to the search. The method has been around for years and it is being constantly updated and refined constantly, providing a very important and efficient tool for any business that wants to be noticed. Get Found Fast professionals, www.getfoundfast.com/, explain that this is how Google Ads can help your business:

  • Lots of great tools to maximize the efficiency of your campaign – the tool is complete with the Keyword Planner, the Ads Manager, the Reach Planner as well as with lots of educational platforms that make it possible for advertisers who are new to digital advertising to learn about the process;
  • Targeting local audiences efficiently – Google Ads allows you to make sure that your ads are delivered in a targeted way, timed to be displayed when your audience is online and for web users in the targeted geographical area and demographic group;
  • A budget-friendly solution – with Google Ads, you will pay only when your ads get clicked on by a web user.

Are Google Ads Important for Your Business

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Google ads have been and will be among the most important marketing tools available to any marketer, small, medium or large alike. Here are the benefits of using Google ads to promote your business:

  • Targeting your ads – targeting means that you can choose the audience to which your ads will be showed. With Google ads, you have a variety of features and parameters to use for targeting your ads, including not only the keywords, but the age, location and language of the audience, the types of devices that they use and the day, the time and the frequency of using the internet;
  • Cost control – with Google Ads, you can determine the exact budget that you can spend on your ads and you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad;
  • Advanced metrics for tracking efficiency – A top Denver SEO firm tells us that Google offers lots of stats, metrics and reports that you can use to determine how successful your ads are as well as to figure out how you can step up the efficiency of your campaign;
  • Easy to learn – using Google Ads is a straightforward process that consists of easy to follow prompts and instructions and that anyone can master the first time round.

3 Reasons Your Website Traffic Isn’t Growing

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If you have already invested lots of time and energy into your digital campaign, but the traffic you get on your website is just not what you want it to be, here are the three most common issues that have a negative effect on the success of your strategy:

  • No SEO tactic – a good strategy is based on tactics. Before launching your SEO campaign, you need to develop the tactics that will form the foundation for the campaign. A leading Denver SEO expert corroborates that your tactical decisions should include decisions about the platforms on which you will publish you optimized content as well as a link-building tactic;
  • Content of unsuitable quality – search engines punish the websites that use duplicate content, therefore using content that is not only informative, attractive and relevant, but also 100% original and unique is essential for any successful traffic growing campaign;
  • Not promoting your contents properly – creating good content is not enough, you need to promote it as well. One of the most common SEO mistakes is to think that good content will work on its own on your behalf – don’t make that mistake, share the content that you have been working on so much in your e-mail newsletter, on your blog and publish them on the social media platforms used for advertising your business.

How To Buy Pay Per Click Efficiently

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Pay per click is one of the most efficient digital advertising methods used by marketers. The technique involves the publishing of ads and paying for them whenever they get clicked on and only when they get clicked on by internet users. The process of publishing a PPC ad is simple – here is how to use it efficiently:

  • Determine the budget – take your time to calculate how much you can afford to spend on your ads, then figure the keywords that you want to structure your ads on. Be prepared that not all keywords cost the same, but you can find help with your calculations via online tools that will give you ideas about how to select efficient keywords;
  • Determine your audience – Get Found Fast PPC strategy managers say that creating an accurate buyer persona to target with your ads is very important. Take the time to figure out the time of the day when your target audience is online and determine their age group and geographical locations as well – you can do the profiling with the help of online analytical tools;
  • Keep an eye on your campaign all the time – a hands-on attitude is very important for ensuring the success of your PPC campaign. Fortunately, you can find assistance with this aspect as well, in the form of online analytics tools available either for free or for a small monthly fee.

3 Must Have Types of Content for Your Digital Strategy

If you have an online business and you are now working on your digital strategy, you surely know how important and effective content marketing is.

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Here are the three must-have content types to include into your strategy:

  • Videos – according to the statistics, video content is immeasurably more efficient than any kind of written content, that is why any efficient digital campaign includes video clips for introducing the business to the website’s visitors as well as for presenting its products and services. You can further increase the efficiency of your campaign if you use your videos not only on your website, but on social media and video streaming platforms as well;
  • Infographics – the type of content is great for breaking the monotony of long, written texts and it is also great for summarizing data in an eye-catching and easy to understand way. A Denver SEO agency with a great reputation affirms that the solution has been increasing in popularity in B2B business models, but today, it is becoming common for B2C as well;
  • Case studies – this type of content is great for providing the visitors of your website with insight about your products and services have solved various problems and how they can solve the reader’s problems, too.

How to Select the Perfect Digital Marketing Agency for You in 2021

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With so many great digital marketing agencies around today, selecting the one to hire for your campaign is no small task. Here are some things to do and factors to look for during your search for the perfect agency:

  • Figure out what you want – think about the areas that you need your agency to have experience with. Do you need an agency to handle your entire campaign or an agency that is an expert in social media campaigns or in catapulting websites to the first result page? Start assessing particular agencies only when you know what you want;
  • Check references – a good Denver SEO expert will provide references. Take the time to check them to figure out whether the agency’s experience is right for you;
  • Check reputation – when you have found three or four agencies that might be suitable for what you want, check their reputation on online review sites and forums to find out whether they are reliable;
  • Beware of wild promises – whatever you need an agency for, success won’t come overnight, so stay away from agencies that promise you stellar results in a couple of weeks;
  • Find out everything about how the agency will handle your project and ask for regular progress reports – you need control over the process, so only work with an agency that is willing to give you that control.