How Do Google Ads Differ from Other Types of Advertising?

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Google Ads is a very special form of advertising – the search engine giant’s own advertising platform works quite differently from other forms of advertising and when used properly, the efficiency of the technique is also different. Here are some important and interesting things to know about Google Ads and about what makes Google Ads so special:

  • The ultimate pay per click model – with Google Ads, the marketer has to pay only when their add gets clicked on by an internet user. The first step in using Google Ads is to bid on targeted keywords – when internet users enter those keywords and the marketer’s ad comes up and the user clicks on the ad, the marketer is charged the previously established fee, the price of the keyword targeted;
  • A variety of campaign types available – Google Ads differentiates among and offers various campaign types, such as video campaigns, app campaigns, shopping campaigns and others, thus allowing marketers to launch diverse ad campaigns;
  • Efficient, accurate and easy to use metrics available – the marketer can continuously monitor the success of their Google Ads campaign through the accurate metrics provided by the search engine, a feature that gives the marketer complete control over their spending and over the efficiency of their campaign.

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