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We help you get more great reviews and then we promote them!

The Value of Reviews

Consumers rely on reviews to help them choose a product or service. More reviews mean more leads.


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How To Get More Reviews


Review management is an important and valuable effort for every business. If you have no reviews, this puts a question in the consumers mind – Why? Getting reviews requires effort and asking your customers to write one. This can be awkward for some businesses and it is also time and mind consuming. We help you get reviews and we also help you promote your reviews – so the world will know others LOVE you!

Reviews Are a Long Term Asset



Reviews Do Not Go Away


Customers Make Snap Decisions from Reviews


Each Review is a Valuable Asset


More Reviews Add Confidence


Reviews Need To Be Requested


More Reviews Help Your Average Rating

Your business needs more good reviews. To get them, you need to ask your customers. You need to intentionally manage and promote your good reputation. We can help you do that. Our online reputation software gives you an easy platform to ask customers for reviews about their experience doing business with you. Good reviews get posted to places like Google, Yelp and Facebook. Bad reviews are sent back to you to respond directly to the customer! This gives you a second chance to make that customer happy and turn that frown upside down! Thumbs up!

Our 5 Star Reviews


"We hired Get Found Fast to help HICD Oral Surgery improve our Google SEO for our four locations in the Chicago suburbs. Results have been outstanding across the board."


Process/How To Work With Us


Your business has a very unique mission and competitors. Your digital marketing plan must be custom-built for you, your business needs, and your customer, integrating various elements like keyword optimization, and targeted website traffic.

Here are some options to consider:

We Need It All

If you need website help, SEO, Google Business Profile help, reviews building, and a paid ad campaign, you may need it all.

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Just Win Google

If you need to show up higher in Google searches to beat your competitors, our SEO plan may be your best solution.

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A New Website

Websites are like cell phones - they only last a few years. We can help you design and build the new website you need.

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Paid Ads

We build strategic and effective ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, Centro,  and other platforms.

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Proactively Develop a 5 Star Online Reputation

Reputation management is growing in importance. You need “Thumbs Up”, 5 Stars and Happy Faces about your business all over the internet. Get Found Fast Reputation Management software helps you quickly begin to populate the top review sites with positive customer experience reviews.

Get More Good Reviews Fast!

We will help your business collect and publish more positive reviews across the most popular review sites. Through a two-step process, your customers will write a review for you and then we will help them publish that review to review sites that are the most respected and visited.

Customers write their review on your tablet, sharing their experience immediately after the service is provided. There will be REAL customer reviews, published to various sites.

Program Goal: A 5 Star Reputation

5 Gold Stars
When a potential customer “Googles” your company name, we want a full page of 5 star listings to appear. A page of 5 star reviews will show a prospect that you are a great company and that lots of other people say so.

This program will also give you an opportunity to learn of unhappy customer experiences before they post and publish their complaint somewhere else. Poor reviews are sent to you directly and they are not offered any avenues for publishing the review.

Contact our Denver reputation management services team today to learn more about our program and how it could help your company build a 5 Star Reputation! Call 888-474- 7276.

A marketing strategy today is no simple plan. The options available online and offline expand everyday. How is your company showing up on Google? Does your website convert traffic to leads? Do you have a social media plan? How’s your reputation?