How to Optimize Your Work Performance

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Many people want to be better at work, and when they fail it is because they are fundamentally wrong about how they approach performance.

The first mistake you make when you want to improve your professional performance is that you only focus on how you invest your time and energy. In an article published by Harvard Business Review, it is said that, in order to increase performance, it is important to focus on how you recharge your energy, not just on how you consume it.

A second mistake people make is that, in order to increase their performance, they focus only on thinking, respectively on their mind. Studies on athletes show that, to be successful, you need to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced. In other words, even if you are able to perform even without having a balanced life, you will only be able to reach your maximum potential when you get a good ritual of recharging and consuming energy, on all levels.

Rule 80-20

This rule known as the “Pareto” principle says that 80 percent of your total results or income is earned from 20 percent of your work; in other words, 20 percent of the time you spend every day on your work brings 80 percent of your results. So, what about increasing those 20 percent and get more results? Let Get Found Fast, a top Denver SEO firm, show you how to optimize your 20% time and energy, and boost individual and company results too.

Facebook Advertising Updates You Need to Know

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Facebook is constantly releasing important updates, many of which have an impact on the advertising campaigns that use the platform. Here are some of the most recent ones of these updates, important changes that you should know about:

  • A great tool for businesses to make a social impact – the site allows businesses of any size to find fundraisers tools as well as advice about how companies can launch awareness campaigns with maximum impact;
  • A discounting feature introduced on Facebook Shops – the tool allows shop owners to implement automatic discounts to individual products or to the shop’s entire inventory, to offer promo codes and run various campaigns;
  • Integrated messaging in Messenger – this update allows businesses to manage messaging from various platforms in one place. The messages coming from customers via Instagram, Shops and Stories can now be handled on a single interface;
  • Ad limits are being rolled out – some time ago, Facebook announced that they will limit the number of campaigns that can be run on individual pages. The limits will be implemented starting from 2021 February and will allow small to medium pages to run 250 ads, the permitted volume going up to 20,000 ads for the largest pages. If you want to learn more about how facebook advertising can benefit your business, contact digital marketing SEO Denver Get Found Fast experts.

SEO Strategies That Will Continue to Help You Win

The composition of your SEO strategy needs to be continuously adjusted to meet the continuously changing search engine guidelines as well as your changing business goals, but there are some strategies that never lose their efficiency – here are some:

  • Mobile-first indexing – most queries today are launched from mobile devices and the trend is likely to continue at rapid pace in the future, too, therefore implementing a mobile-friendly design is a great way to increase website visibility;

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  • Using relevant keywords – structuring your online contents around the most relevant keywords has been, is and will be essential for the success of your website. Demand and tastes change all the time, so GFF SEO professionals suggest regularly revising and adjusting your keyword strategy is important to maintain or to improve your website’s ranking;
  • Regular technical audits – successful SEO is not only a matter of vision and content, but also a matter of technology, so regularly checking your website for errors or points for improvement is key;
  • Don’t neglect free tools – Google My Business is perhaps among the best examples of simple to use tools that can make all the difference. Research other, similar tools and use them – they are very useful and efficient.

Google Has Rolled Out Its 2020 Core Algorithm Update

Google launches algorithm updates every few days and major, core updates every 3-4 months, both types of updates serving the purpose of improving user experience. While minor updates have effects that for many websites mean only small changes, core updates usually require website owners to perform comprehensive audits and to implement major changes to ensure the desired ranking on the search engine.Denver SEO firm Google launched one core update in May and announced the next one for December. The latest update focused on Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness (E-A-T), increasing the ranking of the websites that perform well on all three parameters and decreasing the ranking for the websites that could do better on any or on all three of the parameters. The principle points for improvement for the websites that have seen their rankings fall are content quality, the user experience provided as well as authority and relevance in their field. As searches are moving from keyword-based to semantic, content needs to be more conversational to be considered of high quality, but to be really appreciated by the search engine, competitive Denver SEO firm pros have always known that good quality content also needs to be original, well-researched and reliable. The search engine evaluates the reviews and the comments provided by internet users to determine how authoritative a particular content is and will use the results of the process to rank the website, so only the best sites will get top rankings.

What are Meta Tags

Meta tags represent HTML codes and are displayed in the page header (after the TITLE tag). These tags contain information for search engines and are not visible in a browser.

Google claims that Meta tags are not a positioning factor. However, they indirectly influence the performance of the site and play an important role in terms of click-through rate. Meta tags are displayed on the user results page. If they are well optimized and have a good call-to-action they can influence users to click, which Google takes into account to rank a site. The more clicks your site gets, and users find your pages interesting, the more likely it is to get top positions in Google searches. Google can also use Meta tags to determine which snippets to display to users. These appear below the Meta description and may include price information, other pages on the site, reviews etc.

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If you want to have the best possible position in search results with certain keywords, Meta tag optimization is not the only thing you need to focus on. Denver SEO analysts confirm that the content you offer to users must be of the highest quality, and the popularity you have in the online environment must be as high as possible.


What is a Google Penalty in SEO 

Google penalty is a sudden drop in traffic and positioning in the Google search engine, which results from an update of Google algorithms and/ or a manual action by a Google employee.

A manual action comes from Google’s spam team, so it all starts with a Google employee who punishes a site for various reasons. To see if you’ve received a manual penalty, go to Google Webmaster Tools for your site and see if there are any “unnatural links” notifications or similar messages.

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An algorithmic action is more difficult to determine because it is an automatic punishment. You must consult with SEO Denver specialists who can make an analysis and reveal the reasons of the penalty.

10 reasons to get a Google penalty

There are a lot of reasons why Google can give you a red card, and these are the most frequent:

  1. Too much link exchange
  2. Duplicate content
  3. Wrong sitemaps
  4. Too many keywords on the page
  5. Links hidden in the page
  6. Lost external links
  7. Slow site speed
  8. Errors in Robots.txt
  9. 301 Redirects
  10. Spam

Keep in mind that a Google penalty is not a death sentence. Stay calm, analyze and see where this penalty came from. You can reach the same traffic as before the penalty, all you have to do is take correct action and wait for Google to lift your penalty.


3 SEO Basics You Need to Master

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is the process of improving the visibility of a website on search engine results pages and of increasing the traffic to the website. The process is certainly complex and any SEO strategy needs take into consideration not only aspects strictly related to marketing, but also the requirements imposed by search engines.

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If you already have an attractive website with great, relevant and informative content on it and you are in the process of designing your SEO strategy, here are some important concepts that you should understand:

  • Link building – the number of the links from other websites to your site is among the most important factors used by search engines to determine the ranking given to a website. There are very many methods to increase the number of high-quality links to your site, getting mentioned in reviews and promoting your website on social media are just two; High ranking Denver SEO companies are pros at utilizing these strategies to improve client visibility.
  • Quality content – websites are also evaluated based on how relevant and original their contents are. It is not enough to provide information through your contents – your materials also need to respect specific rules imposed by search engines;
  • User experience – search engines also evaluate websites based on the experience they offer to visitors by analyzing the behavior of the visitors on the website that is being evaluated.

Tips That Can Lift Your SEO

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Search engine optimization does not stop when you launch your website and Get Found Fast SEO campaigns do not end when you have reached the desired boost in sales – to achieve lasting success, your website ranking needs to be monitored permanently and you need to keep an eye on changing search engine algorithms as well. Here are some tips to lift your SEO:

  • Check your ranking whenever a new update is released – your website ranking is instantly influenced by new updates. If your site ranked on the top of the results page for certain keywords just the other day, but now it occupies a place on the second results page for the same keywords, the reason is probably a change in the assessment system;
  • Use metrics – there are lots of online tools that you can use to identify the source of the problem and to be able to address it as quickly as possible. These tools can tell you exactly how many visitors you have had on your website lately, how many of those visitors have been converted to customers, how efficient your keywords are and you can use them to find out many other important metrics as well;
  • Make your website mobile-friendly – another important factor used by search engines to rank websites is fluid design. If your website is currently designed only for desktop computers, make it suitable for mobile devices as well.

Changes in SEO Administration

Denver SEO SEO is among the marketing areas that have seen the fastest development in the last five years. Many of the changes have been brought about by the continuously changing search engine guidelines and there are some that have emerged as the result of the increasing demand for quality. Here are some aspects of SEO that have undergone lots of transformation:

  • The definition of good content – the criteria for what accounts for good content and what doesn’t have changed a lot. Methods such as keyword stuffing or spams that were not viewed very badly in the past are now unacceptable, the direction of change in Denver SEO techniques certainly being one that favors high quality content;
  • Link building techniques – the way that backlinks are evaluated by the search engine has also changed, giving more importance to and rewarding transparency and honest techniques;
  • The importance of local searches – today, local directories play multiple, very important roles, refining search results and returning more relevant results for queries. The current state of affairs is the result of ongoing change – five years ago, the internet user’s location wasn’t paid so much attention to, therefore searches for local products and services were not even nearly as efficient as they are today,

How to Stay In-The-Loop with SEO Changes

If you are running an e-commerce business, you surely want your website to rank as high as possible for your most relevant keywords. To achieve those high rankings, you need to be up to date with the most recent changes in SEO requirements imposed by major search engines – here is how to do that:

  • Check search engine updates regularly – major search engines like Google announce critical updates and important changes in time. Check those updates and implement the changes deemed necessary to ensure your website’s compliance with the new rules and requirements;
  • Make use of free online tools – Google and other search engines provide many analytical tools that can help you assess the quality of your online contents as well as the efficiency of your SEO efforts. Many of these great tools are available for free and there are some that come for a small fee;

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Hire a Denver SEO company professional – outsourcing the task of monitoring requirements and implementing the corresponding changes will help you focus your energies on achieving more success in your business by giving you more time and by relieving you of the burden to learn aspects of Denver SEO company strategies and of having to implement the necessary changes on your website on your own.