The Most Important Ways to Improve Your Company’s Digital Footprint

A lot of business owners who are still used to the old school way of doing things don’t know much about their digital footprint and how it can help or harm their businesses. If you don’t have a digital footprint at all, chances are only a few locals know about your business, which might lead you to lose a lot of the clients you’d otherwise have among occasional visitors to the area, to name but one example.

Enhancing your company’s digital footprint can involve a lot of work, but the results will be well worth it. With better online exposure and a good Denver SEO online reputation, you can target your audience, get noticed and find leads and customers who will likely make recurring purchases with your company.

The key is in building your online presence over time and using transparency and a real life, relatable “persona” for your business, along with the appropriate online promotion tools such as content creation, SEO and social media marketing.

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The most important thing, however, is your strategy and ability to organize all your tools in favor of promoting an improved digital footprint. For that purpose, you’ll have to get involved primarily on social media, and become an influential figure when it comes to attaining thought leadership in your desired niche. That way, people will come to you to solve their problems, and you can design your products especially around their needs, so you’ll get the maximum benefits from them.

How to Select the Best SEO Firm?

The SEO firm that you hire for developing and implementing your digital marketing campaign will determine how successful your campaign will be as well as the costs related to the process, that’s why the first important decision to make after you have made up your mind to start an SEO campaign should be about company of SEO experts that will handle the process. Here is how to make sure your SEO partner is the best:

  • Don’t expect to have success overnight – don’t fall for any SEO company that tells you the campaign will be ready to launch in no time and that success is guaranteed. The development of a great SEO campaign takes time, research, the evaluation of the data returned by the research and the implementation of an efficient SEO strategy is also a relatively slow process;

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  • Ask about the metrics – SEO is not an abstract and elusive marketing method, it is a process that has very measurable results. Hire a company, like the one found here – that is willing to explain to your every step of the development and implementation process, that will work with you on the development of the key performance indicators and will provide actual figures to allow you to determine the level of success that your campaign has achieved.

How to Build Your Company Brand

Your company’s brand is practically the face that your company shows to your clients and customers, the way your company is perceived by your existent and potential customers and clients. Your brand consists of much more than an attractive logo, a catchphrase and some ads placed strategically – ideally, your brand reflects your corporate identity, your mission, your values and standards as a company.

Denver SEO firm helps you build a company brand Being such a complex and valuable asset, your brand needs to be built carefully and strategically – here are some tips to make the process more efficient:

  • Use the right marketing mix – the first step of branding should be to create the profile of your targeted audience and to formulate the image of your brand. Once you know what you want to communicate and who you want to talk to, it is time to select the communication channels that are the most suitable for conveying your message and for communicating with your target audience;
  • Work with a reputable Denver SEO firm to create a brand-building campaign around the information gathered in the first phase and launch it – don’t expect your brand to become a widely-known one overnight. Brand-building is a long process that takes patience, strategy and investment as well, but once your company brand is successfully established, your company can step on the path of growth and development.

Thank You To Our Great New Client Sasquatch Turds

a happy denver seo teamThank You For The Great Gift From Sasquatch Turds. The Denver SEO and Digital Marketing team is really excited to plant wildflowers from our client Sasquatch Turds.

Seth Tanis sent us all these wonderful wildflower seeds to ‘chuck’ in our yards. We can’t wait to watch them grow and also see his business grow!

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Dussty Scott Of Get Found Fast Speaking At The Castle Rock Chamber

denver seo expert speaking engagementOur own Dussty Scott will be speaking for the Chamber of Commerce in Castle Rock about Reputation and Review Management on December 12 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. She brings her passion for all things marketing to the digital world and is excited to share her vast knowledge!


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What Makes a Web Design Successful? Hint: It’s Not Always What You Think!

A lot of people look at a website and admit that it looks great and inviting; but fewer people can actually tell you why. Also, what makes some designs favored, while others are cast aside by search engines? Most of the time, it has to do with things that are unrelated to the actual visible part of the design and more related to the code behind it.

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That being said, there are three main things that make a web design truly successful:

  1. The first is the obvious appeal and the harmonious use of colors that will make visitors want to stay even if they’re not all that interested in the content. The artistic part of the design will score a lot of points in this regard, along with the practical aspect of choosing colors and layouts that won’t bother or annoy your visitors.
  2. There are a few important coding and SEO considerations and details that have to be observed. For instance, the use of scalable code is preferred, and you need to make sure the right keywords are added in the ALT tags of the images and banners you add to your design.
  3. Finally, a good design has to be scalable not just to meet the standards of online search engines, but also to allow for better navigation. You need to make sure your users can access your website and web apps comfortably whether they do it through a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The best thing to do is consult a Denver SEO expert for additional guidance and expertise.