Can You Improve Your SEO Just with Onsite Changes?

Ideally, SEO strategies should include a combination of well-chosen on-site and off-site methods, the combination of the two approaches being the best way to maximize your website’s exposure and, with the increased exposure, to increase the traffic the site attracts. However, implementing SEO-focused on-site changes can improve website ranking and exposure to a certain extent, even when they are used as a stand-alone strategy.

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Here are some tips from successful Denver SEO companies:

  • Understand how search engine algorithms work and keep an eye on changes – the ranking criteria used by search engines to evaluate content are constantly changing to keep quality levels high. Familiarize yourself with current requirements and check regularly for changes;
  • Use the right content and structure – use your main keyword in the headline, in the first paragraph of your text as well as in the last one. Using subtitles with tags and text organized into paragraphs are also great ways to earn the appreciation of search engines and to obtain higher ranking for your website;
  • Use images and videos – visual materials speak louder than words and search engines award better ranking to content with original images and clips. Make sure that the titles of the visual materials include relevant keywords.

How Original Content Impacts Your Results with SEO

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Search engines such as Google use multiple criteria to evaluate websites and to determine their rankings, one of those criteria being related to the originality of the content published.

When search engines evaluate internet contents, they look not only at texts – they also consider video and audio materials as well as images and graphics, then they determine how relevant they are based on many aspects, one of the most important qualities being originality. The most important criteria used by Google to evaluate the quality of contents include usefulness, informativity, originality and the content’s capability to initiate engagement. Out of all the requirements perhaps originality is the feature that has the highest potential in distinguishing websites, it is what makes a website truly unique.

According to Get Found Fast digital marketing and SEO experts (, unique, original content is highly valued by search engines, and such content is instantly rewarded with higher rankings. Original materials also enable your website to achieve an authoritative position in your niche and to become a credible and reliable source of information. An authoritative website that is at the top of the results for relevant searches will attract more traffic to your website, which is the ultimate goal of any search engine optimization effort and strategy.

3 Must Have Types of Content for Your Digital Strategy

If you have a business conducted entirely online or you are relying on your business website to attract customers to your physical store or to use your services, choosing the type of content to use on your pages is very important. Website content being so diversified, it can be difficult to select the right types, so here are the three most efficient content categories to use in your digital strategy:

  • Videos – images speak louder than words and videos are even better at conveying your message. Videos can be used to present your business and your products, to provide help with usage as well as to announce new launches or important events;

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  • Testimonials – before we choose a provider of services or a supplier, we usually check out what others think of the business that we are planning to turn to. Testimonials provide exactly that type of information – the opinions of previous customers. SEO Denver experts confirm that having this type of content on your website is a great method to inspire trust and to increase your customer base;
  • Personalized advertising – delivering marketing content to interested internet users is also a great way to attract new customers. Personalization is key – we all know how annoying it can be to receive irrelevant marketing messages, so make sure to send them only to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Google My Business and SEO in 2021

In 2021, the world of search engine optimization will be different. Google My Business SEO is already changing and evolving. What does this mean for you? How do you keep up with Google’s constant changes to their algorithm? This blog post addresses these questions and more!

The first thing to know about Google My Business SEO is that it’s interactive. This means you can customize your GMB posts and optimize them for the search engines. This means every post you publish on your GMB page is going to be optimized for SEO.

The days of getting a few links and ranking number one are over, Google has changed the rules of the game. The best thing you can do today is build high-quality content that speaks directly to people in your niche. That way when those users search Google, they will find your content!

If you have a product or service to promote, and want more exposure, this is the perfect avenue for you. Make sure to add an image, use links in your post, and get creative with the title. If you’re a business owner that has not taken the time to create any content on Google My Business, now is the perfect time to catch up! Use keywords in your GMB posts so when people search those keywords they find your page, but make sure not to over do it with keywords you do not want to be spammy.

Another great feature in GMB is the products section. This is where you can showcase any products or services that you have to offer. This gives potential customers an opportunity to see and purchase from your company!

If Google My Business SEO sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. It’s not too hard once you know how it works. With the right content marketing skills, and a little bit of patience, this is the best SEO strategy you’ll ever use.

For more information on Google My Business SEO contact us at (303) 952-4900. We are ready to help you get started right away!

How To Use Design to Get More Leads from Landing Pages

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Landing pages are essential components of any website – the page to which the visitors are taken after they click on a website URL on the search results page. Being the first page that the visitor sees, the design of the landing page and the content it features is vital for keeping the visitor on the page by raising interest for the other pages of the website. Here are some tips from a competitive Denver SEO firm about how to design an attractive, informative landing page that can efficiently increase your site’s conversion rates:

  • Components of an impactful design – a good landing page is pleasing to the eye, with harmonious colors, possibly the colors that you use in your logo. The layout of the text is also important – you should never cram the page with text and you should pay attention to having clearly differentiated titles for the paragraphs in the text;
  • Use a clear call to action – the goal of the landing page is to engage the visitor and to promote further interaction. Formulate a clear and easy to follow call to action, such as the invitation to subscribe to your newsletter, to download a free trial or to buy your service or product;
  • Make the page easy to use – visitors don’t like entering long texts, so make it easier for them to use your page by adding checkboxes and buttons. Optimizing the page for mobile devices is also very important.

Why Is Blogging Important for SEO

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Blogging is an excellent way to establish a close relationship with customers – whether the blog post compares products belonging to a particular category, about a personal experience shared by the blogger or it provides help and advice with a specific issue that is frequently encountered by the blog’s followers, blogging is a very efficient SEO tool that any marketer or service provider should use. According to expert Get Found Fast associates,, here is why:

  • Technical benefits – publishing more blog posts means more content that search engines crawl and index when internet users launch queries. More relevant, crawlable content is appreciated by search engines with higher rankings on results pages;
  • Increased credibility – blog posts are usually written in an entertaining, approachable style and presents situations and aspects of life that everyone could relate to. That kind of personal touch encourages trust and creates a more personal relationship between customer and marketer, too. People also feel more confident providing feedback to and sharing their thoughts to blog posts, so blogging is an excellent way to find out what your existing and potential customers thin about your business;
  • Increased reach through a variety of channels – you can provide your blog as a section of your website, but you have lots of other options, too, including various social media channels and e-mails. This variety gives you the opportunity to choose the method that best resonates with your audience.

How Webential Is Disrupting the Traditional Recruitment Methods

Most companies say that recruiting for the IT roles is hard, despite the fact that the labor market is full of IT specialists. Webential is a digital talent provider agency that has been around for over 10 years to provide help with the difficult task of hiring tech talent, including developers, designers and many other roles.

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Webential provides streamlined, efficient recruitment services for companies that need SEO experts, developers to supplement and help existing in-house teams or to handle projects on their own, front-end developers for project-based work or specialists to outsource various IT projects to. What makes the Webential services so revolutionary is that their specialists have undergone detailed scrutiny that includes not only their area of expertise, their track record of successful projects, but the values that make them suitable for the client’s business need and corporate culture as well. The system used by Webential ensures that the hiring company and the IT or tech specialist recruited both find what they are looking for, which will significantly reduce employee turnover. Hiring the most suitable Denver SEO expert will relieve in-house HR teams of lots of hassle and will ensure that the client’s operations are as streamlined and as efficient as can be.

How to Scale Your Agency with Automated Client Reporting

If you work for or own a marketing agency, you surely know that providing your clients with regular progress reports is key to building and maintaining the trust of those clients. In the beginning, when an agency is small and has only a few clients, the reporting process can still be handled manually, but reporting is often neglected by the agencies that have started on a path of rapid growth.

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Providing accurate, well-formulated and well-formatted reports is essential at any stage of business growth, even when the personnel is struggling to find the time to prepare the documents – and that is when automated client reporting comes in handy. Automated reporting software tools used by many cost effective SEO Denver firms are applications that allow you to connect your account to various data sources, for example the ones used for tracking the results of SEO campaigns, and they retrieve data from those sources automatically. To make sense of the large volumes of data retrieved, you will still need to spend time reviewing the data to be included in your reports and you will also need to provide an interpretation of your own of the data presented, but even so, your reporting software will free up much time and energy that can go into further growing your agency.

Top 3 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2021

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Search engine results page rankings are essential indicators of a website’s success – the higher the ranking, the wider the exposure of the website and the wider the exposure, the higher the number of the website’s visitors. From the point of view of approval by search engines, there are two types of techniques aimed at improving search engine rankings: White hat techniques used by a Denver SEO agency with integrity, are considered legitimate and appreciated by search engines.  Black hat techniques that might seem like a quick fix, are disapproved of by search engines. Here are some methods from the latter category that you should avoid:

  • Publishing duplicate content – when a search is launched by an internet user, search engines crawl your website to look for relevant content. If they find duplicate content, they will ignore any content that is not unique and will penalize the website with worse rankings;
  • Keyword stuffing – repeating the same keyword too many times within the same content, even in places where it lacks relevance also leads to worse rankings;
  • Fluffy, irrelevant guest posts – guest posting is a great tool to improve search engine rankings, but only if the posts reflect expertise, if they are relevant and helpful for the members of the community. Anything of a lesser quality will lead to decreased rankings.