How Can You Do Keyword Optimization and Research for Your Own Blog?

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Any content, including the content used on your blog, can benefit from keyword optimization, one of the most important strategies to use being to use keywords to structure your contents and to make them more relevant for your audience. The SEO experts at GFF offer these tips on how to research keywords and how to optimize your contents around those keywords:

  • Figure out the topics you want to write about in your blog – the first thing to do is to identify the topics that you can and want to write about in your blog posts. Collect about 5-10 major topics that you consider relevant for your business and for your blog;
  • Figure out the keyword that work best for your topics – brainstorm the most important terms related to each of your topics and prepare a list with those key terms. Consider technical terms and jargon words as well;
  • Figure out search volumes – this phase will be quite tedious: you will need to check the keywords on your list to figure out which ones are the most frequently used in queries relevant for your blog;
  • Structure your content around the most popular keywords – the last phase is the creation of informative, interesting, unique content around the keywords.

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