Should Your SEO Company Also Place Your Traditional Media?

Advertising in the local or national printed media, on television and radio and combining these ads and commercial spots with digital advertising is usually the ideal marketing mix. However, both traditional and digital advertising are complex processes that take knowledge and experience to do well. Each form of advertising and each type of media requires specific and specialized knowledge, which also means that a digital marketing specialist might know exactly how to design and implement an online advertising campaign company, but they might not know how to shoot a commercial spot and vice versa, a marketing specialist who has been running successful campaigns in traditional media might have no idea how to create a successful digital campaign.

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However, you can still have the best of both worlds – here are some tips from a talented Denver SEO expert :

  • Choose a large agency – many large marketing companies have separate departments with experts who specialize in various types of media. You will probably not have one account manager to handle your ads published in traditional outlets as well as your digital campaign, but two, one specialist for each;
  • Choose two agencies that collaborate – synchronization is key for the success of any marketing effort, so if you cannot find what you need from one company, hire two, but make sure they collaborate during the design as well as in the implementation phase.


What to Look for in an SEO Agency?

SEO agencies are on the rise nowadays when every business tries to become more visible online. They offer site optimization, improve your Google positions and help you promote your brand in Social Media. However, you must know how to choose an experienced agency as your partner, with a portfolio of satisfied clients.

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When you start to look for a professional SEO agency, you must consider these essential aspects:

  • Look for Denver SEO references. Find out how long they have been on the market, which their customers are or have been and what results they have obtained for them. This gives you a very good idea of ​​its ability to handle your business.
  • Check the website of the agency. The better it looks and is optimized, the more you can be sure that the agency is professional and experienced, focused on quality SEO services.
  • Choosing the lowest price often proves to be a detrimental approach. Instead, it is best to be guided by the positive results of a SEO agency.
  • Make sure the agency you understands correctly your business as well as the industry in which you operate. You should also be aware that no professional agency can guarantee quick results. Short-term strategies will affect your Internet visibility in future Google algorithm updates.

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Facebook for Businesses

Setting up a Facebook page does not cost you anything, apart from the time you are willing to invest in keeping it updated, communicating with customers and fans, posting relevant content or linking it to your actual website.

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Creating your Facebook business is not so hard. Per Denver SEO social media pros, first of all, you need to get on Facebook, namely to have a personal account to link with your page. You need to choose the type of page you want to create, and then to introduce the details of your business.

Secondly, you need to select some images to use for your page. They need to match the optimum Facebook sizes, in order to make the most out of this feature for your business page.

Completing your page info is yet another major step for creating a powerful Facebook business page. This needs to include a description of your activities, aims and intentions, contact information and other extra options that are available to you.

Your brand name can be used as the name for your page. At any rate, this name needs to be search- friendly and appealing.

Another essential step is to create a call-to-action button, which enables customers to contact you, purchase your products and, in general, interact with your business.


Reasons Why Businesses Benefit from Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing no longer consists of ads published in printed media, billboards, commercial spots on TV or radio and flyers handed out in the street – while these traditional methods are still used and they are also efficient, their high costs encouraged marketers to turn to other media. The rapid growth in the number of internet users that started decades ago has radically transformed the way marketing is done today and has made digital advertising the most efficient method possible.

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Denver SEO digital marketing strategies offer numerous unique benefits to small and large companies alike – here are some:

  • Direct interaction with potential and actual customers and more accurate knowledge of their preferences;
  • A global marketplace – the digital world has no geographical borders, you can reach out to audiences in any part of the world through your online presence;
  • Reduced costs – the expenses related to a digital marketing campaign are incomparably lower than the costs of a campaign that uses other media;
  • Instant feedback – there are numerous tools that allow you to track how efficient your digital strategy is. Digital campaigns also allow for quick, almost instant changes – if you find a strategy element that is not working, you can eliminate or replace it with a few clicks.

Advantages of a Well Designed Website

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A well-structured web design leads to a better visibility of the products and services to be promoted. A professional web design, created by a experienced Denver SEO web designer, ensures a user-adapted interface.

The impact of a site on the users is all the more powerful as they receive a fluent, easy-to-read web design, which can immediately help them identify the product, service or information they need. A logical structure, with intuitive interface, conditioned also by the capabilities of the targeted clients to use the internet, will lead to their desire to find the services/ products they need. Searching efficiently, among products arranged in categories, browsing through an easy-to-use menu are some of the aspects that provide users the certainty that they have found a great website that worth their attention. The text and information coherently rendered, in a language accessible to the intellectual level of the target audience will enhance an attractive web design.

The graphic elements and the page layout, along with what the site owner wants to promote, must adapt to the prospective clients. Descriptive images, video instructions that are tailored to the user’s intentions can sometimes be much more useful than an over-elaborated design dressed in many dynamic, glossy or colorful elements.

The Advantages of Online Website Advertising

Online advertising is something that every company, small or large, needs today – any company that does not take steps to establish a strong online presence deprives itself of great, efficient and affordable advertising opportunities. Here are the benefits of starting to develop and to implement a Denver SEO online advertising strategy right away:

  • Presence on the most used media – the internet is the source of information that most people turn to when they search for information related to the services and products that we need, so establishing your company’s presence on the worldwide web is essential for enabling your business to reach out to as many potential customers as possible;

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  • Staying in control of advertising costs – online advertising provides you complete control of your advertising costs – you can find out how much you have already spent and how efficient that spending is whenever you want;
  • Complete customization – whatever online advertising strategy you have developed for your business, if it proves partially or completely inefficient, you are free to change the direction of your campaign, without having to keep ads or other materials on for a specific amount of time. This feature ads unique dynamism and efficiency to online website advertising.

The Ideal Strategic Approaches Typically Used by SEO Companies

An SEO strategy involves far more than just looking for a bunch of keywords and putting them on your website hoping to attract random views from people who happen to enter them into their searches. The idea behind SEO is far more complex and involves the need for a crystal clear strategy based on a scientific approach.

Most Denver SEO experts will start by doing a lengthy analysis of your website, content and niche. They will do extensive market research as well, in order to see how your particular niche fares on the internet and how much success competing brands are able to achieve through their SEO approaches. Demand is determined through keyword research associated with your niche, and that’s the main tool that knowledgeable Denver SEO companies use in order to determine which key phrases should be integrated into your content.Denver seo

In many cases, content marketing has to be combined with on-site SEO and SEO-friendly web design in order to give your website or blog a boost in terms of being search engine-friendly. Additionally, things like meta tags and various other HTML elements on your site, as well as article headings and the vocabulary of your content will be optimized to be consistent with your brand and niche keywords.

A good SEO strategy will take into account the feedback it gets from search engines and any increase or decrease of relevant traffic that might occur. Using advanced analytics tools, SEO experts can also adjust their strategy to keep improving your website’s result in SERPs in the long run.

The Most Important Ways to Improve Your Company’s Digital Footprint

A lot of business owners who are still used to the old school way of doing things don’t know much about their digital footprint and how it can help or harm their businesses. If you don’t have a digital footprint at all, chances are only a few locals know about your business, which might lead you to lose a lot of the clients you’d otherwise have among occasional visitors to the area, to name but one example.

Enhancing your company’s digital footprint can involve a lot of work, but the results will be well worth it. With better online exposure and a good Denver SEO online reputation, you can target your audience, get noticed and find leads and customers who will likely make recurring purchases with your company.

The key is in building your online presence over time and using transparency and a real life, relatable “persona” for your business, along with the appropriate online promotion tools such as content creation, SEO and social media marketing.

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The most important thing, however, is your strategy and ability to organize all your tools in favor of promoting an improved digital footprint. For that purpose, you’ll have to get involved primarily on social media, and become an influential figure when it comes to attaining thought leadership in your desired niche. That way, people will come to you to solve their problems, and you can design your products especially around their needs, so you’ll get the maximum benefits from them.

Tips for Becoming Successful and Following Through on Your New Marketing Plans

Unless you’re an experienced Denver SEO marketer, it can be somewhat of a gamble to start any kind of marketing plan. Even with the best of your knowledge, you can’t tell the future and you don’t know if the niche or marketing segment you choose will turn out to lead you to success. However, you can still make the most out of following through on your marketing plan and steering it to success.

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Setting up realistic goals is the most important thing you can do. What you can actually do and what you might think you can do at a certain time is not the same. So, instead of disappointing yourself and your clients, make sure you don’t set impossible goals and that you base your goals on your ability to follow through on the activities required by your plan.

The next thing you have to do is plan ahead, but also set precautions in case something goes wrong or you can’t achieve a certain stage on time. For example, setting a buffer period of a few days or investing only 30% of the money you initially allocated to your plan can be a good way to reserve your resources for a “Plan B” in case your first plan fails – partially or completely. That way you can be sure that you’ll have the best chance of success regardless of what happens along the way.

Terminology to Know About Digital Marketing

The world of marketing has been reshaped radically by the emergence of digital solutions, tools that have quickly become the strongest and most important devices used by marketers. If you are not yet familiar with how it is done and what it is, here are some of the most basic Denver SEO terms for you:

  • SEO – search engine optimization is the term used for the process of attracting visitors to your website and of converting them into actual customers, all this in a natural, organic way;
  • Buyer persona – the profile of your potential buyers, the characterization of your target group;
  • B2B and B2C – the type of customers that you want to interact with, business-to-business or business-to-consumer;
  • PPC – pay per click, a form of advertising when you place your ads online and pay for the space used by them only if interested internet users click on them;
  • Bounce rate – the percentage of internet users who visit your page without becoming customers;
  • CTR – the click-through rate shows how many times your ads have been clicked on;
  • KPI – key performance indicators are the factors that you measure in order to determine how successful your digital marketing campaign is.

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