Google Announces a Privacy-Focused Strategy Following Recent Controversies

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The aspects related to the privacy of internet users have been in the forefront of attention for years, with Google having announced plans to implement privacy-focused strategies as well, following several controversies and conflicts related to the privacy of internet users.

One of the aspects to be tackled by these new strategies is the issue of third-party cookies. While several other major search engines have decided to block cookies, Google has chosen a different approach: a set of new technical solutions to ensure transparency and control over web data. The implementation of the set of measures called the Privacy Sandbox has already started, with the implementation expected to be completed in around two years. The package consists of five interfaces and it uses technologies, such as machine learning to group internet users who have similar interests.

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The new measures have lots of important implications. Get Found Fast Denver SEO decision makers confirm that marketers are still able to gear their promotions towards interested users, but they are no longer able to track individual users. The new techniques will continue to provide marketers with valuable information to use in their campaigns, without allowing them to track individuals, which will ensure a better, more comprehensive protection of the privacy rights of internet users.


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