How to Get Benefit from Link Building for SEO?

Link building is the strategy designed to increase the number of links that point towards your website. Links are like referrals – when a website considered to be reputable and authoritative in your field or business refers to your website in the form of a link, your website’s rating will improve and it will move upward on the results pages returned by your search engine when internet users enter the keywords you are targeting.Denver SEO

Conscious link building, get more information at, is a process that brings many benefits – here are some:

  • Better search engine rankings – the more backlinks you have, the more appreciation your will earn from your search engine in the form of better rankings;
  • Increased traffic – one of the principle goals of any blog or website is to maximize the number of people who see the site and engage with it. The more links your website gets, the more intense the traffic will be to your site;
  • More opportunities to generate revenue – whether you use your website to sell products and services and your aim is to become a high-paid influencer, higher website visibility and more traffic to your pages will give you the opportunity to increase your revenue by turning your visitors into clients and customers.

Tips for Following the Trends of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is evolving at tremendous speed, with new techniques and trends appearing all the time. Here some of the strongest trends Get Found Fast professionals want you to know about:

  • The implementation of artificial intelligence – AI features are becoming increasingly widespread these days. The implementation requires a detailed analysis of where your business is currently standing and a detailed evaluation of your business goals, but AI solutions, such as chat-bots and customer messaging will save your teams lots of time and money and will also reduce the risk of human errors as well;
  • Personalized ads – most internet users say that they are not interested in generic ads, but they appreciate the companies that offers personalized communication based on the preferences submitted;
  • Using videos – video marketing is among the hottest trends in digital marketing these days. You can use videos on your website, on your blog as well as on your company’s social networking pages to present your products and services, to provide useful help with specific problems that your customers might encounter and for many other purposes as well;
  • Using influencer marketing – advertising your company with the help of celebrities, reputable experts and appreciated bloggers is also a common and successful technique used in digital marketing today.

Best Practices for your Business’s Blog

Writing a business blog might seem like a daunting task and it does involve lots of time, work and dedication, but if you follow these Denver SEO best practices, you can be sure that your blog will gain exposure and it will help you achieve the business success you are looking for:

  • Target the right keywords – using keywords strategically has been and will be one of the best ways to optimize your blog and to ensure that your content will reach your target audience. Research the keywords used by your audience, then use them in the URL of the post, in the title as well as in the content body;

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  • Write captivating, unique content – a successful blog is one that offers captivating, unique content that keeps the blog’s visitor on the page. Google evaluates blogs based on many criteria, one of them being the amount of time that visitors spend on a specific page, so make sure you offer content that is relevant for your target group;
  • Post regularly – maintaining the place that your blog occupies on search engines is an ongoing task. If you have achieved a high ranking, keep up the good work and publish posts regularly to maintain your position, too.

How to Set Up Google Analytics – A Step-by-Step Guide

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Create your Google Analytics account.

Access the official Google Analytics page and click on the Create an account link. You should create a Google Account that can be accessed even with a non-Gmail email address.

Set the tracking code.

After registering as a Google Analytics user, you will be redirected to a page where your tracking code is located. That code must be entered in the site source, by the developer you are working with, or in a predefined field.

Exclude internal IPs.

This can be done from the Admin/ All Filters/ New Filter menu, from where you select the following options from the dropdown menus:

“Exclude”> “traffic from the IP addresses”> “that are equal to”. Then enter the IP you want to exclude.

Set up custom alerts.

Link your Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools accounts to your Analytics account. This helps you to monitor more easily the performance of your campaigns, to figure out when they need to be improved and what actions must be taken in this regard.

Set goals.

In order to really measure the performance of a website, you must set clear objectives (SMART). From the Admin/ View/ Goals menu you can add a maximum of 20 goals.

Site search – The setting is made from the menu Admin/ View Settings/ Site Search Tracking, where search parameters must be entered in the Query.

If you have additional questions, we suggest you talk to experienced Denver SEO analysts at Get Found Fast. As a full service digital marketing agency, they can help you create and manage your online marketing plan.


What are Meta Tags

Meta tags represent HTML codes and are displayed in the page header (after the TITLE tag). These tags contain information for search engines and are not visible in a browser.

Google claims that Meta tags are not a positioning factor. However, they indirectly influence the performance of the site and play an important role in terms of click-through rate. Meta tags are displayed on the user results page. If they are well optimized and have a good call-to-action they can influence users to click, which Google takes into account to rank a site. The more clicks your site gets, and users find your pages interesting, the more likely it is to get top positions in Google searches. Google can also use Meta tags to determine which snippets to display to users. These appear below the Meta description and may include price information, other pages on the site, reviews etc.

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If you want to have the best possible position in search results with certain keywords, Meta tag optimization is not the only thing you need to focus on. Denver SEO analysts confirm that the content you offer to users must be of the highest quality, and the popularity you have in the online environment must be as high as possible.


How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

Having a blog, either as a single site or in conjunction with an e-commerce website, is a great way to share your thoughts, to provide interesting, relevant content to your followers as well as to find new business opportunities. However, many bloggers fail to use their blog to maximize their business potential – if you don’t want to be one of them, here are some tips from Denver SEO marketing professionals to optimize your blog content and to increase your reach:

tips from Denver SEO

  • Keyword research – if you are an expert of the field that you are blogging about, chances are that you are naturally using the most relevant keywords in your contents already, but even so, doing some research to make sure that you are, indeed, using the right keywords is essential;
  • Keyword usage – when you know your most relevant keywords, include them into your titles, your headings and subheadings, in the first and last sentence of your entries as well as in your anchor texts and meta descriptions;
  • Use and optimize images – it is not enough to use attractive images on your blog – make sure that you include your relevant keywords into the names that you give to your pictures;
  • Offer your readers the option to subscribe to your blog – include a strategically placed RSS feed button to make it easier to your readers to find your latest posts.

Changes in SEO Administration

Denver SEO SEO is among the marketing areas that have seen the fastest development in the last five years. Many of the changes have been brought about by the continuously changing search engine guidelines and there are some that have emerged as the result of the increasing demand for quality. Here are some aspects of SEO that have undergone lots of transformation:

  • The definition of good content – the criteria for what accounts for good content and what doesn’t have changed a lot. Methods such as keyword stuffing or spams that were not viewed very badly in the past are now unacceptable, the direction of change in Denver SEO techniques certainly being one that favors high quality content;
  • Link building techniques – the way that backlinks are evaluated by the search engine has also changed, giving more importance to and rewarding transparency and honest techniques;
  • The importance of local searches – today, local directories play multiple, very important roles, refining search results and returning more relevant results for queries. The current state of affairs is the result of ongoing change – five years ago, the internet user’s location wasn’t paid so much attention to, therefore searches for local products and services were not even nearly as efficient as they are today,

Is Video Marketing Good for SEO?

Including videos into your SEO strategy is an excellent, efficient way to make your contents more personal and to prove to search engines that your contents are interesting and relevant.

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Here is how those materials can boost your search engine rankings and gain appreciation for your site:

  • Combine text and visuals – text descriptions of your products and services is essential, but providing videos about them is an even better, easier to understand way to attract customer interest and to earn the appreciation of search engines as well;
  • A better user experience – according to statistics, people spend more time on websites that have videos that on sites that have only text, so videos are a great way to improve user experience. Strong Denver SEO specialists will tell you that a great video educates and entertains the viewer and will encourage your viewers to come back to your website for guidance and information, therefore videos are great for increasing the loyalty of your audience as well;
  • More backlinks – the number and the quality of your backlinks is an essential parameter used by search engine algorithms while evaluating websites. As people are more willing to share videos than plain text, using videos is a very efficient way to generate high-quality, organic backlinks toward your site.

How to Improve Digital Marketing Agency-Client Communications

Hiring an Denver SEO agency to take positioning actions and improve traffic is essential if you want to stand out from the competition. Learning some basics is easy and accessible, but getting fruitful results and a high level of visibility is not so easy to achieve.

The Denver SEO account manager has an essential role for the smooth running of an SEO campaign and for creating an honest and long-lasting relationship with the partners. Basically, they represent the direct contact person between the client and the whole team.

As the activities in a SEO campaign are performed, a Denver SEO account manager will send to the partners all the activities carried out as well as the results. It is very important, at this stage, for the account manager to be able to transmit to the clients, as clearly as possible, all this information explained.

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Communications of this type are usually performed on a weekly base. At the same time, each month, the Denver SEO account manager sends to the partners a detailed report with the progress of the campaign, with the data found in the internal DWF applications for SEO campaign monitoring and activity management.

Although reporting is probably not a favorite task for anyone, we believe that a report keeps everyone on the same page and, in this way, everyone has all the necessary information: the general progress of the campaign, the actions that have were made during the reporting period, the evolution of visibility compared to the competition, etc.


Should Your SEO Company Also Place Your Traditional Media?

Advertising in the local or national printed media, on television and radio and combining these ads and commercial spots with digital advertising is usually the ideal marketing mix. However, both traditional and digital advertising are complex processes that take knowledge and experience to do well. Each form of advertising and each type of media requires specific and specialized knowledge, which also means that a digital marketing specialist might know exactly how to design and implement an online advertising campaign company, but they might not know how to shoot a commercial spot and vice versa, a marketing specialist who has been running successful campaigns in traditional media might have no idea how to create a successful digital campaign.

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However, you can still have the best of both worlds – here are some tips from a talented Denver SEO expert :

  • Choose a large agency – many large marketing companies have separate departments with experts who specialize in various types of media. You will probably not have one account manager to handle your ads published in traditional outlets as well as your digital campaign, but two, one specialist for each;
  • Choose two agencies that collaborate – synchronization is key for the success of any marketing effort, so if you cannot find what you need from one company, hire two, but make sure they collaborate during the design as well as in the implementation phase.