3 Ways Your Web Design Might Be Hindering Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

Search engine optimization is a complex process composed of two major strategies: on-site optimization and off-side optimization, neither of the two being efficient without the other one. While off-side optimization techniques include methods used on websites other than the website that is being optimized, on-site techniques involve methods used for creating pages that can provide visitors a superior user experience and that can work together with off-site techniques. This also means that an unsuitably optimized website can hinder even the best developed off-site strategy. Here is how:

  1. Improperly indexed on-site elements – it is not enough to include relevant information on your websites pages and to format those pages to make them attractive. You also need to inform search engines about the presence of that relevant information on your pages. One of the most common on-site mistakes that compromise the success of the entire search engine optimization strategy is to not index important contents;
  2. Slowly loading pages – internet users expect the pages that they visit to load almost instantly and they leave the pages that load too fast. The loading speed of your pages is very much a technical feature, one that belongs to the realm of on-site optimization;
  3. Not using fluid design – most internet users today access the content that they are interested in via their mobile devices. This also means that your website needs to be able to display correctly not only on desktop computers, but on mobile devices as well, otherwise you risk losing customers.

Look for the help of a leading Denver SEO company to ensure your business is doing everything it can to incorporate these important digital marketing strategies.

How Should You Use Google My Business to Find More Clients?

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Google My Business is an amazing, free digital tool launched by the search engine to help businesses find more customers locally, in the region around them. The tool is easy to use and very efficient – here are some tips from Denver SEO authorities on how to make the most of the GMB profile you set up for your business:

  • Fill in with all the details – Google My Business offers you the opportunity to add all the important details of your business, not only your business name, your business category, your phone numbers and your address, but your opening hours and a short description as well and you can also have your business address displayed on the Map to make it easier for customers to find you. When creating your profile, make sure to use all those fields to offer potential customers all the information they need to find you;
  • Add photos, too – images speak louder than words and your GMB profile allows you to use that feature for your advantage. Take some great pics of your business premises and upload them into your GMB profile – your photos will attract even more customers and will make it easier for them to find you as well.

What SEO Tasks to Consider When Managing an Online Store

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If you are just about to launch an online store or your existing store can do with more customers, there are many SEO techniques that you can use to boost the traffic to your webshop and to convert more visitors into customers. Here are some of those SEO tasks:

  • On-site tasks – you should make updating your catalog a continuous task – the inventory displayed to your visitors should never provide outdated information. Aesthetics and a positive user experience are also important – the images that you add to your product descriptions should be of the right quality, the descriptions should be informative and the ordering process should be straightforward, too. Implementing a fluid design that works on all platforms is also essential;
  • Keywords are key – you will also need to ensure that your website is among the first entries on the results pages whenever an internet user looks for your products, so optimizing your online store for the right keywords is another essential task. Top rated Denver SEO technicians will research the keywords that work best in your niche and index your pages for them;
  • Keep an eye on your competitors – the SEO campaigns and the web design solutions chosen by your competitors can be very inspiring for designing your campaign as well.

Are Google Ads Important for Your Business

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Google ads have been and will be among the most important marketing tools available to any marketer, small, medium or large alike. Here are the benefits of using Google ads to promote your business:

  • Targeting your ads – targeting means that you can choose the audience to which your ads will be showed. With Google ads, you have a variety of features and parameters to use for targeting your ads, including not only the keywords, but the age, location and language of the audience, the types of devices that they use and the day, the time and the frequency of using the internet;
  • Cost control – with Google Ads, you can determine the exact budget that you can spend on your ads and you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad;
  • Advanced metrics for tracking efficiency – A top Denver SEO firm tells us that Google offers lots of stats, metrics and reports that you can use to determine how successful your ads are as well as to figure out how you can step up the efficiency of your campaign;
  • Easy to learn – using Google Ads is a straightforward process that consists of easy to follow prompts and instructions and that anyone can master the first time round.

How Webential Is Disrupting the Traditional Recruitment Methods

Most companies say that recruiting for the IT roles is hard, despite the fact that the labor market is full of IT specialists. Webential is a digital talent provider agency that has been around for over 10 years to provide help with the difficult task of hiring tech talent, including developers, designers and many other roles.

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Webential provides streamlined, efficient recruitment services for companies that need SEO experts, developers to supplement and help existing in-house teams or to handle projects on their own, front-end developers for project-based work or specialists to outsource various IT projects to. What makes the Webential services so revolutionary is that their specialists have undergone detailed scrutiny that includes not only their area of expertise, their track record of successful projects, but the values that make them suitable for the client’s business need and corporate culture as well. The system used by Webential ensures that the hiring company and the IT or tech specialist recruited both find what they are looking for, which will significantly reduce employee turnover. Hiring the most suitable Denver SEO expert will relieve in-house HR teams of lots of hassle and will ensure that the client’s operations are as streamlined and as efficient as can be.

Google Announces a Privacy-Focused Strategy Following Recent Controversies

The aspects related to the privacy of internet users have been in the forefront of attention for years, with Google having announced plans to implement privacy-focused strategies as well, following several controversies and conflicts related to the privacy of internet users.

One of the aspects to be tackled by these new strategies is the issue of third-party cookies. While several other major search engines have decided to block cookies, Google has chosen a different approach: a set of new technical solutions to ensure transparency and control over web data. The implementation of the set of measures called the Privacy Sandbox has already started, with the implementation expected to be completed in around two years. The package consists of five interfaces and it uses technologies, such as machine learning to group internet users who have similar interests.

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The new measures have lots of important implications. Get Found Fast Denver SEO decision makers confirm that marketers are still able to gear their promotions towards interested users, but they are no longer able to track individual users. The new techniques will continue to provide marketers with valuable information to use in their campaigns, without allowing them to track individuals, which will ensure a better, more comprehensive protection of the privacy rights of internet users.

Digital Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Know About SEO

Search engine optimization still sounds scary for many newcomers to the world of digital marketing, even though the concept is quite simple: publishing high-quality, unique content structured around relevant keywords will improve the targeted website’s ranking on search engine results pages and will increase the traffic towards that website as a result.

SEO strategies come in many different forms, the two principle categories being on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO is the practice of using relevant content on the targeted website, while off-page SEO refers to a set of activities performed outside the website to attract traffic to the website.Denver SEO

The most common Denver SEO techniques in on-page SEO include the creation of text content structured around industry-relevant keywords, the creation of URLs that are easy to remember and relevant meta descriptions and technical SEO aimed to improve the website’s quality such as, such as improving the loading speed of the pages. Off-page Denver SEO methods are aimed at either getting the targeted website referred to on other websites or creating content for websites other than the targeted signs, for example by guest posting on other websites.

When designing an SEO strategy, marketers have the option to target a general audience as well as to focus on local searches.

How to Get Benefit from Link Building for SEO?

Link building is the strategy designed to increase the number of links that point towards your website. Links are like referrals – when a website considered to be reputable and authoritative in your field or business refers to your website in the form of a link, your website’s rating will improve and it will move upward on the results pages returned by your search engine when internet users enter the keywords you are targeting.Denver SEO

Conscious link building, get more information at https://www.getfoundfast.com/, is a process that brings many benefits – here are some:

  • Better search engine rankings – the more backlinks you have, the more appreciation your will earn from your search engine in the form of better rankings;
  • Increased traffic – one of the principle goals of any blog or website is to maximize the number of people who see the site and engage with it. The more links your website gets, the more intense the traffic will be to your site;
  • More opportunities to generate revenue – whether you use your website to sell products and services and your aim is to become a high-paid influencer, higher website visibility and more traffic to your pages will give you the opportunity to increase your revenue by turning your visitors into clients and customers.

Tips for Following the Trends of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is evolving at tremendous speed, with new techniques and trends appearing all the time. Here some of the strongest trends Get Found Fast professionals want you to know about:

  • The implementation of artificial intelligence – AI features are becoming increasingly widespread these days. The implementation requires a detailed analysis of where your business is currently standing and a detailed evaluation of your business goals, but AI solutions, such as chat-bots and customer messaging will save your teams lots of time and money and will also reduce the risk of human errors as well;
  • Personalized ads – most internet users say that they are not interested in generic ads, but they appreciate the companies that offers personalized communication based on the preferences submitted;
  • Using videos – video marketing is among the hottest trends in digital marketing these days. You can use videos on your website, on your blog as well as on your company’s social networking pages to present your products and services, to provide useful help with specific problems that your customers might encounter and for many other purposes as well;
  • Using influencer marketing – advertising your company with the help of celebrities, reputable experts and appreciated bloggers is also a common and successful technique used in digital marketing today.

Best Practices for your Business’s Blog

Writing a business blog might seem like a daunting task and it does involve lots of time, work and dedication, but if you follow these Denver SEO best practices, you can be sure that your blog will gain exposure and it will help you achieve the business success you are looking for:

  • Target the right keywords – using keywords strategically has been and will be one of the best ways to optimize your blog and to ensure that your content will reach your target audience. Research the keywords used by your audience, then use them in the URL of the post, in the title as well as in the content body;

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  • Write captivating, unique content – a successful blog is one that offers captivating, unique content that keeps the blog’s visitor on the page. Google evaluates blogs based on many criteria, one of them being the amount of time that visitors spend on a specific page, so make sure you offer content that is relevant for your target group;
  • Post regularly – maintaining the place that your blog occupies on search engines is an ongoing task. If you have achieved a high ranking, keep up the good work and publish posts regularly to maintain your position, too.