Best Practices for your Business’s Blog

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Writing a business blog might seem like a daunting task and it does involve lots of time, work and dedication, but if you follow these Denver SEO best practices, you can be sure that your blog will gain exposure and it will help you achieve the business success you are looking for:

  • Target the right keywords – using keywords strategically has been and will be one of the best ways to optimize your blog and to ensure that your content will reach your target audience. Research the keywords used by your audience, then use them in the URL of the post, in the title as well as in the content body;

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  • Write captivating, unique content – a successful blog is one that offers captivating, unique content that keeps the blog’s visitor on the page. Google evaluates blogs based on many criteria, one of them being the amount of time that visitors spend on a specific page, so make sure you offer content that is relevant for your target group;
  • Post regularly – maintaining the place that your blog occupies on search engines is an ongoing task. If you have achieved a high ranking, keep up the good work and publish posts regularly to maintain your position, too.


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