3 Ways Your Web Design Might Be Hindering Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

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Search engine optimization is a complex process composed of two major strategies: on-site optimization and off-side optimization, neither of the two being efficient without the other one. While off-side optimization techniques include methods used on websites other than the website that is being optimized, on-site techniques involve methods used for creating pages that can provide visitors a superior user experience and that can work together with off-site techniques. This also means that an unsuitably optimized website can hinder even the best developed off-site strategy. Here is how:

  1. Improperly indexed on-site elements – it is not enough to include relevant information on your websites pages and to format those pages to make them attractive. You also need to inform search engines about the presence of that relevant information on your pages. One of the most common on-site mistakes that compromise the success of the entire search engine optimization strategy is to not index important contents;
  2. Slowly loading pages – internet users expect the pages that they visit to load almost instantly and they leave the pages that load too fast. The loading speed of your pages is very much a technical feature, one that belongs to the realm of on-site optimization;
  3. Not using fluid design – most internet users today access the content that they are interested in via their mobile devices. This also means that your website needs to be able to display correctly not only on desktop computers, but on mobile devices as well, otherwise you risk losing customers.

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