How to Scale Instagram Ads More Effectively

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Learn How To Scale Your Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a popular social media platform for marketers. More than one billion people use the Facebook-owned social media platform. It is very popular among the younger generation and boasts engagement numbers that rival some of its competitors.

It’s not surprising to hear that Instagram’s advertising revenue will surpass $20 billion by 2022. In 2021, they’ll have already reached $18 billion. Instagram ads are used by millions of businesses around the world to reach their target audience.

Instagram is all about visual experiences. It allows users to view videos and photos from their favorite brands and creators. Instagram is a great platform for advertisers because visual content has a tendency to be popular online. They just need to grab the chance to deliver great visual content to their audience.

It’s easy to get started with an Instagram advertising campaign. But optimizing it for the highest return on ad spending is another matter. Marketers must be aware of all the campaigns they launch in order to avoid burning through their budget and extract the most value.

This is often easier said than done. For effective scaling of Instagram ads campaigns, there are many metrics that must be carefully tracked and important decisions that need making. We believe there are five key steps marketers should take to maximize their return on Instagram ad spend.

How to scale Instagram ads effectively

  1. Increase your ad spending

This might seem like an obvious decision. Increase your ad spending if you want to make an ad campaign reach more people. Although it is true, the actual goal of an ad campaign is not as easy. You’ll burn through your entire budget if you increase the ad spend without optimizing it further.

Your Instagram campaign ad budget should be strategically increased. Although it may seem tempting to increase the budget for a campaign that is showing promising results, it’s not advisable. It is generally not a good idea to make any drastic changes to your budget.

Take a look at how Instagram’s algorithm works. The algorithm uses the budget you have set to maximize ad delivery to the intended audiences. It’s important that the ad runs for at least a few days after approval to allow the algorithm to do its best work. Frequent campaign changes that the algorithm isn’t able to optimize properly will cause more harm than good.

Only after the campaign’s initial data is clear, you can scale up the ad spending. The rule of thumb is to increase your ad spend by 25% each week, or slightly less frequently.

Use Lookalike Audiences

  1. Use Lookalike Audiences

Online marketers are facing a serious problem with ad fatigue. Online marketers face a serious problem if they display ads to the same audience constantly. They will be less likely to interact with or engage with the content. Lookalike audiences can help to address this issue.

This is a smarter way to reach new people interested in your product than launching large-targeted campaigns. The algorithm’s power to identify new audiences similar to your customer base is what makes the Lookalike Audiences feature so powerful.

Based on the data it has collected, these are the people the algorithm considers most likely to convert. To build Lookalike audiences, you can use people who have visited your site or added an item in their shopping cart. You could also create high-value lookalike communities based on purchase events if you have value-based data sources.

When creating the first Lookalike audience using a source audience, it is recommended to choose a 1% size. This will allow you to target people most similar than the original. The same source can be used to create larger and more similar Lookalikes as you scale up your campaign.

  1. Campaign Budget Optimization is a great way to increase ROAS

The return on ad spending (ROAS), is about maximising the potential of your campaigns and minimizing costs. You might be confused about which ad set you should scale up with a higher budget if you have several ad units running in a campaign.

Campaign Budget Optimization is a great tool to help you achieve this goal. This feature allows Instagram to optimize ad spend across all campaigns, regardless of how many ad sets they have.

This gives the algorithm a lot more flexibility to produce good results. This allows it to limit the amount of ads that don’t perform well and focus the budget on those ad sets that appear to be performing best.

This feature allows for vertical scaling of ad campaigns through automation. This feature can be activated before or after publication, but marketers need to remember that if they adjust the setting while campaigns are running, it will likely return them to the learning phase. It is important to monitor the performance of campaigns after they are published to make sure that no major changes have occurred.

2. A/B test your audiences

You can use A/B testing to test your ads against similar audiences if you have several sets. A/B testing is a great way find the most successful audiences and eliminate those that might not be as interested in your content.

You can choose to use the A/B Test feature when creating an Instagram campaign and select the ad sets you wish to compare. This eliminates the need to track the test results manually. Simply select the metric you wish to measure. You can choose to measure cost per purchase, or cost per click.

After the test is published, and ads have been live, Ads Manager will track the results and announce a winner. This feature allows you to easily identify the best audiences for your campaign and budget. This information can be used to scale relevant ad sets according to your campaign.

multiple ad placements

  1. Multiple ad placements are possible

How can you combat the ad fatigue your audience will experience if you don’t feel the need for expansion? This will result in higher costs. This will require horizontal scaling of your Instagram ads campaigns. It’s easiest to do this by adding multiple ad placements to Instagram.

You may have shown ads only in the Explore tab when you started your Instagram campaign. You can change the placement if you notice signs that the audience is getting tired of ads.

You can choose to have the story shown in the news feed or Reels without changing the audience or ad set. This will allow your campaigns reach a wider audience while optimizing your ad cost.

It’s then a matter of monitoring which placements are doing well and scaling them up in order to optimize the campaign.

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In 2022, Instagram will be the best place for brands to go.

You’re missing the opportunity if your brand doesn’t have an Instagram marketing strategy for 2022. Few networks can offer the kind of engagement and vibrant target audience that Instagram can. That’s why using Instagram Ads in your marketing plan is vital in 2022.

Although Instagram advertising isn’t difficult, it takes diligence to win. You can create amazing visual experiences and support them with well-optimized campaigns. This is your key to success.

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