Display Ads Require Patience

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With display ads, you need to stay in front of people.  In order to achieve successful branding, you need reach, frequency and patience!  It takes time to get a potential customers attention and then for them to actually take action.  For B2B sales, the average is 90 days to purchase.  So don’t expect to reach your conversion goals in the first month.


The new estimates suggest +10 touches are optimal to increase conversions by 52%.  When you reach 25 touches, the conversion rate is high, but starts to diminish according to Genius Monkey data.  The biggest downfall of display is that advertisers don’t put enough money in to get enough reach and frequency.


At Get Found Fast, we find that reaching people with display ads 4+ times get conversions started.   The longer the campaign runs, the higher the success.  Retargeting ads are also a keWordy component to stay in front of people who have already been to your site.  Keeping the ads fresh and interesting is necessary to lead people back to the landing page or site. Offering a promotional incentive can help speed up the conversion process, but the timing has to be right.  Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time, keep testing and optimizing the offer for the best results.  Again, it takes some patience..


Touches should come from multiple platforms as well.  Running search ads with display, social media and YouTube helps reach people in multiple online situations and perhaps several devices.  Retargeting a person on Facebook who previously visited your site from a Google ad can increase credibility and broaden exposure for your brand.


With all of your creative ads, be consistent, but fresh.  Change fonts and colors to match the seasons. Less copy is better and be sure to highlight the main benefit repeatedly.  Today, the average human has an attention span of 8 seconds vs a goldfish at 9 seconds.  Plan for the long run with your display budget and it will eventually pay off.

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