What Role Does Web Design Play in a Working SEO Strategy?

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The design of the website that is being optimized is essential for the success of the SEO strategy as a whole – here is how:

  • Keeping the visitors attracted – the off-page techniques chosen for your campaign are aimed at increasing the exposure of your website and at maximizing the number of the visitors attracted to the site. However, your visitors will only stay on your website if they like what they see on your landing page and they will become your loyal customers only if they are happy with the way your website looks and works. Ensuring the looks and the smooth operation of the website are two of the most important objectives of web design and integral parts of any good SEO Denver campaign;
  • Speed is of the essence, too – another aspect of the way your website works that is very important for the success of your SEO efforts is the loading speed of your pages. No matter how attractive and informative your pages are, your visitors are likely to leave soon if the pages they want to see take ages to load;
  • Cross-platform operation – most internet users today search for the information they need on their mobile devices, so any good SEO strategy incorporates fluid website design as well.


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