Quick Digital Marketing Tips for Newbies

It is not like in the early 2000s anymore, when you used to make a site, you filled it with keywords, embed some software to push your site to the first page of Google results and then you sat quietly and enjoyed the orders received . These times are long gone now!

So, nowadays, if you want to be able to compete with the big brands and have a chance to come out with your products and services, you have to be smart. You need to understand what is happening in the online environment and what the existing promotion methods are.

How do you do internet marketing?

The simple answer: social media.

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A seasoned Denver SEO agency will offer you a more complex answer:

  • You enter social networking sites and try to interact with your customers, to be always present in their minds so, when they need your products, they remember your brand because it is the best choice for them
  • You consult the forums to see what the customers think about your products, study what the competition does, see what people’s needs are and then try to offer products that best meet people`s needs and desires.
  • You write on your blog, to keep your customers informed and educate other potential customers
  • You use email marketing to offer your potential customers relevant and tempting offers.

Why Your Companies Name, Address, And Phone Number Matter to Google More Then You Think

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When people go online to look for products and services available from local or remote providers, the most important information that they search for include the name, the address and the phone number of the available providers. Google is aware of the importance of these contact details, therefore it evaluates websites and selects the results returned for the queries launched by the users based on how and where websites display these details. Here is why your contact information is essential on Google:

  • Your place on Google My Business – the free tool offered by Google to businesses targeting audiences in their own region uses company details to provide results to user queries, so knowledgeable SEO Denver pros confirm that without these details your company cannot be displayed on the map;
  • Helping potential customers contact you – many people search for information on the internet, but they prefer to contact companies over the phone or personally, therefore it is very important to make it easy for your potential customers to contact you, so it is essential to provide them with information related to your physical and digital availability;
  • Proof of legitimate operations – your company name, address and phone number prove that your company is a real one, a physically existing entity, therefore contact details are great for inspiring trust as well.

Why People Skills Are Important in Deciding What Digital Agency to Work With

Good people skills are essential in many areas of life, hiring any kind of service provider included. Here is why the ability to communicate effectively, to build trust and to be empathetic is so important if you are searching for an elite Denver SEO firm:

  • Creating a positive atmosphere – interviewing agency representatives is a stressful process for everyone involved, for you, as the person conducting the interview as well as for the person representing the agency. Good people skills can help transform a stressful situation into a constructive discussion that gives real, important information about how the company works;
  • Setting the tone for the future – the first meeting will set the tone of your meetings with your SEO expert in the future, too and the best way to conduct that first meeting in a positive note is through good communications;
  • A stronger gut instinct – a person who has good people skills usually has a stronger, more reliable instinct when it comes to evaluating interlocutors. The more you know people, the easier you can spot points in the communication that you don’t want to accept and the easier it will be for you to make the final decision in terms of the digital agency that you will work with.

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3 Important Marketing Tips When You Relocate Your business

Relocating your business should be seen as an opportunity to improve it and promote it further. For example, it is a good opportunity to replace obsolete equipment. Instead of transporting the old equipment to the new location, you save time and effort if you scrap what is too old and invest in something new and modern. The same principle can be applied to outdated furniture.

Another opportunity offered by business relocation is promotion. Just like people throw a warming party when they move into a new house, it is a good idea to organize an event to let your partners, customers and the press know that your business has been relocated. You should promote this information on social media, so that those who are interested in your activity get the news. Per a locally recognized Denver SEO expert, it is a good opportunity to offer discounts and promote new products or services.

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Last but not least, use social media and focus on becoming viral. Going viral is the dream of any entrepreneur or marketer. Having customers who bring you other customers without you investing more money in marketing? Who wouldn’t want that? There are different things you can do to encourage virality: adding social sharing buttons on your website, asking people to share your posts, sending vouchers that can be offered to friends etc.


5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Google My Business Today

No matter what the exact domain and interests of your business are, customers all over the world use Google to find out about it and the products or services you are offering. Because of that, it is essential to get familiar with all the details, and especially to discover the steps that you can take in order to improve your business with the help of Internet and digital technology.

The first thing you can do to improve your GMB is make a thorough, well-informed and appealing presentation of your business. You should aim for authenticity, and include information about the history of your business, why your domain is interesting and what makes your business stand out.

The 2nd recommendation is to use relevant photos to complete your description. Customers are very sensitive about the visual aspects of online businesses.

Thirdly, you need to make sure that the information you provided is accurate, and updated on a regular basis.

The fourth thing you could do is use the reviews tool, making sure you respond to your customers. And the fifth thing by which you can improve your GMB is by using posts about webinars or other special events held by your company.

Denver SEO firm For more detailed information on how to boost your GMB profile, talk to Denver SEO firm GMB experts at Get Found Fast.


What are Backlinks and How Do They Work

A website receives a backlink whenever it is mentioned in the content of another website – in other words, a backlink is like a vote cast for a website by another website. Backlinks are important because they are extensively used by search engines to evaluate websites and to determine the position of a specific website on results pages, implicitly determining how many internet users will visit the website.

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Any talented Denver SEO agency  – talk to GFF experts – will tell you that not all backlinks are created equal, though. The backlinks coming from reputable websites are more valuable than the ones coming from less authoritative websites, so a good backlink building strategy should focus on getting backlinks from quality websites. Backlinks can also be categorized based on whether they can or cannot be clicked on – no-follow links are not really valuable and they are usually ignored by search engines, while do-follow links are the types of backlinks that the reader can click on to access your website content directly.

As you see, obtaining as many quality backlinks as you can is essential for the success of your SEO campaign. Fortunately, there are many great methods to achieve that, including strategies that involve social media, creating how-to posts on relevant websites, publishing entries on relevant forums and working with influencers.

What is Paid, Earned, and Owned Media?

Paid, earned, and owned media – learn to make the difference between them.

There are various media platforms and channels in the digital world, and understanding the differences between these three can help you identify what is best for you and which type of content you should create. All three media types require time and development, and Get Found Fast professionals can help you combine them to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy with extended scale and reach that works to the strengths of each channel.

Paid media

This concept represents anything that is paid to drive traffic to owned media properties; in other words, you pay to boost your exposure through the channel. Paid media includes:

  • Print ads
  • TV ads
  • Display ads
  • Paid search
  • Promoted posts on face book
  • Sponsored tweets

Owned media

Any communication platform or channel that you have creates and have control over, because it belongs to your brand.

  • Your website/ mobile site
  • Main audience
  • Retail stores (online and offline)
  • Blogs
  • Social media channels
  • Apps
  • Magazines/ brochures

Get Found Fast professionals can help you develop seo strategies to improve your business reputation

Earned media

In short, this is free publicity generated by fans, people who speak about your product/ brand in response to content you have shared or via voluntary mentions.

  • Retweets/ likes
  • Bloggers writing about your product
  • Youtube comments shares
  • Online reviews
  • Word of mouth



Things to Consider When Posting a Company Blog

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Blogging, like any other business activity, must have a purpose and a plan in order to have the best results based on the time and resources invested. That is, you must have a blog with a strategy based on business goals. A comprehensive Denver SEO agency blogging strategy includes the following important steps:

  • defining the targets
  • finding out the “ideal buyer”
  • analyzing the competition
  • developing a keyword strategy
  • creating an editorial plan
  • determining the channels used to promote the blog

If you do not have a well-developed strategy you may end up in a critical situation where you can waste your time and resources. For example, if you write an article without studying your keywords, it will likely be lost in the large Google or Bing results and will have a limited number of views from your target audience. You must have a blog with a well-established editorial calendar to make sure you publish articles strategically and that you do not run out of ideas for new texts.

When you invest time and resources in a blog, you will want them to be read and distributed by the ideal customers. If no one finds and reads the articles, then there is no point in writing them. Understanding the value of a blog and its benefits to a business is essential to stay active in the process.


Practical SEO Strategies

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Search Engine Optimization might seem to many as an abstract process that is difficult to understand for laymen. Fortunately, SEO is very much a practical process, one based on strategy, one that combines diverse methods and uses many tools and also one that never looses sight of the goal to be achieved. Here are some practical tips from Denver SEO expert services:

  • Use high-quality content – the content that you use for SEO purpose, either on your website or on other websites, must always be original, informative and useful. Whether you are publishing a guest post on a blog, content on your social media profiles or an article on your own website, always pay attention to the quality;
  • Pay attention to content formatting and structure – your content needs to have headings of various levels, you should structure them around industry-relevant keywords and you should also use highlighting methods, such as bold fonts, underlining or italics, or attract attention to important information;
  • Optimize your URLs – use short, relevant words and target keywords as well as hyphens in your URLs;
  • Make your website responsive – most people use their mobile devices to search for products and services on the internet, so using a fluid, responsive design is essential for the success of your website.

How Can Social Media Promote Your Business Effectively?

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Armed with social media ads and tools that can help them get the word out to their clients, numerous businesses have managed to thrive over the past decade, even without using any other promotional tactics such as organic SEO or PPC. Social media marketing has grown a great deal in recent years, and there are a few good reasons as to why:

  • First off, it has to be pointed out that Google and Twitter alone have a database of billions of active users. As a result, there are a lot of people to reach out to on social media, and many of them can become your trusted clients, if you know how to play your cards right.
  • The technology used by Denver SEO company experts that powers social media has advanced a lot in recent years. While, 5-10 years ago it was all about text and pictures, today video ads rule the social media scene, and you have a lot more advanced survey and analytics tools to help you create a very real and helpful dialogue with your customers and prospects.
  • Finally, social media is a place where businesses and customers can truly reach out to one-another. If you want to be seen as a business owner who actually cares about their clients, and reap the promotional benefits that follow, then you can’t ignore the massive following that a well-designed social media page can offer you.