How to Decide Upon Which Marketing Avenues Are the Most Important for Your Business

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Personal preference has a lot to do with it, but choosing the right marketing avenues and niches for your company can involve a lot more than just that.

Deciding upon the marketing avenue to take will typically involve a bit of psychoanalysis – of yourself as well as your clients. Basically, you have to be aware of the fact that what you do as a marketer is communicate an information that people want to know. As a result, you have to not only be a good communicator, but also enjoy giving people the news about the product(s) that they always wanted, and that “just happens” to be available through your store.

So, “know your audience” is an important thing to remember, but so is “know yourself.” For example, how likely are you to choose a certain niche based on the potential for it to provide a steady, high income rather than based on your own preferences? You have to be careful with that and choose in a balanced way. Failing to do so could either land you in a business where you’re doing something you hate for more money, or in one that is doomed to failure because you chose something that only you like.

As a result, the conclusion would be that a good balance between what you enjoy and what your audience wants is the main key to the success of any marketing avenue you use.

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Tips for Becoming Successful and Following Through on Your New Marketing Plans

Unless you’re an experienced Denver SEO marketer, it can be somewhat of a gamble to start any kind of marketing plan. Even with the best of your knowledge, you can’t tell the future and you don’t know if the niche or marketing segment you choose will turn out to lead you to success. However, you can still make the most out of following through on your marketing plan and steering it to success.

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Setting up realistic goals is the most important thing you can do. What you can actually do and what you might think you can do at a certain time is not the same. So, instead of disappointing yourself and your clients, make sure you don’t set impossible goals and that you base your goals on your ability to follow through on the activities required by your plan.

The next thing you have to do is plan ahead, but also set precautions in case something goes wrong or you can’t achieve a certain stage on time. For example, setting a buffer period of a few days or investing only 30% of the money you initially allocated to your plan can be a good way to reserve your resources for a “Plan B” in case your first plan fails – partially or completely. That way you can be sure that you’ll have the best chance of success regardless of what happens along the way.

Tips for Defining Your Company’s Audience

You company’s audience, that is, your target market consists of the group of people that you want to reach out to with your marketing campaign. The features of the group will define your entire strategy, so a researched, in-depth profile of your audience is essential for success.

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– Here are some tips about how to perform that profiling:

  • Compile and analyze the data that you have about your current customers – the first step should be the analysis of the buyers that you already have, identifying their demographic traits, their geographic location as well as their buying habits. Try to figure out the values that drive your target group and what grabs their attention in terms of form and content, in terms of the products and services they are looking for and the ads designs that appeal to them the most;
  • Determine the best way to communicate with your audience – analyze how effective the communication channels that you have chosen so far really are. Don’t hesitate to eliminate the channels that seem inefficient and to replace them with new methods;
  • Check what your competitors do – this process will inform you about the segments targeted by your competitors and will give you new ideas about how to develop your campaign.

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How to Decide on the Best Marketing Tactics to Use for Your Product

Denver SEO expert marketing strategies are so varied that choosing the best mix is surely difficult. However, coming up with the winner marketing mix isn’t impossible – here are a few tips for you:

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  • Think about your target group – try to figure out what type of media is most used by your target group and choose those channels to include into your marketing mix. If you decide to include online advertising as well, find out when your target group is online and time your ads to appear in that period;
  • Decide on the best way to contact your potential customers – for some businesses, placing cold calls is still the most efficient method, for others direct marketing works best and there are many that would benefit the most from a combination of available methods;
  • Experiment with various channels, but don’t hesitate to stop using one if it proves to be inefficient;
  • Test your marketing materials with a small group of people – tell your ideas to your friends and family members, show them your materials and listen to their opinions, especially if they belong to your target group. Provoke these people to express criticism – you will learn more from negative feedback than from praise.

Image Editing Tips for Social Media Content

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If your marketing campaign includes a social media campaign as well, you are probably wondering how to do it right. While sharing lots of images is very important on social media, sharing quality images is perhaps even more important, so here are some photo editing tips from seo Denver pros that will make the images that you distribute much more attractive:

  • Pick a consistent style – the pics that you share on your social media profile are the face that you show to your followers, to your existent and potential customers. Ideally, that brand image is a consistent one, not a heterogeneous one, and that homogeneity is ideally expressed through the filters that you use when you edit your pics;
  • Remove flaws, but not to perfection – you can choose to brighten up eyes, to whiten teeth, but don’t make the people in your pics look like dolls. Imperfection makes every pic more lifelike;
  • Experiment with filters – you can find the best one or you can use a combination of them, but make sure to use the option consistently;
  • Use the right size – each social media platform has its own guidelines in terms of image size and resolution. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for the platforms that you use to make sure your images are of the right quality.

Tips for Continuing Your Brand Story on Social Media

Telling a great story is one of the most efficient methods that you can use for establishing close contact with your target group – contextualizing your brand with the help of a short and pertinent narrative is a great way to strike a cord with your audience and to encourage communication.

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Here are some tips that you can use to make the most of the method:

  • Consider your target group’s values – to be able to tell a great story, you need to know exactly who your target group is and to choose the style as well as the content of your stories in a way that will resonate with them;
  • Create a story that your readers will be happy to share – try to look at your story with the eyes of the outsider and put yourself into the shoes of your targeted reader to be able to create a story that your readers will pass on;
  • Use visuals – visual materials are known to be much more efficient than text, so present your story in a video or in a sequence of images to make it all more appealing. Creating the material certainly requires more work, but it is definitely worth the effort.

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What Social Media Networks Are Most Effective for Social Media Marketing

According to the statistics, over 80% of the population in the US have at least one social media profile, so whatever your business activity and whatever your target group, you are likely to be able to efficiently reach out to them through social networks. Social media has been efficiently used to maximize the impact of search engine optimization campaigns, the leads generated through social media platforms being valuable, organic ones.

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Here are some of the networks that can be the most effectively integrated by successful Denver seo companies into online marketing strategies:

  • Facebook – whether the goal of your campaign is lead generation, an increase in conversion rates or building brand awareness, you can efficiently use this platform for achieving those goals;
  • Instagram – another excellent platform that you can use for generating valuable, organic leads, growing the number of your followers with each well-designed post of yours;
  • Pinterest – the platform is more suitable for businesses whose activity involves creativity of sorts, such as fashion, arts and crafts, and you also need to be aware that most users of the platform are female;
  • YouTube – the video sharing platforms can be efficiently used to present your company, your products and services or to offer your target group valuable advice in the form of video tutorials.

Tips for Effectively Staying Organized with Social Media Marketing

Dealing with social media can make anyone lose track of what they’re doing and become disorganized. One moment you’re actively promising yourself that you’ll only check out the cute cat videos that your friends and followers posted for 10 minutes,  and the other moment you look at the clock and notice that an hour has passed and you’re watching a documentary video about quantum mechanics.

Of course,  if you’re a marketer you probably already have a certain degree of self discipline. However,  its always a good idea to enhance your organizational skills whether seems to need improving or not.

One of the things marketers struggle with is finding enough time for everything, especially when dealing with social media marketing. In that respect, it’s a good idea to organize everything from writing video scripts to sharing and posting status updates, as well as planning your contests, surveys and other posts that require feedback weeks in advance.

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Another useful tool to help you stay focused and organized when it comes to SMM is your ability to delegate. For this purpose, it’s a good idea to find creative, intelligent and social media-savvy writers and put them to work coming up with the most engaging content for your social media accounts, so you can free up your time for managing your strategy and taking care of other aspects of promoting your business. However, the most efficient plan is to find the services of an exceptional Denver seo company to help your business reach it’s full potential, and give you time to do the things you do best.

SEO Myths That Everyone Still Believes and That We Need to Stop Emphasizing

Search engine optimization has changed a lot over the past few years alone,  and even though it’s basic principles have stayed the same – using keywords and high value backlinks to help web pages rank higher in SERPs,  many of the past methods that used to work toward this end are no longer as effective – or they simply don’t work at all anymore.

One of the most popular myths about SEO that people still buy into is that back links are the most important aspect of promoting a website. Back in the day,  search engine algorithms used to value websites that lots of high PR back links linked to, but the big changes in Google’s algorithms in the 2010s have changed that, bringing greater focus towards websites with high quality, original and easily readable content.

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Another myth that people still buy into, even though it hasn’t worked for a long time is keyword stuffing. A couple of decades ago, as SEO made its debut, web pages could rank high in Google and Yahoo’s search pages simply by having a lot of annoying,  repetitive content featuring the same words or phrases repeated over and over again. Denver SEO agency professionals know that hasn’t worked for a long time, and today that technique can severely penalize your website.

Finally, its worth mentioning that article spinning no longer works. Of course, some marketers still invest a lot of money in article spinning software to avoid delegating content writing tasks – which is typically an ongoing expense. However, content-driven algorithm changes have also led to the invalidation of these techniques,  rendering those tools as practically worthless in this day and age.

The Different Personalities of each Social Media Network

The way social networks are used tells a lot about the personality of the users, about their psychological profile – at least this is what a study published in Personality and Individual Differences states. The research was carried out with the help of several thousand users, invited to fill out an online questionnaire and have their web behavior analyzed (profile, comments, likes, etc.). The intent of the researchers was to establish personality traits based on elements such as sociability, self-esteem, extraversion, mentality, or narcissism.

  • Anxious people are in constant search for approval (through likes and comments that they ask for). If the number of likes is not at the height of their expectations, they feel frustrated.
  • For extraverted people, a social network is a platform they use active self-expression and communication. They do not just limit to giving and receiving likes, but also to posting and receiving comments.
  • For narcissists, photos are incredibly important, as well as posts with personal achievements. Everything they post is typically about themselves, even if through their children or life partner. They always have those picture perfect photos because they have a sense about what to post to get the most likes, compliments, congratulations etc.
  • Introverted people are not that involved in social media. They do not like to talk too much about them, about their personal life, or their activities, to which they only refer indirectly.

Of course, there are no exclusive categories: some will identify with these, others not so much.

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