Social Signals for SEO: Using Social Media for Improving on Google

The term social signals refers to the shares, likes and other elements of social media visibility as they are perceived by search engines. The principal goals of search engines include the provision of relevant content to their users. To be able to do that, search engines evaluate the quality of the contents published on websites using various criteria, one of them being the frequency with which an URL comes up in searches. As a significant amount of communication and content publishing has moved to social media platforms, Google has extended the evaluation and assessment process to social media platforms, awarding higher rankings to the companies that have more social signals.

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To meet search engine requirements, the businesses that are looking for better positions on search engine results pages are today including targeted social medial campaigns into their digital strategies. The techniques used include regular, preferably daily postings and replies to the comments of followers, publishing images, launching contests and offering giveaways regularly, partnering with other brands and announcing the partnerships.

The best way to use social signals is to have a talented Denver SEO company create a targeted strategy and to dedicate the necessary energy to the communication with your client base – the efforts will soon bring fruits, in the form of higher rankings for the most relevant keywords.


5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Co-Working Space for Your Digital Marketing Agency

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The success of your digital marketing agency depends on many factors, one of them being the space that you and your teams are working from. Co-working spaces are great alternatives to remote work as well as to permanent office leases, so using such a space can be exactly what you need. Here are some things to consider with your shared office:

  • The location of the facility – shared office facilities can be found all over cities and towns, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Select a location that is easy to access for your team members as well as for your clients and other visitors, that way you can reduce commute time for everyone;
  • Culture – co-working spaces encourage the communication between like-minded people. Choose a facility the culture of which matches your business culture and that organizes events, look here for examples , to promote the exchange of ideas;
  • The office configuration – the office layout is an important factor that will determine productivity and focus. If you and your teams need silence to be able to concentrate, choose an office separated into multiple smaller places; if you are stimulated by a busy environment, choose a large open office;
  • Amenities – the type of furniture and the services included into the price are also essential. The minimum service level should include ergonomic furniture, reliable, high-speed internet connection and 24/7 access.

The Different Personalities of Each Social Media Network

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Major social media networks have millions or billions of users, people of all ages and interests. While it is easy to see why social networking sites are so important for the success of any website, using the platforms for boosting website visibility can bring the expected success only if the social media campaign is preceded by research about the personality of the ideal follower. Here are the most common personality types identified by researchers:

  • Leaders – these people are the content creators on any networking platform. They are the ones who share their opinions all the time, whether positive or negative, and the ones who have the power to influence the opinions of others;
  • Likers – these people usually do not create content, but they express their opinions through likes and short comments. The group of Likers is more numerous than that of Leaders, therefore they represent a power that is not to be neglected in any social media campaign;
  • Lurkers – these people usually spend a lot of time on social media, but they prefer to observe and to keep their opinion to themselves;
  • Loners – these people use the internet, but they do not have social media profiles. They are numerous, too, therefore your SEO campaign needs to include channels other than social media to be able to reach out to them.

Let a leading social media Denver SEO company support your business objectives with unsurpassed skill and expertise.

How to Set Up Google Analytics – A Step-by-Step Guide

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Create your Google Analytics account.

Access the official Google Analytics page and click on the Create an account link. You should create a Google Account that can be accessed even with a non-Gmail email address.

Set the tracking code.

After registering as a Google Analytics user, you will be redirected to a page where your tracking code is located. That code must be entered in the site source, by the developer you are working with, or in a predefined field.

Exclude internal IPs.

This can be done from the Admin/ All Filters/ New Filter menu, from where you select the following options from the dropdown menus:

“Exclude”> “traffic from the IP addresses”> “that are equal to”. Then enter the IP you want to exclude.

Set up custom alerts.

Link your Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools accounts to your Analytics account. This helps you to monitor more easily the performance of your campaigns, to figure out when they need to be improved and what actions must be taken in this regard.

Set goals.

In order to really measure the performance of a website, you must set clear objectives (SMART). From the Admin/ View/ Goals menu you can add a maximum of 20 goals.

Site search – The setting is made from the menu Admin/ View Settings/ Site Search Tracking, where search parameters must be entered in the Query.

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5 Important Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2021

  1. Video content will become even more popular, in 2021. At the beginning of the year, globally, video content was watched, on average, 2.6 million hours a week; in April, video content consumption is expected to reach 5.7 million hours per week. Obviously, users consume more and more video content; from posts to stories and ads, they have a much higher engagement in the video form.
  2. Live streaming will also become more and more popular, considering that it represents the way to make most events possible, at least during the pandemic. Also, more and more video conferencing platforms will be connected to Facebook, so that they will be broadcast live.
  3. The number of eCommerce consumers will increase. In 2020, it was about 43%, but is expected to reach 56% by 2025.
  4. Stories will be a must do for any influencers, micro influencers but also brands. They increase the brand’s notoriety and humanize it. Also, through them, you can interact with your potential customers and create opinion polls.
  5. Humanization of brands is another trend to watch for, in 2021. People like to buy from other people, so brands that understand that transparency, authenticity and vulnerability are part of the smart marketing strategy in 2021, will win the hearts of their potential customers.

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Different Types of Digital Marketing

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  1. Content creation

This type of digital marketing involves creating and distributing content – text, images, multimedia – that adds value to your audience, instead of just sending an advertising message.

If you are in B2C (business to consumer), “content” can mean social media posts, blog posts, and fun videos; if you are in B2B (business to business), there could be more case studies or reports, webinars and educational videos.

  1. SEO

SEO does what the name says: search engine optimization. This means creating content that people are actively looking for, as well as ensuring that this content and the platforms on which it is located are SEO and technically optimized.

  1. Google Ads

Paid ads on Google Ads look almost the same as normal results, except that they appear at the top of the page, in the top 1-5 positions, with the word “Ad”.

  1. Social media marketing

Compared to other channels, such as TV, print and even online advertising, social networks add a new possibility of interaction with potential customers. Instead of just sending messages to a mass audience, you can interact with your customers and listen to what they have to say.

  1. Email marketing

This is a tool used successfully especially by e-commerce sites and retail companies. It has good results by advertising promotions and seasonal discounts and you can also use it to send newsletters.

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How Positive Online Reviews Can Boost Your Business

When customers want to buy a product and read the reviews posted by other people, they are guided by 2 things: quantity and quality. The number of reviews posted is directly proportional with the number of people who bought that product and designates the popularity of the product; the rating given by the customers designates the quality of the product.

Almost 65% of customers are more likely to make a purchase that has good reviews published by other customers. Thus, in addition to the price, brand or other details related to the product, the opinion of other customers becomes a factor that influences the decision to buy that product.

The number of reviews published by customers helps to increase the conversion rate. 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rate.

The reviews published by customers can produce an average increase of 18% in sales:

  • Increased conversion by 11%;
  • Increased average order by 2%;
  • Increased rate of return of visitors to the site by 5%

Products that contain customer reviews have a conversion rate 12.5% ​​higher than products that do not contain reviews.Get Found Fast

In addition to the benefits listed above, reviews play an important role when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), because they generate unique content on the page. Talk to the SEO GFF experts at for more ways to improve your market presence.


Tips on How to Improve your Local Ranking on Google

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The ranking that your website obtains for local searches is essential for the success of your website – with more and more people looking for products and services online, an in demand Denver SEO expert commits that, having a website that is highly visible is essential. Here is how you can improve your local ranking:

  • Use up to date information on Google My Business – Google My Business is a free, easy to use and very efficient tool offered by the search engine that local businesses can use to manage their presence on Google Maps and Search. The tool allows you to add photos about your business, to enter information related to your business activity, to the history of your business as well as to your opening hours and location;
  • Create a blog – managing a blog, writing and posting relevant content regularly is an excellent way to connect with your audience in a more direct way. You can also use your blog to help your readers solve the problems that they are faced with and that you have experience with;
  • Use the right keywords – including the most relevant keywords into your content is also very important for obtaining a better local ranking. Use an online tool, such as Keyword Planner, to identify the best keywords to use for targeting your local audience.

What is Pay Per Click?

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Pay per click, also known simply as PPC, is an online marketing model in which advertisers publish their ads and they pay a fee for having their ads displayed only when internet users click on the advertising content. The method is considered to be among the most efficient online marketing methods and is preferred by many marketers as it allows them to drive more visits to their sites.
To get their PPC ads displayed, marketers need to participate in ads auctions – an automated bidding process during which search engines determine the relevance of the participating ads and in which marketers bid on the keywords that they want their ads to be triggered by. There are many types of ads that can be used in PPC campaigns, the most common type being search ads. When internet users search for products, services or information using a search engine, relevant pay per click ads are triggered and served to the internet user.
The basics of a successful pay per click Denver SEO agency campaign might seem simple, but managing the process successfully can be a complex and difficult task. The campaign needs to be under continuous monitoring to control the costs as well as to identify the ads that perform well and the ones that do not meet the expectations.

5 Important Copywriting Tools Every SEO Pro Needs

Professional copywriting is the masterful combination of creativity, accuracy and science, a process that involves the careful search for the right word, informed by in-depth knowledge of the target audience. The task being so complex, even the best, most experienced copywriter or SEO Get Found Fast pro can use a little help. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help with writing quality, strategy and structure – here are some that are essential:

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  • Tools to evaluate text quality – any SEO pro ( find out more about this here needs a tool to evaluate the quality of their contents based on keyword density and placement, inbound links and other features. There are tools that will tell you exactly what you are doing right and what points need improvement in your content. You can also find tools to evaluate how well-formulated your sentences are and will indicate the sentences that need to be shorter or restructured for better readability;
  • Tools to help with synonyms – it is not always easy to find the right synonyms in a text, especially in a long text. Fortunately, there are great, free tools available online to help you out;
  • A headline analyzer – headlines are essential for grabbing the reader’s attention as well as for search engine rankings. Analyzer tools will tell you how common, how appealing and how inspiring your headlines are.