Will Google My Business Help You Rank Higher in Other Search Engines?

Google My Business is a free service created by Google to help local businesses get more exposure, making the Google My Business profile you create for your enterprise an excellent tool to gain visibility on the search engine. However, Google is not the only search engine that you should focus on – Bing, Yahoo and Baidu are also important platforms that should not be disregarded.

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Most important search engines and some upcoming ones offer services similar to Google My Business. Google is certainly dominating the market, but with so many people using other platforms and with most of these platforms offering their own, equally user-friendly local search tools, it would be a pity not to benefit from the advertising opportunities available. Some search engines, including Bing and Yahoo, offer the option to import Google My Business profiles with a few clicks, saving you time by not requiring you to create business profiles each time you start include a new search engine into your campaign. Premier Denver SEO firm experts confirm that search engines usually have their own criteria and algorithms to rank websites, but the principles they used are roughly the same as in the case of Google and the ranking already achieved by your profile on Google will also be taken into consideration on the new search engine.

A Complete Guide to SEO for YouTube

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YouTube has come a very long way since it was launched in 2005 – today, there are over 500 videos uploaded each minute and the platform has over one billion visitors each month. The videos that can be watched on YouTube include films, ads, documentaries, music videos, presentations, tutorials and many others – small wonder the platform plays such an important part in the strategies employed by Denver SEO companies for so many businesses, small and large alike. If you are currently considering including YouTube videos into your digital marketing mix, here are some tips about how to optimize your videos and how to use the platform to drive maximum traffic to your website:

  • Use your keywords wisely – keywords are as important with videos as they are with text content. Make sure to add them into the name of your video file and in the video title and include the keywords into the video description and the attached tags;
  • Categorize your video – selecting the right category for your video is also essential for optimizing your material;
  • Subtitles and close captions used correctly – it is very annoying to watch a video with improperly timed or incorrect subtitles and closed captions. Take the time to find a subtitling software or app (there are many great ones available for free online) and learn the basics to be able to create correctly edited videos.

What are Internal Links in SEO?

Using internal links is a very efficient, but often neglected SEO tactic. Unlike external links, that point toward your website from another site, internal links are links that point toward one of the pages on your website from another page on your site.

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The role of internal links is also different from the role of external links. While external links reveal to search engines how relevant your website is for certain searches, internal links will help search engines understand the structure of your website, allowing the search engine to find your pages more efficiently by revealing contextual relationships between your pages. Elite SEO Denver professionals confirm that the right internal linking strategy will significantly improve your website’s search engine ranking as well – though search engine algorithms primarily evaluate the quality, the uniqueness and the authority of a website, they also appreciate websites that feature a clear structure.

Another perk of using internal links is that they make navigation much easier for your users. For example, if a visitor to your website lands on a page with a buying guide, a link toward the products referred to in the guide can facilitate the purchasing process and will give your users a more pleasant navigation experience as well.

The Most Common Mistakes that Businesses Make with SEO

Search engine optimization, that is, the process of improving the visibility of your website for relevant searches on browsers has been, is and is going to be the most efficient way to boost the success of your website, to attract more visitors to your site and to convert them into loyal customers. However, the process is usually complicated and lengthy, with many pitfalls – here are some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid:

  • Neglecting preliminary research – Results driven Denver SEO companies will design and implement campaigns strategically by creating a profile of the campaign’s targeted audience. They will research the most relevant keywords and channels used by that audience;

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  • Publishing irrelevant content – even the most relevant keywords can be used in content that fails to captivate the reader’s attention, so creating that is written in a great style, made even more interesting with pictures and videos is essential for success;
  • Neglecting fluid design – the majority of internet users access online content on their phones and are usually disappointed when they click on a site that does not feature a mobile-friendly design;
  • The lack of tracking – regularly checking the efficiency of your SEO process is essential for identifying the elements that fail to perform as expected. There are lots of great, online metrics available, some of them for free – use them to track your success.

How Positive Online Reviews Can Boost Your Business

When internet users are looking for a product to buy or a service to use, most of them start by locating multiple retailers or providers, then they continue by checking out the online reviews and testimonials before they make the final decision. While it is easy to understand why positive online reviews are important for convincing potential customers that your business is reliable, there are many other reasons why positive reviews are important, too – here are some:

  • Better performance on search engines – A leading Denver SEO expert confirms that search engines evaluate websites based on many factors, one of these criteria being the availability of positive reviews on the evaluated website. The sites that publish lots of reviews are ranked higher than the ones that do not have testimonials;

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  • Inspiring trust – customers tend to rely more on the opinions of their peers than on the ads created by companies to sell their own products. A product or a business that gets lots of positive reviews is considered to be more reliable;
  • Great feedback for you – knowing what your customers think about your products or services is very useful for your future development. Check the reviews that you get, thank your reviewers for sharing their thoughts whenever you can and offer solutions to the customers who publish negative reviews – it is an excellent way to convince someone who was not happy with your performance the first time around to give you a second chance.

The Benefits of Using a Personalized Domain Name

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A personalized domain name is essential for successful online branding – whether you are a service provider, a retailer or you have a blog on which you share your thoughts and experiences with your followers, the domain name is a key element that will help your audience find you. Here are the benefits of using a personalized domain name:

  • Easy to remember – a good domain name, kept simple and free from special characters, will help your audience find you easily and directly, without having to spend long searching for your website or blog;
  • More efficient branding – a correctly formulated, but compact domain name can reflect your brand’s personality as well as your message, providing lots of information about your business and creating a mental image of what your products or services are like even before your visitors start reading your contents;
  • A way to help with your SEO efforts – A Denver SEO expert affirms that search engines reward unique, easy to remember domain names and tend to rank these domains higher on results pages; Learn more about this here – https://www.getfoundfast.com/.
  • Inspiring credibility – domain names usually come with e-mail addresses that use the domain name, which will inspire trust and will make it easier for your customers to reach out to you.

What is SERP?

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SERP or Search Engine Results Page is the page where the results of a search engine appear, depending on the keywords or phrases used. If the results extend over several pages, this acronym becomes SERPS.

It is known that over 80% of those who use Google or other engines to search for products and services do not look further than the first page. This makes SERP a very popular term among Get Found Fast web designers who always aim to get the best position in the top searches.

The SERP position of a website is influenced by several Google algorithms. The parameters of these algorithms are influenced by the SEO optimization of a website, both on page and off page.

It is good to know that even if your site is positioned in the organic results on the first page, your potential buyer has the choice to access your site or the sites of your competitors. In principle, the SERP offers the same advantages to all sites, but not all take full advantage of them.

We are used to seeing in the SERP a title, a description and possibly, in exchange for a simple link, maybe also breadcrumbs, but few people use the markup. Using markup, the fragment you occupy in Google will be much richer and you will be much more visible in the results. This way you will have a higher CTR (Click through Rate).

Talk to Get Found Fast professionals for the best way to meet your SEO objectives and improve your business exposure.

Are Blogs Good for SEO

We don’t think it’s necessary to talk about the importance of having a business blog… As you may know, all IT/ Web design/ Online marketing companies have blogs, so the utility of a blog is unquestionable. Every company has a story. Every company has employees, new projects and various situations and activities that it wants to communicate to all those interested. And this is normal, logically thinking, because communication is the key to a company`s successful relationship with its customers.

In this context, the blog is the seller of your company`s stories, but also a great source of keywords for your SEO strategy.

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We know that SEO optimization focuses on content. What are the factors to keep in mind when doing SEO and how does the blog help you in this regard? You need to consider its relevance to the readers, its quality, and you need to focus on what readers are looking for. With all of this in mind, profitable Denver SEO company professionals encourage businesses to post content that meets all of these factors in order for Google to index your content and rank you higher in searches.

The problem with a website in this regard is that you do not update content on a daily basis; you just post general information that typically remains unchanged for the long term. On the other side, a blog is a tool that allows you to post different content every day. So, you can follow the trends in SEO and make a keyword plan, and then, through articles, you can optimize your site for each keyword, by writing about it.

How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

Having a blog, either as a single site or in conjunction with an e-commerce website, is a great way to share your thoughts, to provide interesting, relevant content to your followers as well as to find new business opportunities. However, many bloggers fail to use their blog to maximize their business potential – if you don’t want to be one of them, here are some tips from Denver SEO marketing professionals to optimize your blog content and to increase your reach:

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  • Keyword research – if you are an expert of the field that you are blogging about, chances are that you are naturally using the most relevant keywords in your contents already, but even so, doing some research to make sure that you are, indeed, using the right keywords is essential;
  • Keyword usage – when you know your most relevant keywords, include them into your titles, your headings and subheadings, in the first and last sentence of your entries as well as in your anchor texts and meta descriptions;
  • Use and optimize images – it is not enough to use attractive images on your blog – make sure that you include your relevant keywords into the names that you give to your pictures;
  • Offer your readers the option to subscribe to your blog – include a strategically placed RSS feed button to make it easier to your readers to find your latest posts.

Trends to Jump on in 2021

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The dominant website design trend in 2020 was the usage of dynamic elements, such as 3D components and floating elements to improve user experience and that trend is surely likely to continue in 2021 as well. The following year is likely to come with other new trends as well – here are some that are worth keeping an eye on and using on your website:

  • Minimalism – internet users will continue to appreciate sleek, easy to navigate interfaces, free from unnecessary notifications and other clutter;
  • Content with a personal touch – storytelling has gradually made its way into website content and it is now a must for any website that wishes to get close to its customers. Adding images and videos is also a way to make your contents easier to relate to. Using handwriting and hand-drawn images is another great way to add that personal touch and to engage your visitors right away;
  • Mobile-friendly design – a prominent Denver SEO expert says that the need for mobile-friendly website design will increase, as more and more people use their phones and other mobile devices to access website content. The feature has become so important that Google has included it among their website quality assessing criteria, used for establishing website rankings.