4 Tips on Using SEO Effectively for Local Promotion

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Online marketing strategies are no doubt suitable for extending your reach to worldwide audiences, but not all businesses are looking for such a global grasp. A locally recommended Denver SEO company has the answers for companies looking for tools to promote themselves locally, too – here are some great methods to achieve increased exposure for local searches:

  • Setting up a Google My Business account – GMB is a great, easy to use tool that is offered by the search engine completely free of charge. The data you enter into your GMB business profile will be displayed in a separate section on the screen wherever an internet user enters a search term that is relevant for you, informing potential customers about contact details and opening hours, displaying ratings and images of your business, too;
  • Get online reviews from your happy customers – most people make buying decisions based on online reviews, so get as many good reviews as you can;
  • Fluid design for your website – most people today use their phones to search for information online, so ensuring that your website displays flawlessly on mobile devices is essential for increasing your online success;
  • Use the right website structure – creating an attractive and informative About us page that includes a link to Google Maps and having your contact details displayed on all your pages is also important.

The Importance of SEO and Proper Content Management

SEO and content management are two in close relationship with each other – while search engine optimization is the process of attracting more visitors to your website, content management is the process of creating, publishing, changing and in some cases deleting website content, so while SEO directs potential customers toward your website, good content management ensures that your visitors find when they have come to your website for and stay there to find out more about your business. According to Denver Get Found Fast company experts, the two approaches reinforce each other – it would be hard to have without the other.

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When it comes to the nature of the relationship between SEO and content management, you can think of it like a two-way track. Good content from an SEO perspective is content that is unique, relevant for the important keywords in your niche, which means that those keywords are contained in a natural way, without being overused or forced. Good SEO from the perspective of the content displayed on the website is a process that makes use of all the technical tools, such as indexing and tagging to ensure the right visibility to the website content and to make it easily and readily available to internet users when they need it.

Google My Business Tips to Increase Traffic

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Google My Business is a free tool provided by the search engine to businesses and organizations to help their customers or visitors find them more easily. Google My Business profiles are easy to create – setting up a profile takes only a couple of minutes – and with some attention, they can do much more than just provide contact information: Principled Denver SEO companies say that GMB profiles can be efficiently transformed into a tool that increases the traffic toward the business in the profile. Here is how you can achieve increased traffic through your GMB traffic:

  • Make sure that your information is accurate – whether it is your address, your opening hours or your phone number, all the details you enter into your GMB profile need to be 100% accurate and up to date;
  • Choose the right category for your business and add attributes, too – when creating your GMB profile, you will find a Category section where you can choose the niche to which your business belongs. Choose the category that is as close to your operations and field as possible – it will help your customers find you. The details in the Attributes category will also help your customers choose by giving them the relevant details they need;
  • Adding photos – the GMB profiles that are complete with photos get over 30% more clicks than the ones that don’t. Make sure to add professional pics of the right quality.

How to Set Up a Balanced Search Engine Optimization Strategy

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A good SEO strategy is a complex strategy that uses the right combination of available methods to achieve the best results through carefully designing and delivering on-site content as well as through various off-site techniques. Here are some tips to create a balanced search engine optimization strategy:

  • Select the right keywords – the contents used in search engine optimization should be structured around keywords chosen carefully based on their relevance for the searches used by the website’s target audience. A resourceful Denver SEO expert confirms that this means that the very first step in the creation of an efficient SEO campaign should always start with picking the right keywords;
  • Original, informative content – the next step should be the creation of relevant, informative and original content structured around the keywords selected in the first phase;
  • Ensure a good user experience – your website pages should also be attractive and easy to navigate. Short loading times and a fluid design that displays equally well on all platforms is also important;
  • Develop a good off-site SEO strategy – off-site SEO is the set of activities performed outside the website to direct traffic towards the website. You need a solid set of these technique, including activities on social media platforms, on forums and podcast appearances.

Is Organic SEO Actually Better Than PPC?

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When it comes to improving the ranking that your website gets for searches that include your keywords, the principal approaches to achieve that goal are the organic approach and pay per click. Resourceful SEO Denver marketing specialists corroborate that both approaches have very distinct pros and cons that marketers must know about before choosing one over the other or, even better, before they start working on a complex SEO strategy that integrates both. Here are some things to know about:

  • Timing and duration – with PPC, the marketer pays whenever their ad gets clicked on, the effects of the campaign being almost instant, but lasting for only as long as the marketer pays. The effects of organic SEO, on the other hand, take longer to be noticeable and they also last longer;
  • Costs – while the costs of an intensive PPC campaign can be quite high, depending on the number of clicks the ads get, organic SEO is practically free (with costs related “only” to designing the campaign and to keeping it going);
  • Branding and credibility – building brand awareness with organic methods takes lots of effort and time, but it is the better way to create a website that is considered to be trustworthy and authoritative, while PPC is more suitable for promotional campaigns that have temporary effects.

The Role of Keyword Optimization as Part of Your SEO Strategy

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Search engine optimization is the set of activities organized into a strategy that has the purpose of maximizing the exposure of a website by improving its ranking on search engines for relevant searches. One of the most important tools in the hands of marketers when working to achieve good ranking is the selection of the keywords that the website’s contents will be structured on – here are some important things to know about keywords:

  • How keywords work – when internet users look for products, services or information, they enter a query into their internet browser. These queries are composed of words that are relevant for the search and that browsers use to find the websites that are likely to have the information requested by the internet user. Your website will be displayed on the results pages returned when an internet user enters the keywords that your website is optimized for;
  • How to choose your keywords – the selection of the keywords you use should be based on the terms most frequently used to look for information in your niche. There are many great keyword tools available online that you can use to figure out how internet users look for the type of products, services and information that you provide. After identifying the right keywords, seasoned Denver SEO company specialists encourage creating relevant and original content created around those keywords.

Will Google My Business Help You Rank Higher in Other Search Engines?

Google My Business is a free service created by Google to help local businesses get more exposure, making the Google My Business profile you create for your enterprise an excellent tool to gain visibility on the search engine. However, Google is not the only search engine that you should focus on – Bing, Yahoo and Baidu are also important platforms that should not be disregarded.

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Most important search engines and some upcoming ones offer services similar to Google My Business. Google is certainly dominating the market, but with so many people using other platforms and with most of these platforms offering their own, equally user-friendly local search tools, it would be a pity not to benefit from the advertising opportunities available. Some search engines, including Bing and Yahoo, offer the option to import Google My Business profiles with a few clicks, saving you time by not requiring you to create business profiles each time you start include a new search engine into your campaign. Premier Denver SEO firm experts confirm that search engines usually have their own criteria and algorithms to rank websites, but the principles they used are roughly the same as in the case of Google and the ranking already achieved by your profile on Google will also be taken into consideration on the new search engine.

A Complete Guide to SEO for YouTube

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YouTube has come a very long way since it was launched in 2005 – today, there are over 500 videos uploaded each minute and the platform has over one billion visitors each month. The videos that can be watched on YouTube include films, ads, documentaries, music videos, presentations, tutorials and many others – small wonder the platform plays such an important part in the strategies employed by Denver SEO companies for so many businesses, small and large alike. If you are currently considering including YouTube videos into your digital marketing mix, here are some tips about how to optimize your videos and how to use the platform to drive maximum traffic to your website:

  • Use your keywords wisely – keywords are as important with videos as they are with text content. Make sure to add them into the name of your video file and in the video title and include the keywords into the video description and the attached tags;
  • Categorize your video – selecting the right category for your video is also essential for optimizing your material;
  • Subtitles and close captions used correctly – it is very annoying to watch a video with improperly timed or incorrect subtitles and closed captions. Take the time to find a subtitling software or app (there are many great ones available for free online) and learn the basics to be able to create correctly edited videos.

What are Internal Links in SEO?

Using internal links is a very efficient, but often neglected SEO tactic. Unlike external links, that point toward your website from another site, internal links are links that point toward one of the pages on your website from another page on your site.

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The role of internal links is also different from the role of external links. While external links reveal to search engines how relevant your website is for certain searches, internal links will help search engines understand the structure of your website, allowing the search engine to find your pages more efficiently by revealing contextual relationships between your pages. Elite SEO Denver professionals confirm that the right internal linking strategy will significantly improve your website’s search engine ranking as well – though search engine algorithms primarily evaluate the quality, the uniqueness and the authority of a website, they also appreciate websites that feature a clear structure.

Another perk of using internal links is that they make navigation much easier for your users. For example, if a visitor to your website lands on a page with a buying guide, a link toward the products referred to in the guide can facilitate the purchasing process and will give your users a more pleasant navigation experience as well.

The Most Common Mistakes that Businesses Make with SEO

Search engine optimization, that is, the process of improving the visibility of your website for relevant searches on browsers has been, is and is going to be the most efficient way to boost the success of your website, to attract more visitors to your site and to convert them into loyal customers. However, the process is usually complicated and lengthy, with many pitfalls – here are some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid:

  • Neglecting preliminary research – Results driven Denver SEO companies will design and implement campaigns strategically by creating a profile of the campaign’s targeted audience. They will research the most relevant keywords and channels used by that audience;

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  • Publishing irrelevant content – even the most relevant keywords can be used in content that fails to captivate the reader’s attention, so creating that is written in a great style, made even more interesting with pictures and videos is essential for success;
  • Neglecting fluid design – the majority of internet users access online content on their phones and are usually disappointed when they click on a site that does not feature a mobile-friendly design;
  • The lack of tracking – regularly checking the efficiency of your SEO process is essential for identifying the elements that fail to perform as expected. There are lots of great, online metrics available, some of them for free – use them to track your success.