Are Blogs Good for SEO

We don’t think it’s necessary to talk about the importance of having a business blog… As you may know, all IT/ Web design/ Online marketing companies have blogs, so the utility of a blog is unquestionable. Every company has a story. Every company has employees, new projects and various situations and activities that it wants to communicate to all those interested. And this is normal, logically thinking, because communication is the key to a company`s successful relationship with its customers.

In this context, the blog is the seller of your company`s stories, but also a great source of keywords for your SEO strategy.

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We know that SEO optimization focuses on content. What are the factors to keep in mind when doing SEO and how does the blog help you in this regard? You need to consider its relevance to the readers, its quality, and you need to focus on what readers are looking for. With all of this in mind, profitable Denver SEO company professionals encourage businesses to post content that meets all of these factors in order for Google to index your content and rank you higher in searches.

The problem with a website in this regard is that you do not update content on a daily basis; you just post general information that typically remains unchanged for the long term. On the other side, a blog is a tool that allows you to post different content every day. So, you can follow the trends in SEO and make a keyword plan, and then, through articles, you can optimize your site for each keyword, by writing about it.

How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

Having a blog, either as a single site or in conjunction with an e-commerce website, is a great way to share your thoughts, to provide interesting, relevant content to your followers as well as to find new business opportunities. However, many bloggers fail to use their blog to maximize their business potential – if you don’t want to be one of them, here are some tips from Denver SEO marketing professionals to optimize your blog content and to increase your reach:

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  • Keyword research – if you are an expert of the field that you are blogging about, chances are that you are naturally using the most relevant keywords in your contents already, but even so, doing some research to make sure that you are, indeed, using the right keywords is essential;
  • Keyword usage – when you know your most relevant keywords, include them into your titles, your headings and subheadings, in the first and last sentence of your entries as well as in your anchor texts and meta descriptions;
  • Use and optimize images – it is not enough to use attractive images on your blog – make sure that you include your relevant keywords into the names that you give to your pictures;
  • Offer your readers the option to subscribe to your blog – include a strategically placed RSS feed button to make it easier to your readers to find your latest posts.

Trends to Jump on in 2021

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The dominant website design trend in 2020 was the usage of dynamic elements, such as 3D components and floating elements to improve user experience and that trend is surely likely to continue in 2021 as well. The following year is likely to come with other new trends as well – here are some that are worth keeping an eye on and using on your website:

  • Minimalism – internet users will continue to appreciate sleek, easy to navigate interfaces, free from unnecessary notifications and other clutter;
  • Content with a personal touch – storytelling has gradually made its way into website content and it is now a must for any website that wishes to get close to its customers. Adding images and videos is also a way to make your contents easier to relate to. Using handwriting and hand-drawn images is another great way to add that personal touch and to engage your visitors right away;
  • Mobile-friendly design – a prominent Denver SEO expert says that the need for mobile-friendly website design will increase, as more and more people use their phones and other mobile devices to access website content. The feature has become so important that Google has included it among their website quality assessing criteria, used for establishing website rankings.

White Hat SEO – What is it?

Get Found Fast, Denver based SEO experts, let us know that search engines continuously evaluate websites based on many criteria, including the tactics used for improving their rankings on results pages. White hat SEO is the term used for SEO tactics that are in line with the terms and conditions and the major guidelines imposed by search engines.

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The guidelines and terms that inform white hat SEO practices have been developed to promote quality. The criteria based on which the contents published by marketers are evaluated include aspects related to the relevance of the content as well as technical aspects, such as page loading times, easy website navigation and mobile friendliness. Website content is also evaluated based on how it uses metadata, so adding meta descriptions to your pages is an important white hat SEO technique.

Today, implementing white hat SEO techniques and tactics and backing that all up with great products is the only way to make your website rank high on the search engine and maintain that high ranking, too. Failing to offer relevant content and to back up that relevant content with high-quality products or services will inevitably lead to loosing good ranking, while employing techniques considered by search engines to be black hat can easily lead to getting the concerned website blocked completely.

Tips about How to Maintain SEO Ranking

Your website’s ranking on search engine results pages is an essential factor that determines not only how successful your digital marketing campaign is, but is also decisive for the success of your business endeavor. If your website has achieved good ranking for the keywords that you have selected, here are some tips to help you maintain that ranking:

  • Publish high-quality, original and relevant content regularly – Successful Denver SEO companies confirm that the quality of the content that you publish is among the most important factors that your website is evaluated by, so the one of the best ways to maintain your site’s ranking and to attract more traffic to your site is through the creation of great content all the time;
  • Use metadata correctly – use the space for information about your webpage content wisely. The title metadata, the keyword metadata and the description metadata all provide important information that the search engine uses to rank websites;
  • Include relevant links into your contents – adding “Click here” no longer works well and neither do URLs used as link text. Try to use short, captivating, descriptive links, not longer than two or three words. Avoid using the word “link” and try to use your most important keywords in the link text.  Denver SEO companies

How Do I Make My Site Rank for a Keyword?

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Getting your website to rank for important keywords specific for your line of business is essential for the success of your pages. Here are some tips to make the process more efficient:

  • Take your time to do the research – identifying the keywords that are the most relevant for your website and for your business is an essential step. Make sure that the keywords you are aiming for are relevant, indeed and check your competitors, too, to get some more inspiration;
  • Make sure that the keywords you find relevant actually appear in your content and that they appear correctly – many websites fail because they are trying to rank for keywords that are either missing on the pages or appear too frequently. Denver SEO firm execs suggest you create content that uses the right keywords at the right density, that is the only way to get the ranking you are aiming for;
  • Stay up to date with the changes implemented in search engine algorithms – not paying attention to these changes can send your website to the tenth page overnight, so always update your contents to meet changing requirements;
  • Make your page responsive – implementing a fluid design that allows your pages to display correctly on any device is a great way to improve your website ranking, whatever the keywords you are targeting.

Is Video Marketing Good for SEO?

Including videos into your SEO strategy is an excellent, efficient way to make your contents more personal and to prove to search engines that your contents are interesting and relevant.

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Here is how those materials can boost your search engine rankings and gain appreciation for your site:

  • Combine text and visuals – text descriptions of your products and services is essential, but providing videos about them is an even better, easier to understand way to attract customer interest and to earn the appreciation of search engines as well;
  • A better user experience – according to statistics, people spend more time on websites that have videos that on sites that have only text, so videos are a great way to improve user experience. Strong Denver SEO specialists will tell you that a great video educates and entertains the viewer and will encourage your viewers to come back to your website for guidance and information, therefore videos are great for increasing the loyalty of your audience as well;
  • More backlinks – the number and the quality of your backlinks is an essential parameter used by search engine algorithms while evaluating websites. As people are more willing to share videos than plain text, using videos is a very efficient way to generate high-quality, organic backlinks toward your site.

Why Digital Marketing Matters in a Down Economy

The decision to invest in digital marketing as the economy evolves upwards is easily grounded by companies based on numerous and attractive market opportunities. But how about companies facing the challenges of a recession? Should they also invest in digital marketing? Are marketing expenses legitimate if cost reduction becomes a priority? According to GFF leaders, certainly yes, although companies need to become more creative and innovative in order to identify ways to cope with the economic downturn and financial constraints.

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In consumer goods markets, marketing strategies need to be reviewed to find the best opportunities to maintain the company’s place.

An example of a successful marketing strategy during the economic downturn was offered by BMW in the UK, in 2010. The car market was highly competitive, and the BMW brand had to protect its position – its main competitors being Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. The causes of the market success were multiple:

  • Low focus on price, during communication campaigns
  • Re-evaluation of the advertising services provider
  • Transparent strategy towards “stakeholders”
  • Differentiated targeting strategy
  • Integrated marketing communication

Another company that has successfully tackled the recession is German-based discounter Lidl, on the Scottish market. The marketing strategy consisted in the efficient management of distribution and logistics costs.

How to Improve Digital Marketing Agency-Client Communications

Hiring an Denver SEO agency to take positioning actions and improve traffic is essential if you want to stand out from the competition. Learning some basics is easy and accessible, but getting fruitful results and a high level of visibility is not so easy to achieve.

The Denver SEO account manager has an essential role for the smooth running of an SEO campaign and for creating an honest and long-lasting relationship with the partners. Basically, they represent the direct contact person between the client and the whole team.

As the activities in a SEO campaign are performed, a Denver SEO account manager will send to the partners all the activities carried out as well as the results. It is very important, at this stage, for the account manager to be able to transmit to the clients, as clearly as possible, all this information explained.

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Communications of this type are usually performed on a weekly base. At the same time, each month, the Denver SEO account manager sends to the partners a detailed report with the progress of the campaign, with the data found in the internal DWF applications for SEO campaign monitoring and activity management.

Although reporting is probably not a favorite task for anyone, we believe that a report keeps everyone on the same page and, in this way, everyone has all the necessary information: the general progress of the campaign, the actions that have were made during the reporting period, the evolution of visibility compared to the competition, etc.


5 Website Content Factors to Check During an SEO Audit

The content of a site is its very essence. A site with fresh, original, rich content will always be relevant for the user and implicitly for Google. However, this content must be valued and this is ensured by specialists following several aspects.

  1. Accessibility and indexability of the site

Accessibility tracks the extent to which the site can be accessed by search engines, and indexability tracks the extent to which the site is indexed efficiently.

  1. The presence and density of keywords

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A credible Denver SEO expert asserts that Google ignores and even penalizes keyword stuffing strategies and forces us, in the good sense of the word, to have texts as relevant as possible for users. In terms of density, studies indicate an optimal keyword density that should be between 3% and 5%.

  1. Identifying strategic places on the site
  • Title, Url, Meta Page Description
  • Headers and subHeaders
  • Content
  1. Duplicate or copied content

This is unfortunately a very common problem, but Google penalizes it. It is healthier – from a SEO point of view! – not to display any content, instead of displaying copied content. There are a multitude of tools – some are free! – that allow you to check the content before posting it.

  1. Pages with weak content

Unfortunately, pages with weak content only dilute the authority of a site and decrease the user experience.