How to Bring Back the Fun to E-commerce in 2021

While e-commerce is a continuously growing segment, with most people preferring online shopping to buying what they need in a physical store, very few of these digital shoppers think that it is fun to make online purchases. Most e-commerce websites consider convenience to be their number one priority, which also means that adding fun to the process can be a great way for any e-shop to stand out, to create a closer, more personal relationship with their customers.

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Here are some tips from Get Found Fast to make your site not only easy to use, but entertaining as well:

  • Varied content – most websites already use text and images on their pages, but adding videos of various length about varied topics related to the website’s principal profile is a great way to capture and to maintain customer attention;
  • Make it interactive – augmented reality solutions are nowadays easy to incorporate and they are great for giving your customers more confidence in your products and services. AR can be used for any product and service, being suitable for a store that sells shoes as well for event planners and everything in between;
  • Mobile friendly pages – creating pages that work seamlessly across all platforms is essential for any e-commerce website.

Ideas to Grow Your Agency Using Newsletter Influencers

Not long ago, newsletter marketing and influencer marketing used to be two separate concepts: newsletter marketing used e-mail communication to inform customers about promotions and new products, while influencer marketing advertised through a personality considered to be an authority in the field of interest. While the two techniques are still efficiently used separately, combining them gives marketers even more advertising power.

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Advertising through newsletters with the help of influencers promotes products by inviting a person liked and followed by the target group of the campaign to provide a review about the promoted product. Here are some tips from Denver SEO company professionals to maximize the potential of the technique:

  • Choose the right influencer – very popular influencers are great choices, but these celebrities and public figures are often expensive. Choosing a micro-influencer is often a much better option: these people have a growing group of followers, but they are still looking for ways to grow;
  • Use stories, rather than product descriptions – your newsletters will be more personal and more appealing if your influencer uses the art of storytelling to bring your product closer to your customers;
  • Use videos and appealing images – videos are excellent marketing tools, so include video clips that feature your influencer into your newsletters.

Getting Started with Facebook Messenger Ads

1.3 billion people use Messenger every month, so it is easy to see why the platform is such a successful tool for advertisers and why implementing the Facebook Messenger Ads is such a great decision. The solution not only has huge potential, it is also easy to get started with – here are some things that you should know:

–         Various types of ads to choose from – you can choose sponsored ads that allow you to send personalized messages to users that you have already interacted with on Facebook or Click-to-Messenger ads if you want your ads to appear on Facebook News Feed as well as on Instagram Feed;

–         Special benefits – with Messenger Ads, you will find reaching your audience easier and faster. You can engage into live chat conversations instantly, which means that you can establish a much more personal type of contact with your customers. The solution also allows for better local targeting, which will, in turn, boost your local sales. The tool makes it possible for marketers not only to cherish their relationship with existing customers, but also to set up contact with potential customers, thus building and consolidating brand awareness and transforming leads into actual, paying and loyal new customers. For more about these benefits, you will want to talk to internet marketing Denver SEO agency specialists.

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Festive Holiday Marketing Ideas to Try This Year

The end of year holiday season is the most important period of the year for many marketers. To make the most of the great selling opportunities, many Denver SEO agency experts launch festive campaigns – if you are planning to have such a campaign, too, here are some tips for you:

  • Start early – the earlier you can launch your campaign, the better. Starting the planning and the implementation phase as early as possible will allow you to make important decisions related to the advertising materials, to the products involved in your promotions and to your marketing budget without being pressed for time;
  • Include an online campaign – adding Denver SEO agency online marketing solutions to your in-store promotions and campaigns is the best way to step up your game;

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  • Use social media – social networking platforms offer you the opportunity to reach out to your customers directly. Communication through social media can also help you prepare your campaign by helping you identify the products that your customers are interested in the most;
  • Assess the demand and stock up – running out of the products included in your festive promotions before the holidays is embarrassing and bad marketing, so make sure that your inventory is properly sized to meet the demand you generate with your campaign.

4 Tips for Running an Effective Digital Holiday Marketing Campaign

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The winter holidays are usually the busiest, most lucrative period of the year for e-commerce websites, an opportunity to reach out to a larger customer base and to sell more than during the rest of the year. This also means that the period before the holidays is the best time of the year to implement a digital holiday marketing campaign – here are some tips from a highly recommended Denver SEO company:

  • Start as early as you can – ideally, planning for the winter holidays should start in September;
  • Run a contest – people just love to take part in contests, even in ones that do not promise extravagant, luxury prizes. Organize the contest around your products and services and announce it not only on your website, but in e-mails and on social media as well;
  • Stock up on your most popular products – launching a promotion and realizing that you have run out of the promotional products after a couple of days is embarrassing, so make sure that you have the right holiday inventory;
  • Turn to an influencer – using an influencer and content that promotes your company in a way that does not serve marketing purposes too obviously in your campaign is among the most efficient ways to run successful marketing campaigns.

Why Online Reviews are Important

The internet is today the go-to source of information for most people looking for reliable sellers of products or providers of services. The process of finding products and services involves not only merely identifying the sellers, but also evaluating the sellers as well as their products or services and that is when online reviews come into the picture: the evaluations submitted by the previous clients of one seller or another play a role that is just important for the final buyer decision as the price or the features of the specific product or service that is being looked for.

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Local Denver SEO firm specialists substantiate that online reviews are important for both parties involved: they are important for the buyer because they provide important information about the quality of the product or the service concerned and they are important for the seller because good reviews can efficiently drive the decision to purchase. The reviews provided by previous customers are also important for determining the ranking obtained by the seller’s website on search engine results pages – a website that gets lots of positive reviews will be appreciated by search engines as well and the better ranking will further increase the website’s visibility, helping it reach out to a continuously widening customer base.

What is Re-targeting and How it Can Boost More Sales

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Re-targeting represents online advertising focused on targeting users based on their previous actions relevant for your business. This form of behavioral marketing is particularly helpful to keep your brand visible and get back in touch with users.

You must know that only 2% of web traffic actually converts users into customers, right from their first visit. This is where re-marketing becomes so relevant, as it can help businesses to reach more than 95% of users who have not yet taken a desired action (purchase, registration, etc.).

Re-marketing is simply based on cookies that uses an anonymous JavaScript code to “track” the public all over the web. This way, platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn etc.  are able to recognize this cookie, when a user who visited the site, browses the Internet.

Thanks to this technology, these platforms can display advertising banners of the same brand to the same users. Denver SEO companies confirm re-targeting effectiveness because it focuses investments in advertising on people who are already familiar with the brand, and who have recently shown interest.

These campaigns have a much higher ROI (return of investment) than campaigns made on other digital channels. Email marketing (newsletter and DEM) and mobile marketing are essential tools for re-marketing, because the customer feels personally targeted.

How a Negative Review can Actually Help Your Business

According to GFF pros offer advice on dealing with negative reviewsGFF digital marketing pros, negative opinions received from customers will not necessarily destroy your business, but can actually help you grow, if you approach them constructively.

Some customers may identify a defect in one of your products. Negative feedback from those who bought that product will stop other consumers from purchasing it, but that means you will have a much lower rate of returns. In the meantime, you can explain that you found out about that malfunction and that you already contacted the manufacturer to fix the problem. You can also recommend another similar product that has not the same problem.

If you have the human and time resources, it is good to answer all the negative online reviews that refer to concrete things. But you don’t have to take into account every general criticism, which does not refer to a specific situation or a real purchase, because there are also malicious reviews.

If you respond to a negative review, the goal is not to get the customer to change their mind, especially if their opinion was formed after using the product. Do not try to show that the customer is wrong. But you can write your reply with future customers in mind and show that you are open to feedback and constantly improving your business.

Treat you customer reviews seriously, responds calmly, offer arguments and examples. In this way, negative reviews can actually help you convince people that you have good intentions and you run a business they can trust.

Why You Should Consider an E-Commerce Store During (and after) COVID-19

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Because of COVID-19, people had to face the challenge of replacing offline with online shopping. At the same time, many products such as clothes, cameras, suitcases and luggage were no longer on top of most people’s shopping lists.

The situation changed at a very fast pace. People no longer gathered in large numbers to do their usual shopping in malls and have their meals in restaurants, they had to stay home and avoid human contact on a regular basis, to the point that they had to renounce many previous habits and commodities.

Thus, home delivery suddenly became the safest and most desirable method of commercial interaction. Companies had to learn how to change in order to better serve their customers’ needs and interests, and to envision ways in which the desired services and products should reach these customers.

Stemming from people’s need to feel they still have some control even in unexpected, often scary times as the beginning of this pandemic brought about, the so-called panic shopping caused many people to buy large amounts of products to store and have during lockdowns.

All of these realities have changed the general mindset of customers, so that e-commerce currently has become the best option for sellers and service providers. Talk to Get Found Fast, a well known e-commerce Denver SEO agency, for additional insight on how you can improve your business marketing strategies.


The Lazy Person’s Guide to Facebook for Businesses

Setting up a Facebook page does not cost you anything, apart from the time you are willing to invest in keeping it updated, communicating with customers and fans, posting relevant content or linking it to your actual website.

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Creating your Facebook business is not so hard. Per Denver SEO social media pros, first of all, you need to get on Facebook, namely to have a personal account to link with your page. You need to choose the type of page you want to create, and then to introduce the details of your business.

Secondly, you need to select some images to use for your page. They need to match the optimum Facebook sizes, in order to make the most out of this feature for your business page.

Completing your page info is yet another major step for creating a powerful Facebook business page. This needs to include a description of your activities, aims and intentions, contact information and other extra options that are available to you.

Your brand name can be used as the name for your page. At any rate, this name needs to be search- friendly and appealing.

Another essential step is to create a call-to-action button, which enables customers to contact you, purchase your products and, in general, interact with your business.