Ideas to Grow Your Agency Using Newsletter Influencers

Jun 5, 2021Internet Marketing0 comments

Not long ago, newsletter marketing and influencer marketing used to be two separate concepts: newsletter marketing used e-mail communication to inform customers about promotions and new products, while influencer marketing advertised through a personality considered to be an authority in the field of interest. While the two techniques are still efficiently used separately, combining them gives marketers even more advertising power.

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Advertising through newsletters with the help of influencers promotes products by inviting a person liked and followed by the target group of the campaign to provide a review about the promoted product. Here are some tips from Denver SEO company professionals to maximize the potential of the technique:

  • Choose the right influencer – very popular influencers are great choices, but these celebrities and public figures are often expensive. Choosing a micro-influencer is often a much better option: these people have a growing group of followers, but they are still looking for ways to grow;
  • Use stories, rather than product descriptions – your newsletters will be more personal and more appealing if your influencer uses the art of storytelling to bring your product closer to your customers;
  • Use videos and appealing images – videos are excellent marketing tools, so include video clips that feature your influencer into your newsletters.


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