What Makes a Web Design Successful? Hint: It’s Not Always What You Think!

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A lot of people look at a website and admit that it looks great and inviting; but fewer people can actually tell you why. Also, what makes some designs favored, while others are cast aside by search engines? Most of the time, it has to do with things that are unrelated to the actual visible part of the design and more related to the code behind it.

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That being said, there are three main things that make a web design truly successful:

  1. The first is the obvious appeal and the harmonious use of colors that will make visitors want to stay even if they’re not all that interested in the content. The artistic part of the design will score a lot of points in this regard, along with the practical aspect of choosing colors and layouts that won’t bother or annoy your visitors.
  2. There are a few important coding and SEO considerations and details that have to be observed. For instance, the use of scalable code is preferred, and you need to make sure the right keywords are added in the ALT tags of the images and banners you add to your design.
  3. Finally, a good design has to be scalable not just to meet the standards of online search engines, but also to allow for better navigation. You need to make sure your users can access your website and web apps comfortably whether they do it through a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

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