What is Pay Per Click?

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Denver SEO companies use Pay Per Click digital marketing strategies Pay-per-click is a model used in digital advertising that drives traffic towards the website that uses the model through ads placed on various other sites and payment made only when the ads are actually clicked on by internet users. The marketer’s ads are placed on websites called publishers that may be the search engine itself or sites and site networks providing such publishing services to search engines.

The pay-per-click process starts with the definition of the keywords that are relevant for the advertiser, followed by the bidding on those keywords. When internet users search for products and services online, they do so through entering keywords to find the relevant websites. The search engine used starts a complex, but very quick process of finding the websites relevant for the keyword entered by the user and returns a results page. The marketer’s ads will be displayed whenever a keyword that is relevant for the ad by the internet user and the marketer will be charged a pre-agreed fee each time the internet user clicks on the marketer’s ad.

Pay-per-click is a very efficient digital marketing tool used by Denver SEO companies, especially useful for informing internet users about promotional offers or new products and services that have just been introduced.


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