What Are Some of the Most Popular Social Media Platforms to Use in an SMM Strategy?

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Social media marketing is literally growing out of proportion these days. As the number of people who use mobile devices as well as social media on their desktops and laptops continues to increase, marketers and business owners are provided with a wealth of information and a powerful way to connect to their possible clients, through social media posts, ads, and the expertise of Denver SEO agency gurus.

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Some of the most popular social media platforms you can use for this purpose are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Although there are other websites you can also consider, these are the main characters, and are responsible for housing the main social media accounts of billions of people worldwide.

Using each of these platforms as part of your SMM strategy has to be based on the types of content and ads that each one supports. While Pinterest focuses more on visual content and mobile browsing, Twitter typically uses short, catchy sentences and Facebook has a combination of video, images and written content that can be optimized according to what types of posts your audience is most interested in.

Doing your market research properly and knowing how to present your brand through the use of social media should be your main focus here, along with the creation of relevant ads that can catch the eye of potential clients in the first 1-3 seconds of viewing them.



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