What are Internal Links in SEO?

Using internal links is a very efficient, but often neglected SEO tactic. Unlike external links, that point toward your website from another site, internal links are links that point toward one of the pages on your website from another page on your site.

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The role of internal links is also different from the role of external links. While external links reveal to search engines how relevant your website is for certain searches, internal links will help search engines understand the structure of your website, allowing the search engine to find your pages more efficiently by revealing contextual relationships between your pages. Elite SEO Denver professionals confirm that the right internal linking strategy will significantly improve your website’s search engine ranking as well – though search engine algorithms primarily evaluate the quality, the uniqueness and the authority of a website, they also appreciate websites that feature a clear structure.

Another perk of using internal links is that they make navigation much easier for your users. For example, if a visitor to your website lands on a page with a buying guide, a link toward the products referred to in the guide can facilitate the purchasing process and will give your users a more pleasant navigation experience as well.

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