What are Backlinks and How Do They Work

May 17, 2020Social Media Marketing0 comments

A website receives a backlink whenever it is mentioned in the content of another website – in other words, a backlink is like a vote cast for a website by another website. Backlinks are important because they are extensively used by search engines to evaluate websites and to determine the position of a specific website on results pages, implicitly determining how many internet users will visit the website.

Denver seo agency offers backlink strategy

Any talented Denver SEO agency  – talk to GFF experts – will tell you that not all backlinks are created equal, though. The backlinks coming from reputable websites are more valuable than the ones coming from less authoritative websites, so a good backlink building strategy should focus on getting backlinks from quality websites. Backlinks can also be categorized based on whether they can or cannot be clicked on – no-follow links are not really valuable and they are usually ignored by search engines, while do-follow links are the types of backlinks that the reader can click on to access your website content directly.

As you see, obtaining as many quality backlinks as you can is essential for the success of your SEO campaign. Fortunately, there are many great methods to achieve that, including strategies that involve social media, creating how-to posts on relevant websites, publishing entries on relevant forums and working with influencers.


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