Top 4 Industries Most Affected by Online Reviews

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Most people and companies looking for services and products online take the time to check as many online reviews as they can before picking their provider or supplier, therefore online reputation management has never been so important. However, not all industries are equally affected by online reviews – here are some in which companies must make it a priority to manage the online reviews they get:

  • The hospitality industry and restaurants – when people choose the restaurant to spend the evening in or the hotel for their next vacation, they want value for their money and they want to be sure they get what they want, especially if they are also willing to travel extensively to reach their destination. According to the statistics, almost half of the customers would not choose a restaurant or a hotel that does not have any reviews and a single bad review can cause the loss of up to 30 reservations;
  • Healthcare – another industry in which people are looking for specialists that they can trust and rely extensively on online reviews;
  • E-commerce – almost 90% of the people looking for a product to buy online will check online reviews and will rely on the opinions of others before they make a purchase;
  • Services – real estate services, beauty salons, home repair services and consulting services are also niches that are very sensitive to online reviews.
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