8 Tips for Successful Keyword Research in Small Business Marketing

Aug 5, 2022SEO

Keyword Research for Small Business Marketing

keyword research

Why do you need good keyword research? Being a small business owner in this age of technology requires you to look at advertising and marketing in a new light. Think outside the box to find ways to attract people to your website and your store. How do you get people visiting your website?

Keywords are the basis of every internet search. Each business owner needs to have a basic understanding of keywords and how SEO affects the site and traffic. Keyword research is the heart of all this. To help clients find you in search results, it is important to research keywords.

These are some tips to help you brainstorm keywords for your website.

Use Your Location

Location, location, location! This has been a business mantra for years. This is why you should think about it in a wider context. You won’t be contacted by someone from Utah if you services are located in Colorado. Small businesses should include a location in their keywords. You can increase traffic by using phrases such as “plumbers Denver” or “print shops Denver”.

Make a primary keyword list for your business

First, create a list with keywords and buzzwords that are relevant to your business. You can brainstorm all possible phrases and words that relate to your niche. These could include explanations of how to do things, care products and tools, and other industry-related words.

While keywords are important, you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of them to start building content. As you build your online content, you will continue to expand the list.

Imagine yourself as someone searching

Think of yourself searching for something

You need to think like someone sitting at home searching for services or products. What questions are they likely to ask to bring you to their attention? What words are they likely to use? A potential client might search for “dog groomers near me” or “dog hairdressers specializing only in show trimmings” to find a dog grooming company.

It’s a proven marketing strategy to try and get customers’ attention. You can be creative when it comes to keywords search. Consider the products and services that you offer, and consider the questions clients may ask you while working with them.

Understanding the Competition

Check out the websites of your competition. What words stand out? What words and phrases do they use to describe their business? Are they able to provide clients with useful and rich content? These questions will help you to think more creatively about your keyword brainstorming sessions.

Utilize Long-tail Keywords

After you have a good understanding of keywords and worked through your content, long-tail keywords are important for optimization.

Because they are specific and relevant, these keywords can increase your ranking. Long-tail keywords are typically four-plus words. This leads to increased traffic–specifically traffic interested in your site. Long-tail keywords will result in a higher conversion rate.

Make Use of All the Tools

There are many tools that can be used to assist you in your research within this industry. You can use the keyword research tools to determine how each keyword ranks and the competition

Many beginners begin with Google Keyword Planner and Google Search Console, both of which are free. Google Search Console lets you create and optimize content according to what your website is offering. Google Keyword Planner is popular among small businesses because it is simple to use and understand. However, these options have limitations. You will not get keywords that range from 100 to 1,000 unless you run a paid Google Ads campaign.

You might consider paying for tools

After you’ve exhausted all the free tools, it is time to consider the benefits of paid tools. Ahrefs SE Ranking and SEMrush are all paid tools that provide access to metrics that the free tools don’t. Many tools will allow you to access more metrics and provide better recommendations based on their access. This can increase your site’s traffic and help you develop it further.

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Use “People Also Ask” Questions

You will see a section called “people also asked” at the bottom of search results pages. This section is a great resource for long-tail keywords. This is a great source of content. People will spend more time on your website if you answer these questions in detail. You will get more clients and conversions if you are perceived as being helpful.


These tips will help you choose the right keywords for your digital marketing strategy. These keywords can be used in your SEO and PPC strategies. For useful tips and strategies Contact our office today @ 303-952-4900 or visit our website GetFoundFast.com.