Tips for Defining Your Company’s Audience

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You company’s audience, that is, your target market consists of the group of people that you want to reach out to with your marketing campaign. The features of the group will define your entire strategy, so a researched, in-depth profile of your audience is essential for success.

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– Here are some tips about how to perform that profiling:

  • Compile and analyze the data that you have about your current customers – the first step should be the analysis of the buyers that you already have, identifying their demographic traits, their geographic location as well as their buying habits. Try to figure out the values that drive your target group and what grabs their attention in terms of form and content, in terms of the products and services they are looking for and the ads designs that appeal to them the most;
  • Determine the best way to communicate with your audience – analyze how effective the communication channels that you have chosen so far really are. Don’t hesitate to eliminate the channels that seem inefficient and to replace them with new methods;
  • Check what your competitors do – this process will inform you about the segments targeted by your competitors and will give you new ideas about how to develop your campaign.

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