Tips about How to Maintain SEO Ranking

May 14, 2020Search Engine Optimization0 comments

If your SEO strategy was successful and your website has reached the desired place on search engine results pages, you should now redirect your efforts toward maintaining that result – here is how:

  • Keep an eye on your click-through rate – you have reached a great place on SERPs because what you are offering is something unique. However, your competitors will do whatever they can to challenge your ranking. They are likely to target some of the keywords that you have been targeting, so to maintain your ranking you need to monitor the click-through rates for your keywords to find out which ones have been extensively used by others and need to be replaced;Denver SEO company  - content strategy
  • Provide help to your audience by posting relevant, informative content – another great way to maintain your ranking is by establishing yourself as the go-to resource in your niche. Analytical tools can help you do that by providing metric about how long your visitors spend on your pages as well as by providing a domain authority score based on many features, including the number and the quality of the external links that point toward your website; Experienced Denver SEO company professionals can help you navigate these steps.
  • Switch to https – the “s” in the URL stands for “security” and it is a great way to make your visitors feel more secure while navigating on your website.


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