Things to Consider When Posting a Company Blog

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Denver SEO agency blogging strategy

Blogging, like any other business activity, must have a purpose and a plan in order to have the best results based on the time and resources invested. That is, you must have a blog with a strategy based on business goals. A comprehensive Denver SEO agency blogging strategy includes the following important steps:

  • defining the targets
  • finding out the “ideal buyer”
  • analyzing the competition
  • developing a keyword strategy
  • creating an editorial plan
  • determining the channels used to promote the blog

If you do not have a well-developed strategy you may end up in a critical situation where you can waste your time and resources. For example, if you write an article without studying your keywords, it will likely be lost in the large Google or Bing results and will have a limited number of views from your target audience. You must have a blog with a well-established editorial calendar to make sure you publish articles strategically and that you do not run out of ideas for new texts.

When you invest time and resources in a blog, you will want them to be read and distributed by the ideal customers. If no one finds and reads the articles, then there is no point in writing them. Understanding the value of a blog and its benefits to a business is essential to stay active in the process.



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