The Different Personalities of each Social Media Network

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The way social networks are used tells a lot about the personality of the users, about their psychological profile – at least this is what a study published in Personality and Individual Differences states. The research was carried out with the help of several thousand users, invited to fill out an online questionnaire and have their web behavior analyzed (profile, comments, likes, etc.). The intent of the researchers was to establish personality traits based on elements such as sociability, self-esteem, extraversion, mentality, or narcissism.

  • Anxious people are in constant search for approval (through likes and comments that they ask for). If the number of likes is not at the height of their expectations, they feel frustrated.
  • For extraverted people, a social network is a platform they use active self-expression and communication. They do not just limit to giving and receiving likes, but also to posting and receiving comments.
  • For narcissists, photos are incredibly important, as well as posts with personal achievements. Everything they post is typically about themselves, even if through their children or life partner. They always have those picture perfect photos because they have a sense about what to post to get the most likes, compliments, congratulations etc.
  • Introverted people are not that involved in social media. They do not like to talk too much about them, about their personal life, or their activities, to which they only refer indirectly.

Of course, there are no exclusive categories: some will identify with these, others not so much.

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