The Differences Between Remarketing and Retargeting

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Retargeting and remarketing are both very efficient methods used as components of search engine marketing campaigns. The two terms sound very similar and both are targeted towards clients that have visited your website, but have not made a purchase. They are both strategies utilized by Denver seo expert specialists targeted towards people who are already interested in your products or services.

Denver seo expert utilizes retargeting and remarketing strategies

There are a few differences between the two strategies that you should know about:

  • The features of remarketing – the method uses targeted ads to invite customers to purchase the products and services that you offer. When a user visits your website, a cookie is launched to follow that user, then the user will be offered targeted ads through the browser that he or she uses. The ads are displayed to encourage the user to return to your website and make purchases on it;
  • How retargeting works – the principle behind retargeting campaigns is very similar, but instead of targeted ads, retargeting uses e-mail messages to encourage the user to return to your website. The retargeting process also includes a process of collecting information about the user and analyzing the information gathered with various analytic tools.

The principle difference between the two strategies is the level of interest they build on. While retargeting is targeted towards visitors who have already provided information about themselves through your website, remarketing is aimed at people who have expressed moderate interest towards your products and services.


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