Signs Your Current SEO Company Isn’t Being Transparent

Aug 19, 2020SEO0 comments

Denver SEO companies are committed to transparency

Transparency in terms of strategy as well as in terms of pricing is one of the most important factors in any business relationship, your relationship with your current SEO company included. Unfortunately, not all SEO companies are created equal – here are some signs to indicate that the activities of your SEO company are not transparent:

  • No clear account of the results – you need Denver SEO companies that are accountable for the results achieved through the campaign that they design and implement for you. Such accountability is essential for you to make informed decisions about whether or not to change the direction of your campaign – if the company that you work with does not provide you the information you need, it is a sign that they are not transparent;
  • Obscure pricing – if you don’t know exactly what the invoices issued by your SEO company include, it is another sign of lacking transparency;
  • Difficulties contacting your SEO account manager – if you call your SEO agent repeatedly and the person is always out of office or you don’t get timely replies to your emails and messages, it is another sign that you should start worrying about the transparency and the quality of the services offered by your SEO company.



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