SEO Myths That Everyone Still Believes and That We Need to Stop Emphasizing

Aug 5, 2019Social Media Marketing0 comments

Search engine optimization has changed a lot over the past few years alone,  and even though it’s basic principles have stayed the same – using keywords and high value backlinks to help web pages rank higher in SERPs,  many of the past methods that used to work toward this end are no longer as effective – or they simply don’t work at all anymore.

One of the most popular myths about SEO that people still buy into is that back links are the most important aspect of promoting a website. Back in the day,  search engine algorithms used to value websites that lots of high PR back links linked to, but the big changes in Google’s algorithms in the 2010s have changed that, bringing greater focus towards websites with high quality, original and easily readable content.

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Another myth that people still buy into, even though it hasn’t worked for a long time is keyword stuffing. A couple of decades ago, as SEO made its debut, web pages could rank high in Google and Yahoo’s search pages simply by having a lot of annoying,  repetitive content featuring the same words or phrases repeated over and over again. Denver SEO agency professionals know that hasn’t worked for a long time, and today that technique can severely penalize your website.

Finally, its worth mentioning that article spinning no longer works. Of course, some marketers still invest a lot of money in article spinning software to avoid delegating content writing tasks – which is typically an ongoing expense. However, content-driven algorithm changes have also led to the invalidation of these techniques,  rendering those tools as practically worthless in this day and age.


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