Mixing SEO and PPC: What Do the Experts Recommend?

Nov 20, 2021SEO0 comments

Denver SEO companies

SEO and PPC are the two most powerful techniques used by Denver SEO companies – two strategies that only strengthen each other when used together. While search engine optimization is the process of attracting traffic in an organic, natural way, by providing content that internet users consider interesting and relevant for their searches, pay per click involves placing ads strategically on the internet, the marketer paying only when the ad is clicked on. Experts recommend marketer to combine the two approaches for better results – here are some tips how:

  • Analyze how well your keywords are doing – it would be a huge waste of money to use paid ads in a field where you are dominating the searches organically anyway, so any strategy that combines PPC and SEO should start with a detailed and accurate analysis;
  • Adopt a hand-on attitude – launching a combines SEO-PPC campaign takes huge efforts. If you don’t want to waste those efforts, keep track of the results by regularly checking how effective your techniques are with metrics and react quickly if you see that a technique is not giving you the right results;
  • Don’t forget, a quality website is key – whatever mix of techniques you use, they won’t be efficient without a great website to point to, so make sure that your website is always attractive, informative and that your pages always load fast.


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