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October 1
Get Found Fast, by Jewels Nutter

Every business, regardless of their industry, wants to succeed and most business owners have specific goals to reach first before they can claim that success.  Often times, however, most of the attention is needed on running the business, which can leave little to no time to focus on, create, or implement a marketing plan.

It used to be a company would rely on a marketing firm to craft a logo and some branding materials and maybe they’d delve into a few realms and use the tools to drive their client’s business.  As new tools have developed over the last couple of decades though, more attention and work is required to create a solid, well-thought out and successful marketing plan.  For many business owners today, marketing has become an even more challenging feat and many who try to tackle it on their own soon realize just how much work it can actually be.

It’s true we live in an era of DIY and there is an abundance of How-To video’s out there on every topic imaginable, but the reality is today’s marketing is a constantly evolving machine and one person simply cannot do it all.

What’s New?

The internet brought us many big changes in how we market things these days.  It brought forth many new and very useful tools, including near 50 social media outlets and all that entails with the necessary content, imaging and engagement.  With the internet also came search engines, rankings, reviews, recommendations, groups to join, chat rooms, blogs, and so much more.  We’ve also begun to see the rebirthing of email campaigns in marketing although they are a different breed than in past years.

Suffice it to say, marketing today can be nothing short of a daunting task for any business to try to figure out on their own and then successfully execute it.  There is everything to consider and incorporate from the Website, to SEO, to Social, to Paid, to Branding, reputation management, to marketing materials and beyond.

Where do I get started?

 If you’re questioning where your businesses stands, perhaps first begin by first assessing some of the marketing needs of your business.  Have you adapted to modern tools?  Where does the business have obvious marketing shortfalls?  Where are areas that were once working but are now stagnant?  What might be new in terms of marketing tools that your business would like to be utilizing or involved in?  What communication methods are being implemented?  What is the budget the business can or will commit to for a revised, modern, and successful marketing plan?  In short, once you begin asking the necessary questions, the answers will surface, and plans can be put into motion.

The best route to ensuring your company reaches the level of success you envision is to hire a great marketing team who knows how this industry works.  Find a team who ’gets’ you, who ‘gets’ your business, who listens to you but is also not afraid to suggest alternative or new ideas.  A great team is always on top of the latest and greatest tools, and ever-changing trends and most importantly, they know how to make the tools work together cohesively and systematically to help your business reach goals and find success.  Find a great team and they will help your business get Connected, get Involved, and stay Engaged.

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