Is Organic SEO Actually Better Than PPC?

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When it comes to improving the ranking that your website gets for searches that include your keywords, the principal approaches to achieve that goal are the organic approach and pay per click. Resourceful SEO Denver marketing specialists corroborate that both approaches have very distinct pros and cons that marketers must know about before choosing one over the other or, even better, before they start working on a complex SEO strategy that integrates both. Here are some things to know about:

  • Timing and duration – with PPC, the marketer pays whenever their ad gets clicked on, the effects of the campaign being almost instant, but lasting for only as long as the marketer pays. The effects of organic SEO, on the other hand, take longer to be noticeable and they also last longer;
  • Costs – while the costs of an intensive PPC campaign can be quite high, depending on the number of clicks the ads get, organic SEO is practically free (with costs related “only” to designing the campaign and to keeping it going);
  • Branding and credibility – building brand awareness with organic methods takes lots of effort and time, but it is the better way to create a website that is considered to be trustworthy and authoritative, while PPC is more suitable for promotional campaigns that have temporary effects.


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