Image Editing Tips for Social Media Content

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SEO Denver pros can help you with photo editing tips

If your marketing campaign includes a social media campaign as well, you are probably wondering how to do it right. While sharing lots of images is very important on social media, sharing quality images is perhaps even more important, so here are some photo editing tips from seo Denver pros that will make the images that you distribute much more attractive:

  • Pick a consistent style – the pics that you share on your social media profile are the face that you show to your followers, to your existent and potential customers. Ideally, that brand image is a consistent one, not a heterogeneous one, and that homogeneity is ideally expressed through the filters that you use when you edit your pics;
  • Remove flaws, but not to perfection – you can choose to brighten up eyes, to whiten teeth, but don’t make the people in your pics look like dolls. Imperfection makes every pic more lifelike;
  • Experiment with filters – you can find the best one or you can use a combination of them, but make sure to use the option consistently;
  • Use the right size – each social media platform has its own guidelines in terms of image size and resolution. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for the platforms that you use to make sure your images are of the right quality.


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