Ignoring These 4 Important Things Will Hurt Your SEO

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We work with companies of all different types such as doctors, lawyers, contractors, health clinics, office supply stores, car dealerships and more! They all have different wants and needs but at the end of the day they are looking for the same thing. What is that one thing all business owners want?

They want to drive traffic to their website and make more money! There are some common issues we run into when dealing with companies that we’d like to point out – They are hurdles that come up and can delay the search engine optimization process. We do our best to educate our current and potential clients. The list consists of the most common issues that could delay the search engine optimization process.

1. Trust and Information

When a client signs up for our services there needs to be a strong level of trust. We need access to their website to go along with other sensitives pieces of information to get the optimization process started. This is why it’s important to research the company before you sign up with them, as there are lots of shady businesses out there just looking to take your money.

We don’t blame people for being careful with their information. There are stll myths that persist to this day from the wild west days of SEO. Because of that the best SEO companies take time to educate their clients and also have a list of referrals for them to contact. Black Hat SEO companies that charge a $199-$500 one-time fee do not have this because all their results disappear.

Some business owners think that we can bypass all the logins ourselves and start work on their website without it. Without access to websites we simply cannot get started. There is nothing to optimize outside of the website.

When you sign up with an SEO company make sure that there is a mutual trust between both sides. Be available so they can get all the necessary login information to start working on your website right away. If you don’t, it can delay the optimization process. If you don’t trust your SEO company then don’t sign up for their services, no matter how much they promise you. If you sense something is off do a little more research and ask for a client referral list. Check their website and see if it looks like something made by a reputable company.

2. SEO usical Chairs

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Business owners are often clever, hard working people who are looking for the best value for their money. They also want immediate results as that’s what they are used to when running a business. In the ever changing world of search engine optimization things can take longer than some business owners would like. 

Google keeps the SEO community in the dark leaving clues behind for us to decipher. This is not something a business owner is used to dealing with. If someone isn’t getting results for them there is often someone else who can do it better.

When things don’t go someones way they often think the solution is to just suddenly switch SEO companies in hopes they can find something better.

Sometimes when you switch SEO companies what the old team did will just start to work. SEO is a lot like gardening as you’re constantly cultivating new growth opportunities. An apple tree isn’t going to sprout in the winter but the foundation is set for it to break through in the spring.

Switching SEO companies isn’t the solution unless they have caused some sort of irreparable damage. Sometimes when you switch a company they can hurt or reverse what the old company had going for you.

To avoid this it’s best to put in the time up front to research your SEO company. This way when you sit down and talk you can get a much better idea of what is expected out of each other and how long the process will take.

3. Patience

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If we go back to the SEO is like gardening analyogy then we can understand that it’s more process than anything else. You have to prep the area to plant the seed. Once you plant it the leaves may not sprout out of the ground for some time. Once it sprouts you have to nurture it and once it becomes a tree it takes maintenance to keep it healthy.

During that time it doesn’t mean you won’t make money. There are opportunities to make money as your website shoots up through the rankings. You don’t have to be ranked number 1 to make money from SEO but that should be your ultimate goal.

4. Social Media Is For My Teenage Daughter


Most companies aren’t interested in doing social media. Their exposure to it is their teenage son or daughter posting inappropriate things on their Facebook walls. In the early days of SEO social sites such as Twitter and Facebook exsited in their on eco system. What most people don’t understand is they run on their own search algorithm themselves. 

Things have changed and now SEO and social media are merging as one. Twitter and Google struck a deal to begin indexing Tweets which can turn it into a powerful backlinking and lead generation tool for your business.

The key thing when establishing contact with an SEO company is to have done your homework. Research the company and see if it’s the right fit. Make sure both sides are on the same page as far as direction of your company and online presence.

If you’re interested in a full SEO analysis from our team of experts and you trust us, click the link below. Someone will follow up with you in the next 48 hours.


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