How SEO Has Changed in the Past Five Years

Oct 31, 2019Website Design0 comments

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Search engine optimization has come a long way since it emerged and the changes have been especially speedy in the last five years. Here is how:

  • Increased focus on the content and its quality – search engines, especially Google, have very specific guidelines for what accounts as good, valuable website content, the implementation of which has considerably improved the contents available on websites;
  • The mobile device boost – the gradual, but fast extension of internet usage from desktop computers to mobile devices has entirely changed the way websites are designed and created and the process has also influenced the contents displayed on websites;
  • No more keyword stuffing – the search engine algorithms that have been introduced to map user intent rather than search for mere keywords has put an end to keyword stuffing, a practice so common before. Keyword search is till important and websites continue to be optimized for keywords that are relevant to them, but success with the method now requires a more strategic approach by Denver seo companies;
  • The importance of page speed – nobody likes to be kept waiting, especially if we need ´the sought for information right away. Websites are today paying increasing attention to user experience and are making considerable efforts to reduce the time their pages need to load.


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