What Googling “A Game Of Thrones” Can Teach Us About SEO

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Game Of Thrones Can Help You Understand How to Target Keywords to Boost Ranking

Everyone loves the show “A Game Of Thrones.” It’s full of mystery, intrigue and the untimely deaths of our most beloved characters. Just when you get attached and start liking someone they get the axe, literally!

It’s similar to my life in the SEO world. I learn something new, master it, utilize it successfully for clients and then suddenly Google decides to to release an update that changes everything destroying my hopes and dreams in the process. The most comparable scene in A Game Of Thrones would most likely be the red wedding. Things were looking up until suddenly they weren’t.

Not even the bad guys are safe. Joffery Baratheon, the worlds most hated TV villain at one point, was poisoned at his own wedding. Black Hat SEO tactics weren’t poisoned per se but they were punished and erased from Googles algorithm completely. They are still around but aren’t as successful as they once were.

In the SEO world, much like A Game Of Thrones, we don’t have much time for feelings of confusion, loss or self pity when things suddenly shift or change. In both cases you have to find something new that is equally if not more effective to keep you going. It’s like declaring for a new King or discovering a new skill set like Arya Stark is in the process of doing right now as an assassin.

Search Engines are a way of life now and drive more economic activity than anything else in the world. While they may seem unstable and frustrating there are certain standards you can learn and utilize successfully. Most of the time when Google is making an update it’s to fix an issue in their search engines that’s been exploited by black hat techniques.

If you think about it people interact with everything through search. You search for food, doctors, malls, clothes, entertainment, dentists, music and more using Google or another search engine.

You even search for a potential husband or wife with search engines. Everything is done through search now. Adopting the same mindset and understanding can help you thrive in the business world.

Using the search term ” A Game Of Thrones” as an example, we can better understand how search works and learn how to place our own business directly in the path of our clients and customers.

When you search “A Game Of Thrones” Using the search box this is what comes up:

Google has adjusted and updated their algorithm to the point where it completes your thoughts for you. These are the most likely things you’re looking for when you type that into the search box. The list populates even before you finish typing out the search term.

Google has spent a lot of time and effort making Google Search for human use. It is all about people and the user experience which means they have to create an environment that gives you the most relevant results. The most relevant results are dependent on where you’re at in the world. You don’t want a pizza place in China or McDonalds in Russia if you live in Denver, Colorado. In this case the most relevant results are the following for “A Game Of Thrones.”

The top result is George R.R. Martins website which is the creator of A Game Of Thrones. He is the most relevant person to talk to on the subject in the world. His website probably has the most relevant and up to date information because the story doesn’t move forward without him.There are other experts on A Game Of Thrones but they have to wait until George moves the story along to comment on anything new.

Compare this to a Doctor where there are several different experts on different areas of your health. For example, foot doctor’s, mouth doctor’s, eye doctor’s, dentists and more!

The most relevant result would depend on your area unless you were looking for the worlds best specialist for something specific. Then you would want to specify that in your search. George is the most relevant result anywhere in the world on the subject of A Game Of Thrones.

The next most relevant result is Amazon which is a place you can buy A Game Of Thrones merchandise. If you’re a fan of the show or books you may want to buy something that relates. Google gives you this option here.

This is very intelligent. It mimics the process of the fan in everyway. You may not start out a fan but as you learn about the lore and the stories in A Game Of Thrones you become one.

The next natural step is to want to buy merchandise so in this case these results aren’t at the top. The results at the top mimic the natural steps in the buyers journey. If we apply this to your business the first step in the process would be discovery and research. Your potential clients are researching your product or service to find a solution to their problem or answer to their question.

Then their are other results that give you the option to make a purchase. While people do make impulse buying decisions they are still making that decision based on some piece of information no matter how shallow that may be. If you Google search “NFL Jersey” the top most result is an advertisement that a company paid to get up there with.

It’s marked “Ad” in yellow but it makes sense for it to be at the top because if someone is searching “NFL Jersey” they are most likely looking to buy one. They are either in a consideration phase of which jersey they want to buy or when they want to buy it.

Or they want to buy one right away. They are shopping so Google allows people to buy ad space their. There are no ads for A Game of Thrones because when someone searches for that term their is no relevance yet to show that result.

So How Can This Help Your Business Boost its Online Ranking?

This gives you an idea on what to aim for as far as search engine optimization goes. When you’re planning on either doing your own SEO or hiring an SEO company, both sides need to understand that search engines provide a solution to a problem. Every subject will bring about different results depending on what your business has to offer.

When people engage search engines they are at different points in the buyers journey. They may be looking to research their problem, consider the solutions or to make a decision.

With search marketing and SEO you can place yourself directly in their path to convert and increase revenue. You can position yourself at multiple different points and phases. You can make sure your website is at the research phase, the consideration phase and the decision making phase. If you’re at all these areas you can generate a lot more revenue than if you were at only one. Being in multiple different places guides them to your business instead of someone elses.

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