Five Ways to Make Your Workload Less Stressful

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Your email inbox is so full that you still have unread messages from last week, your research and presentation due in a couple of days would require 100-hour workdays and you are supposed to be at home for hours – if the scenario seems familiar, you probably need tools and methods to decrease your workload.

Get Found Fast - Tips to manage emails

While these tools and methods are not intended to decrease the number of projects that you are charged with, busy Get Found Fast professionals recommend that they can help a lot with the management of those projects:

  • Use your email client to the fullest – the client that you use probably has lots of features that help you stay on top of your messages and tasks. Take your time to get to know the tool that you are using and to configure it in a way to make that email client really work for you;
  • Maintain your desktop – keeping files on your desktop will slow your computer and will lead to chaos in which you cannot find anything. Take your time to create a file organization system on your computer and don’t be afraid to archive whatever you don’t use. Spend some time every month maintaining your system – files have a way of multiplying that takes time and energy to stop.


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