Converting Web Traffic with Call to Action

May 12, 2015SEO0 comments

Traffic, traffic, traffic – everyone wants more traffic. Makes sense in a way but it’s getting the cart in front of the horse. Conversion of visitors into leads is more important than traffic. This is where “The Art of Selling” comes into play. And it all starts with the 3 C’s of Call to Action.

Must Have button
Call to Action features need to include the 3 C’s of Call to Action:Must_Have_button

1. Captivate
2. Compel
3. Capture

Captivate means to get the readers attention – to be on target with a message that is interesting and relevant to the visitor. This requires thoughtful presentation of written and visual elements. You captivate the visitor with appropriate material – you are catching their attention with something of value – and as a marketer or business owner – with the hope of spurring action to click on an offer of some sort of value or even better, a call.

Compel means to offer them enough value to compel them to continue through the process to connect with you – the “click” we are seeking.  To get this “click”, the value needs to be greater than their cost. Compelling them to follow through with a form submission and giving you their email address or asking you to call them, is worth the cost of receiving what you are offering. It’s a compelling offer!

Capture means getting the data you were after – be it a form submission, email, a call or an actual sale of some sort – with the prospect giving you the data you need to begin a relationship on some level with them.

Does your website attempt the 3 C’s of Call to Action?  If you are a business with hopes of your website generating leads, every page of your site should be doing this.

Here is one of our Call to Action button’s found on our website.  It might be good for you to check it out also!


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