A Complete Guide to SEO for YouTube

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YouTube has come a very long way since it was launched in 2005 – today, there are over 500 videos uploaded each minute and the platform has over one billion visitors each month. The videos that can be watched on YouTube include films, ads, documentaries, music videos, presentations, tutorials and many others – small wonder the platform plays such an important part in the strategies employed by Denver SEO companies for so many businesses, small and large alike. If you are currently considering including YouTube videos into your digital marketing mix, here are some tips about how to optimize your videos and how to use the platform to drive maximum traffic to your website:

  • Use your keywords wisely – keywords are as important with videos as they are with text content. Make sure to add them into the name of your video file and in the video title and include the keywords into the video description and the attached tags;
  • Categorize your video – selecting the right category for your video is also essential for optimizing your material;
  • Subtitles and close captions used correctly – it is very annoying to watch a video with improperly timed or incorrect subtitles and closed captions. Take the time to find a subtitling software or app (there are many great ones available for free online) and learn the basics to be able to create correctly edited videos.

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