5 Seo Tips Even Your Kids can Apply

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Kids on a chalk board

When you think about all the different factors that go into SEO it can be overwhelming for a business owner to do them all. It doesn’t have to be this way, as even kids are setting up and driving traffic back to their own websites without having to venture into advanced SEO methodology. They are using a mentality that comes naturally from being a kid. When we grow up, a lot of us make things more complicated than they have to be.

Taking a kid’s approach to SEO can help simplify things and touch upon what it takes to become successful. First of all, have fun with it and the rest of it will take care of itself.

While kids seem to “get” the new apps and gadgets faster than adults, SEO isn’t hard for us to understand. You just have to dedicate a few minutes a day to learning it. All the information is out there for you to start today. Searching and finding this information will also give you a better understanding of how SEO works.

Once you set up a website, you can start driving traffic to it right away. Outranking your competitors is something that takes a dedicated team of SEO experts to do consistently as there are thousands of other companies trying to do the same. That doesn’t mean you can’t at least go through the process and start generating revenue right away with these simple steps. By going through the process of setting up a website you’ll get a solid understanding of what an SEO company does. Even a kid can get a website set up, get it primed and ready to have traffic flow through it.

What can we do to be more like SEO kids?

1.  Find Popular Search Terms

Do you remember when you were a kid? We all went from one fad to the next, seamlessly learning all the ins and outs that went along with it. There were things like Tomagotchi, Pokemon, Star Wars, Tickle Me Elmo, Doc Martins, Tommy Hilfiger, Halo, GoldenEye for Nintendo 64, Super Mario Bros, Saved By The Bell, 90210, 7th Heaven, Lost and so on. Whether it was a show, clothes, shoes, video game, movie, toy or anything else, they come and go while some maintain long term staying power.

Saved By The Bell

What does this have to do with SEO? Those things still get searches and at their peak popularity would have gotten millions of searches a day. Those millions of searches can lead to conversions on your website and turn into a consistent revenue stream.

A big part of keyword research is finding current trends that people take the time to search for. This will give you a variety of search terms as well as strong content idea. If you understand what people are searching for, you can then come up with content ideas that speak to a potential customer.

Is it risky to target a fad?

In a sense, YES, because it could begin to lose steam right as you finish setting up, but they often have some staying power for years afterwards. If you do the correct keyword research you could easily make enough money before moving on to the next new thing  – having revenue stored to do it all over again. Some websites generate ad revenue for years afterwards.

The key here is to approach it from a kids perspective. Sure it’s nice to make a mountain of cash but it’s also more fun making money if you actually like what it is you’re doing. If you were a teenage girl or boy, you may be amped to write about Taylor Swift and create a blog about Taylor Swift.

As an adult you may be into investing and markets or even a huge Toyota fan. If these are all subjects that excite you then making a website about them will seem way more effortless.

You will then be excited about researching and creating content about it. Your website is the shell, while the content is what drives traffic to it and generates leads. If you’re just as excited about something then there will most likely be others equally excited about them. If others are excited about your content they will also be more likely to share it with other people.

2. SEO can be fun!

Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to figure out where your business website comes into play. Are you creating a website that generates leads for your company or are you making sales directly on your website?

As a kid, this revenue may be a byproduct of doing something that we love and not be the primary goal. As a business owner you should aim for the same thing with your website. What kind of website can you provide that will create an exciting atmosphere for your visitors? What will make them want to share your content and come back for more?

If you build a website about Taylor swift concert reviews, song reviews or lyric breakdowns, these are all things people would want to share. If you’re an investment website then first hand testimonials and visual evidence from satisfied customers may get people excited about reading and sharing your content.

Taylor Swift 2

Before moving forward you need to figure out how you will convert visitors on your website. Why is this important? Because your content marketing plan should reflect your business strategy. If you’re a kid, your content marketing plan is very simple. Read and write about how much you love Taylor Swift and how great her concerts are! Pictures of her concerts or videos you took are all something people can relate to and share on Social Media.

Taylor Swift evokes a strong emotional reaction from girls and boys of all ages and for different reasons. This means that if you develop content revolving around her, it will naturally become more “shareable”, even if it isn’t that great. When you are a pop star of Taylor Swifts status, people want to learn and interact with you in as many ways as possible.

This type of content speaks to people and your business content can as well. What kind of content can you create that relates to people like yourself? If you’re an investment professional you must enjoy some aspect of investments whether it’s the numbers or the freedom to manage your own hours. Whatever aspect you enjoy the most should shine through your own content.

Great content supplies a demand. Maybe there is something your competitors aren’t doing that you can. If you find a niche area in your business that no one else is doing, it can create an incredible revenue stream. There won’t be much competition and if no one else is doing it then you can become an expert and authority, which can have a huge positive effect on your SEO.

If you’ve thought about it, it’s probably been done.   But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve upon it. Find content out there and see how you can possibly improve it’s quality. How would you improve this blog post and make it more relatable? What would you add in it that would be helpful for business owners just starting to learn about SEO and search engines? Of course if you’re a kid who loves Taylor Swift maybe it’s your passion and enthusiasm that makes all the difference. As a business owner your passion and enthusiasm should be weaved into your website.

3. Robots


The Google bot reigns supreme in the search engine world. It scans your website every few seconds. While it’s always good to focus on content for people you also have to prime your content for Google bot to scan and index effectively. This isn’t difficult to do. You can set up a little bit of your website every single day if you’d like.

When someone lands on your Taylor Swift web page the navigation needs to be simple and straightforward. It doesn’t need to be a very in depth website on Taylor Swift as people can’t get enough of her. Google Bot has a strong understanding of whether or not a website is easy to navigate.

When someone lands on the page they already have an idea of what they are looking for. You most likely have what they are looking for so make it as easy as possible for them to find it. If you misguide or misinform them it is considered spam.

Your website will be placed directly at whatever point in the buyers journey you want to be at. It depends on you first and foremost on where you want to land.

Your URL should be as short as possible. You don’t want something like, “www.Taylorswiftfansunited.com.”

That’s not only difficult for kids to remember but also confusing for adults. Even though most people just go to Google to find websites they may be less likely to type that in versus something like “www.taylorswift.com” or “tswiftfans.”

SEO is about sending as many signals as possible as naturally as possible to Google to let them know you are an expert in the subject matter. The more areas Google bot scans and indexes that says you’re a Taylor Swift blog or an investment company the more weight you’ll carry in the search engines.

Image SEO is equally as important as other types of SEO. You could even say it’s more important because not enough people are utilizing it. Because less people are using it when you do it can have a powerful effect on your rankings. Google needs you to let it know what it’s looking at. It can’t just scan an image by itself. When you describe what it is i will give you an opportunity to rank higher than your competitors.

Make sure all the text is out in the open. Also make sure that your website is on a responsive website. A wordpress is the gold standard. Funky, yet eye catching web designs where text is hidden unless you hover over it look great but may not get scanned correctly by Google Bot.

Are your pages being scanned and crawled? Make sure you link Google Webmaster tools to see if their are any errors. If there are errors Google bot will let you know.

4. Links, Links, Links

Facebook 1

Both kids and adults want to be well liked. The amount of effort that goes into social media to get simple likes is mind blowing. While getting likes can prove to be a powerful SEO tool it’s all about links. Links are the life force of the internet and create pathways for Google bot to crawl back to your website much more efficiently than only having likes.

Social Media is a great place to get people to see and share your links. It’s an SEO turbo boost because you can be exactly in the communities that care about you the most? Social Media groups are often times put together by groups of people to share and talk about one subject they all love very much. In these groups people share articles, videos, images, stories and more about stuff like Taylor Swift. Investment groups are also available and if there isn’t one then you can go ahead and start one yourself.

People will be more likely to link to you if you create linkable content. What is linkable content?

It’s content that is informative, useful and fun to read and interact with regularly. It can be video, text or pictures. All those funny memes you see all over Facebook are content that is likable. What if you could make a funny meme for your Taylor Swift blog linking back to your website? What if you could create a funny picture linking back to your local dentist, doctors office, weight loss clinic or other business? As that picture spreads around the internet like wildfire it will create powerful back links to your own website. Humor is the easiest way to go viral on the internet. You can find humor in investments as well as only those people can understand.

Just like in elementary, middle or high school not caring too much is cool. Caring too much and trying to be cool is not. The same rules apply to the new SEO landscape. In your face, sales pitch driven marketing is dying. Being subtle is the approach you need to take. You won’t run into many kids trying to sell something. Most of the time their passion and enthusiasm sells itself.

5. E-A-T

Water Melon

I’ve written about E-A-T in another post. The term came from Google releasing it’s page rank guidelines for it’s manual ranking system. It stands for expertise, authority and trustworthiness. This is what you should aim for whatever it is you decide to do in life.

Google has said that these don’t factor in their algorithm but after reading it you have to wonder when it will? Google search is all about people more than anything else. It already finishes your thought even before you can. Everyone interacts with the Google search bar several times a day almost on a subconscious level. They have experimented with this and Google Authorship and this is a big clue that they will try and factor this in some way in the near future.

Your SEO doesn’t start and end on the internet. SEO goes beyond just a web page. Becoming an authority in your field with trust and expertise can go a long way in driving traffic back to your website.

Becoming an authority in your field can have an effect multiple different ways. If you’re considered an authority people will not only be more likely to visit your website but to also share it’s content. People want to look good in front of their friends and on social media. Sharing content from a well respected source carries a lot more weight than some flimsy piece of content with no depth to back it up.

You can do this by becoming a public speaker. Even your kids nowadays have to take a public speaking class. People admire those who can get in front of a big crowd and speak about something they love.

If you don’t like that aspect of it then you can do a weekly podcast.

Podcasts nowadays are bigger than ever. Most people listen to them to learn new ways to improve their lives. You could easily record and launch a podcast regularly posting it and driving traffic back to your website.

At the end of the day if you take a kids approach to SEO you’ll have fun doing it. This will reflect itself in your content which will then be more easily shared and linked to on social media. As it’s more often shared and linked to it will create social signals and backlinks to your website boosting your rank in the Google algorithm.

If you’re interested in a full SEO analysis or guidance in your digital marketing plan use the link below and our team will follow up within the next 24 hours.


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