5 SEO strategies You Should Use Right Now

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SEO can be a very difficult process for those who do not do this as daily work. The rules are constantly changing, and this causes people to struggle to find the best “new” techniques.

Presented by the pros at Get Found Fast (https://www.getfoundfast.com/), here are strategies to use right now.

1.Usability – a priority

Your visitors are attracted by clear, clean and focused presentations, so make sure your site is user-friendly, to keep people interested for a longer period of time. When creating a site, you must include as many elements as possible that have the potential to improve the main purpose of your business.

  1. Different types of keywords

Most people know nowadays that keywords define what a site content is about. You must identify the right keywords to target a certain audience. You can choose from keywords that define your site, GEO targeting keywords or product keywords.


Google promotes user safety, and HTTPS URLs provide a much more secure experience for site visitors compared to regular HTTP.

  1. Schema.org

You can opt for adding Schema.org to your site, because it will help you improve the snippets used in the SERP. It will also tell search engines about the location of your reviews, videos and more.

  1. Create relevant and quality content

Content plays a huge role in SEO. It must be original, constant and based on the relevant keywords.

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