Why Your Companies Name, Address, And Phone Number Matter to Google More Then You Think

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When people go online to look for products and services available from local or remote providers, the most important information that they search for include the name, the address and the phone number of the available providers. Google is aware of the importance of these contact details, therefore it evaluates websites and selects the results returned for the queries launched by the users based on how and where websites display these details. Here is why your contact information is essential on Google:

  • Your place on Google My Business – the free tool offered by Google to businesses targeting audiences in their own region uses company details to provide results to user queries, so knowledgeable SEO Denver pros confirm that without these details your company cannot be displayed on the map;
  • Helping potential customers contact you – many people search for information on the internet, but they prefer to contact companies over the phone or personally, therefore it is very important to make it easy for your potential customers to contact you, so it is essential to provide them with information related to your physical and digital availability;
  • Proof of legitimate operations – your company name, address and phone number prove that your company is a real one, a physically existing entity, therefore contact details are great for inspiring trust as well.

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