What Social Media Networks Are Most Effective for Social Media Marketing

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According to the statistics, over 80% of the population in the US have at least one social media profile, so whatever your business activity and whatever your target group, you are likely to be able to efficiently reach out to them through social networks. Social media has been efficiently used to maximize the impact of search engine optimization campaigns, the leads generated through social media platforms being valuable, organic ones.

Denver seo companies effectively use social media marketing techniques

Here are some of the networks that can be the most effectively integrated by successful Denver seo companies into online marketing strategies:

  • Facebook – whether the goal of your campaign is lead generation, an increase in conversion rates or building brand awareness, you can efficiently use this platform for achieving those goals;
  • Instagram – another excellent platform that you can use for generating valuable, organic leads, growing the number of your followers with each well-designed post of yours;
  • Pinterest – the platform is more suitable for businesses whose activity involves creativity of sorts, such as fashion, arts and crafts, and you also need to be aware that most users of the platform are female;
  • YouTube – the video sharing platforms can be efficiently used to present your company, your products and services or to offer your target group valuable advice in the form of video tutorials.


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